Where to Find WordPress Plugins

One can find WordPress plugins at numerous places on the Internet. In this post, we look at three repository websites for WordPress plugins.

The first site, wordpres.org, offers free plugins. The two remaining sites offer Premium (not free) WordPress plugins.


wordpress.orgWhen I want a plugin I always check for it on this site. Over 16,000 plugins are available. The plugins on this site have met specific requirements and are free. Here’s a sampling from their Featured List:

Wordpress.org plugins list

Each plugin has its own page with more detail. Links to the plugin site or author site are listed, if available. Stats are posted, including how many times a plugin has been downloaded.

BuddyPress plugins

All the plugins in the WordPress plugin directory are free. Quality varies widely.

Visit Plugin Directory at WordPress.org



This site lists only WordPress plugins. Here is a sampling of their plugins:

List from wpplugins

Although they don’t list any criteria on their site for plugins, they mention on their site they have “assessed, checked and scrutinized every plugin on the site to ensure they are of the highest quality.” Developers can submit their plugins on this site and set their price. Prices range from $10-$140, with most of them in the $10-$40 range.

Each plugin has its own page. The description, installation instructions, screenshots, reviews, and contact info are available for each plugin.

Category Master Plugins for WordPress

Visit WPPlugins



Codecanyon is a repository of various types of plugins and code snippets. This site is part of the Envato network (wptuts, themeforest, graphicriver, etc). They have a very good selection of WordPress plugins, along with plugins and code snippets for other platforms.

One can easily see how many times a plugin has been downloaded. Prices range from $2-$35.

Each plugin has its own page with details (includes description and features), faq, and comments. The comments provide an area for users to ask questions, get help, etc.

A plugin from codecanyon

Visit Code Canyon


WordPress.org remains the most popular place for plugins, and we suggest you should check there first whenever you need a plugin. If you can’t find something suitable, Code Canyon and WPPlugins both offer some really exceptional plugins. Plugins found on Code Canyon, such as Easy Content Types are big time-savers and are well-worth the small price you pay.

Where have you found plugins? What are your favorite sites to get plugins?

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