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Getting assistance to maintain your WordPress site is one of the smartest moves you can make. If you believe that time is money, you are throwing money away by fitting WordPress site maintenance into your schedule.
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Are you getting weary of maintaining your WordPress site? Does the thought of updating plugins — yet again — and trying to keep on top of security get you grumbling?

If you said yes to either of those questions, it’s pretty common. These days, most people just want their site to work. There are a few key reasons why it can be tedious to manage a WordPress site.

First, it seems like WordPress is constantly changing. Some users are still getting used to using Gutenberg blocks over the classic editor. More recent changes, like the introduction of Full Site editing, can make you feel like you have to learn how to use WordPress from scratch.

And what about when things go wrong? For novice or even intermediate-level users, it can take hours or even days to find the source of the problem — then even more time to solve it.

Thirdly, it’s about where you want to put your time and energy. Do you want to be working on your business or working on your website? With all the responsibilities necessary to keep your business running, juggling website issues can take you away from the things that will help you grow.

For WooCommerce shop owners, it’s even more so. WooCommerce is like another little world inside your WordPress site, which means that it’s got more to manage and more that can go wrong.

If any of these reasons ring true for you, you should seriously consider getting outside support.

WordPress and WooCommerce Support to the Rescue

Getting assistance to maintain your WordPress site is one of the smartest moves you can make. If you believe that time is money, you are throwing money away by fitting WordPress site maintenance into your schedule.

That’s why you need support. Having someone else handle the minutiae of frequent updates, site security, or updating your WooCommerce shop frees you to focus on your content or your business.

You might be under the impression that you have to pay big bucks and search for a WordPress developer or large agency to get the support you need. The solution is much simpler and costs less than you think.

There’s a service that will administer your WordPress site for you. It’s called WP Labs, and I’ll show you how it works.

Premium WordPress Support From WP Labs

WP Labs is a WordPress development, support, and maintenance company based in Malta, EU. They provide a range of support services that include:

  • Web Development
  • SEO Optimization
  • WordPress Core, Plugin, and Theme Updates
  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • Content Management
WP Labs website

The support team is available on a 24/7 basis, and they actively monitor your website, so they can take action quickly if something goes wrong.

And no matter where you are, you can get support — WP Labs offers support services worldwide. Let’s go over some more specific use cases and how WP Labs can help.

Bloggers and Small Businesses

If you already have your WordPress site up and running, WP Labs will step in and manage your day-to-day care and maintenance. Is WordPress core up to date? Are my plugins the latest version? Is my site secure? These are just a few things you won’t have to wonder about when you use a WordPress support service.

Site Security

Having your site get hacked and disappear from the web can be a huge shock. Suddenly, you’re scrambling to find out what to do. Usually, your host can lock things down and get rid of any malware on the server. However, your site’s data may be irreparably lost, and you’ll have to start from scratch. Fun, right?

The team at WP Labs can mitigate that possibility by setting up powerful security and strict monitoring. They use a certified Information Security Management System to protect your site and also provide a Universal SSL Certificate.

As a further precaution, they offer daily cloud backups. Your backups are stored safely away from the web server, which means they’re protected from system failures or even natural disasters. And, on the off chance your site gets hacked, it can be restored in minutes from the secure backup.

Faster Hosting

WP Labs can also transfer your website to Kinsta, their managed cloud-hosting service. Kinsta is a robust hosting service that utilizes a global content delivery network. The CDN helps your site run faster, no matter from where on the planet your visitors are browsing.

WordPress Development

If you don’t already have a website, WP Labs will build one for you. They’ll consult with you to design and implement your WordPress site, whether it’s a simple brochure-style site or a complex WooCommerce store.

Agencies and Freelancers

As a freelance web developer, you probably enjoy building websites for your clients. When you complete a project, the client happily signs off, and there’s a great sense of accomplishment. What may not feel so fun is the idea of maintaining it. You have the chops to do it, of course, but with new projects on your plate, you may not have the capacity — or desire — to keep it updated.

This is where a WordPress Support service like WP Labs can save the day. You can still offer the kind of white-label support your clients need, but you don’t have to do the work. It’s a win-win because you can focus on other work while your clients get high-level support.

WP Labs offers website care management plans that allow you to do exactly that.

In addition to providing their support services, they will also purchase your website portfolio. Rather than maintaining a client account after a site goes live, you can hand it off entirely to the WP Labs team — and make some cash in the process.

WordPress Support Pricing from WP Labs

There are several plans from which to choose at WP Labs. Monthly rates range from €50 — €125, with varying options between the plans. They also offer yearly rates, saving you about 20% off the monthly rates.

WP Labs pricing table

All plans except Enterprise include hosting with Kinsta (optional), plus 18,000 unique visits and 1.5 GB of storage space. Some key features in the tiered plans include:


  • Free Migration
  • Mailgun® Enterprise
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Daily cloud backups


  • WordPress Core, theme, and plugin updates
  • Cloudflare® CDN & DDOS Protection (optional)
  • Content management (15 min/month)
  • WordPress Bug Fixes, Development & Consultancy (30 min/month)
  • Premium Plugins


  • 24×7 Uptime Monitoring and Emergency Support
  • WooCommerce support
  • WordPress multisite support
  • 2X daily cloud backups
  • Content management (60 min/month)
  • WordPress Bug Fixes, Development & Consultancy (90 min/month)
  • Search engine optimization


The Enterprise plan includes everything in all other plans, plus customized advanced features based on needs.

This feature list isn’t exhaustive but gives you an overview of the different tiers and their offerings.

One-time Development Plans

If a monthly or yearly subscription plan isn’t your thing, WP Labs offers plans where you pay once for development and included features.

WordPress Support Will Make You Free

If the thought of maintaining your WordPress site doesn’t thrill you, you’re not alone. Most content publishers and business owners would rather spend their time on creative endeavors.

There is help out there, and the smartest website owners are freeing up their precious time by implementing a WordPress support service. You can do the same. And while you’re at it, you may as well hire a premium service provider like WP Labs to handle it for you.

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D.J. is an experienced WordPress designer, developer, and consultant who has been part of the WP Mayor team as a Writer and Product Review Expert since early 2022. They love all things open source, creating illustrations, and running long distances.

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