WooCommerce One Click Upsells: How To Boost Average Order Value with Post-Purchase Upselling

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WooCommerce one click upsells or post-purchase upsells are upsells after the checkout. Once a customer enters their payment details and clicks 'place order' on the checkout page, you show them relevant upsell offers related to their recent purchase. In this post, I'll show you how you can use WooCommerce one click upsells to boost your average order value. I'll be using UpStroke one-click upsells to do that.
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WooCommerce one-click upsells or post-purchase upsells are upsells after checkout.

Once a customer enters their payment details and clicks ‘place order’ on the checkout page, you, as the store owner, will show them relevant upsell offers related to their recent purchase.

They can then add the offer to their order with a single click i.e., without re-entering their payment and billing details. 

In this post, I’ll show you how you can use WooCommerce one-click upsells to boost your average order value.

I’ll be using UpStroke to set up WooCommerce One Click upsells by BuildWooFunnels.com.

But first, let’s look at a famous example of one click upsell from the offline world.

How Disney Nailed Post-Purchase Upselling In The Offline Setup

Walt Disney makes nearly 50% of its sales from sources other than the price of tickets. One of the strategies that it has mastered is upselling at the right place and right time.

For example, once you walk out of their famous “Pirates of Caribbean” ride, here’s what you’ll see:

woocommerce one click upsells - disney land

Pirate hats, t-shirts, eye patches, daggers and fiction figures – available for sale right at the checkout. The sales of the pirate accessories are the highest right outside the Pirates of Caribbean ride.

Just like the sales of Toy story toys & gears are highest outside Toy Story Mania. Disney ties the upsell offers perfectly with the emotional experience, and that makes saying yes feel natural.

Now let’s understand what makes Disney’s upsells no-brainer.

How Disney makes profits with post-purchase upsells

Here are three factors that make any upsell offer irresistible. And there’s a framework here that you too can follow to create your own. Here’s how Disney does it:

  1. The upsell is perfectly aligned with the main purchase — Disney funnels people into a shop that sells toys/accessories related to the ride they just experienced.
  2. It is timed perfectly — The offer comes in after the initial purchase is secured i.e. the tickets. Not sooner and not too late in the process.
  3. There is no friction involved –The shops are placed at the ride exit. So the visitors don’t have to go anywhere to buy the gears.

But when online store owners port the same lessons into the online world, they make one glaring mistake: 

They pitch an upsell when the buyer’s not ready for the initial purchase using sidebars, pop-ups and prime real estate on the product page.

For example, take a look at this upsell offer pop-up that appears right after you click ‘add to cart’ on the product page:

The upsell offer is a bundle (sweatshirt, jacket, and flat pants) shown on a distracting pop-up. And that right there is the problem.

Upselling can hurt your sales when it’s timed wrong

Pre-purchase or pre-checkout can hurt your sales simply because:

  • You haven’t sealed the deal yet– Your products are still in their consideration set, and they’re still on the fence!
  • Your add-on offers can confuse prospects– Lots of different suggestions can make them feel indecisive.
  • You may be interrupting the checkout flow– Pop-ups/sidebars distract users and spoil the user experience. These elements can be intrusive.
  • You don’t have enough information to make a relevant offer– They haven’t bought anything yet. Your first goal should be to seal the deal and get them to buy the main product.

So upselling before checkout is risky at best.

How to make upselling a natural ascension: WooCommerce One Click Upsells

One Click upsells make upselling friction-less and fast by charging users with a single click. Users don’t have to re-enter their payment or billing details to accept the upsell offer.

Take a look at this simple one click upsell funnel:

woocommerce one click upsells

An upsell offer is an upgrade to a more premium version of the same product or an additional purchase.

If the user accepts it, you can show another upsell offer or terminate the funnel and if they reject it, again you have two choices:

  • Direct them to a downsell offer, i.e. an alternate product at a lower price point
  • Terminate the funnel

The users interact with one upsell offer at a time. Here’s a timeline view of a user interacting with the upsell offers in real time:

one click upsell timeline

The timeline view is generated using UpStroke’s reporting add-on.

Did you notice it’s a step by step process?

After the initial purchase is complete, the buyer is made the first upsell offer- they see it, accept or reject it and then move to the second one. When you make upselling feel as natural as that, you can expect it to increase your average order value by up to 5 times.

One Click Upsells are powered by Amazon’s Patented Technology- 1 Click Buy

In 1999 Amazon received the patent for their now famous 1-click buy technique.

It allows users to make a purchase with a single click and skip the cart functionality. Customers’ stored credentials are used to validate the purchase. And since the friction got completely eliminated from the purchase process, Amazon’s conversion rate shot through the roof.

One click buy continues to increase Amazon’s conversion rate and not just that it also has a positive impact on its average order value. It is a game-changer.

When this friction-less checkout caught the opportunity-spotting eye of Steve Jobs, he got the license to deploy it on the iTunes store. And it increased their revenues by 30% the same year.

Here’s how the user flows without 1-Click Order:

Add to Cart >> View Cart >> Proceed To Checkout >> Fill Up Your Details (Basic Info, Billing, Shipping & Payment) >> Place Order on Checkout Page >> Thank You Page

With 1-Click Order, note the user flow:

Buy Button>> View Order Details >> Confirm

With one click upsells, you can use the same core technology to upsell after checkout in your WooCommerce store. With 1-click upsell, note the user flow:

User Buys >> Sees the Upsell Offer >> Clicks Yes To Confirm

The payment for the upsell is deducted with a single click. The user doesn’t have to go through the entire checkout process again — and can buy in seconds without any roadblocks. This means every sale in your store is an opportunity to make the next one.

How to set up one click upsells in WooCommerce & increase your average order value

There are several ways to increase your average order value or the amount an average customer spends on your store.

Some of the most common ways are setting up a free shipping threshold or offering a free gift on purchase of a certain amount or even product bundling.

But none of them are as effective and as proven to increase AOV as one click upsells. One click upsells come from a deeper understanding of what the customer wants and is most likely to spend his money on.

So here’s a compilation of 5 one click upsell ideas that’ll help you get additional sales after checkout.

I’ll be using UpStroke One Click Upsells to show you how to set up these upsell offers in WooCommerce.

Let’s get started.

1. Upsell more of what they just bought

If you’re selling products that need replenishment, then this is just for you.

This funnel works really well for supplements, ointments, medicines and other consumables where buyers need to stock up. Let’s say a user buys one pack of Vitamin D3 Omega 3 Fish Oil from your store:

one click upsell example 1

You can upsell them a pack of 3.

Here’s how to do it:

Step #1: Select the main product

In UpStroke, the rule builder section allows you to build rules such that you can show the upsell offers based on the product that was purchased or the category of purchase, the amount spent so on and so forth.

The rule that we’ll select here is ‘if the product purchased is X’.

woocomerce one click upsells upstroke demo

Step #2: Go the offer section and enter the offer details (i.e. discount, quantity for upselling, flat shipping charges)

Next up, in the offer section, you can build an offer around that product. You may offer a special discount on your upsell.

You can even set the quantity here i.e. – ‘Buy 3 more at a flat 20% off’.

woocommerce one click upsell upstroke offer builder

Next, we’ll create the upsell offer page to present the offer.

Step #3: Customize your upsell offer page

UpStroke gives you access to built-in upsell page templates. You can edit each of the sections to make them your own. Take a look:

woocommerce one click upsell sales page

Step #4: Hit publish and you’re ready to roll

Whenever someone will buy one pack of the D3 supplement from your store, they will be made an offer to buy 3.

This offer type works because the buyers are already convinced about their choice of the product and would like to stock up on more of them.

2. Cross-sell highly relevant products that complement the main purchase

You can set up highly targeted offers that complement the main purchase.

It’s a great way of helping people discover other products that fit their need and solve their problem. For instance, if someone buys Face Wash Cream, you know that they may also like your best seller Charcoal Face Mask.

woocommerce one click upsell

After they’ve bought this, you can show them an upsell offer that complements their purchase:

one click upsell charcoal complementary product

To set it up, we’ll go to the rule builder section and build a simple rule i.e. ‘if they bought X but did not buy Y’.

Take a look:

woocommerce one click upsells

Now, this upsell funnel will get triggered when the user buys the face wash but does not buy the charcoal mask. Next, enter the offer details on the offer page. In this case, we want to offer them a discount of 20% exclusively on the one click upsell page:

This discount is not available elsewhere on the store.

Here’s why ‘complementary product’ upsell offer works like a charm:

  1. Your customer is already looking for complementary products that complete the set
  2. One click upsell is a great opportunity to help him discover other items in your store that he needs but did not stumble upon them when shopping on his own

3. Upsell items that fast-track the process

Your buyers bought the main item to achieve a goal. Can you make achieving it faster, smoother or easier for them with your upsell offer?

Let’s say if you’ve got a weight-loss program like this:

woocommerce one click upsells example

Upsell a healthy meal planning calendar so that your customers don’t have to think what to cook every day:

This makes the process of weight loss easier!

Also, notice that it’s a low dollar product and that makes it an impulse buy.

4. Upsell Subscription-based products

Upselling subscription-based products is a great way to win loyal customers. You can set yourself apart from the competition and increase customer lifetime value by doing this.

You may one click upsell ‘subscribe and save’ option on physical products. Or if you’re selling information products, one click upsell membership programs or on-going support.

A great membership program comes from truly knowing your audience and what they want. For example, let’s say you’re selling a one-and-done Facebook advertising course:

You can upsell them a subscription to your membership lab at a monthly fee:

This upsell offer type works really well because it increases your customer lifetime value. In case you’re selling a physical product, one click upsell the ‘save and subscribe’ option like this:

5. Offer a choice between different upsell offers to increase your uptakes

Can’t seem to decide what to one click upsell? Offer a choice between different upsell offers. This shifts the debate from ‘should I buy or not’ to ‘which of these offers work best for me’.

This is a great way to increase your one click upsell conversions because it increases the probability of one of the offers getting accepted.

While a choice of three offers works well, a choice of 2 is known to convert better.

Also, notice that the offers are designed in a way to encourage volume buying. The discount percentage increases as the number of items in the offered increase.


If you are committed to growing your WooCommerce store, apart from specialist hosting, one-click upsells can make a world of difference to the profitability of your store. You’ll be able to:

  • Spend more money on ads
  • Make greater profits with every new sale
  • Make more money without putting in the extra work

And one click upsells can help you boost your AOV without annoying buyers. Post checkout is a great time in the sale process to make an offer for an upsell. Your customers already trust you and would respond better to your recommendations. Plus they’ve already paid you in real dollars.

Every sale, therefore, is an opportunity to make the next one.

What’s stopping you from making an offer for the next one? It’s time to unleash the power of your backend funnels!

Tavleen Kaur

Tavleen is the co-founder and funnel strategist at BuildWooFunnels.com. BuildWooFunnels helps you build high-converting sales funnels in WooCommerce. UpStroke One-Click Upsells & AeroCheckout are their latest offerings.

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