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How to Best Use WooCommerce Product Options Plugins

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I recently helped my friend start her very first online store using WooCommerce. It’s been quite an adventure, let me tell you! One thing we’ve really been digging into is using these cool things called Product Options Plugins. They’re like little tools that help make your store even better.

I wanted to share what we’ve learned because, honestly, it’s been super helpful, and I think it could help you too if you’re thinking about starting your own online shop.

In this blog post, I’m gonna break down what these Product Options Plugins are, why they’re awesome, and how you can use them to make your store really stand out.

So, if you’re ready to level up your online shop game, let’s dive in together!

An Introduction to WooCommerce Product Options Plugins

WooCommerce product options plugins are powerful tools that can help enhance the functionality and appeal of an online store. With these plugins, you can offer customizable product options, such as size, color, and other variations, allowing your customers to personalize their shopping experience.

By integrating a product options plugin into your WooCommerce store, you can easily cater to each unique preferences of your customers. Whether you sell clothing, electronics, jewelry, or handmade crafts, these plugins empower you to showcase your products in a more interactive and personalized manner.

Using a WooCommerce Product Options Plugin offers several core features and advantages that can significantly enhance the functionality and user experience of your online store. Here are some of the general core features and advantages of using a WooCommerce Product Options Plugin:

Core Features:

  1. Customizable Product Options: The plugin allows you to add custom product options such as dropdowns, checkboxes, text inputs, file uploads, etc., to your WooCommerce products, giving customers more choices when making a purchase.
  2. Conditional Logic: It enables you to set conditional rules for product options, ensuring that certain options are displayed based on the selections made by the customer, thereby streamlining the purchasing process.
  3. Price Adjustments: Additional costs or discounts can be applied based on selected product options, which are supported by the plugin.
  4. Variation Swatches: Customers can visualize and select different product attributes such as colors, sizes, etc. by displaying product variations as swatches.


  1. Enhanced User Experience: By offering more customization options, customers can personalize their purchases, leading to a more engaging and satisfactory shopping experience.
  2. Increased Sales: The ability to add custom options and conditional logic can lead to higher conversion rates as customers find products that better meet their specific needs.
  3. Streamlined Product Management: With the plugin’s features, managing product options and variations becomes more efficient, reducing the complexity of maintaining a diverse product catalog.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Standing out from competitors by offering a wider range of customizable options can help differentiate your store and attract more customers.
  5. Flexibility: The plugin provides flexibility to adapt to changing market demands and customer preferences by easily modifying and adding new product options as needed.

The Best Product Options Plugins

Let’s look at some top product options WooCommerce plugins available in the market.

WooCommerce Product Options

WooCommerce Product Options by Barn2

WooCommerce Product Options is a popular plugin that allows you to add extra product options with conditional logic to your WooCommerce products. The plugin integrates seamlessly with various WooCommerce payment gateways and shipping plugins and is compatible with popular WooCommerce themes for a cohesive design.

  • Free Version: This plugin doesn’t have a free trial. They do offer a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Premium Version: Buying the plugin provides access to all features including an extensive range of input types including color swatches, image swatches, robust conditional logic functionality, unique upsells, and support for conditional pricing based on selected options. You can buy the premium for one site at £79 and £149 for up to five sites for a year. There is also a lifetime access option, which costs £299 for a single site and £449 for five sites.

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce by StudioWombat

Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce enables you to create custom fields and conditional logic, including text, text area, select, radio buttons, and more, for your WooCommerce products. The plugin seamlessly integrates with popular payment gateways and shipping methods and is compatible with leading WooCommerce extensions for enhanced functionality.

  • Free Version: The free version provides basic custom fields with limited conditional logic support and no dynamic pricing based on options.
  • Premium Version: The premium version offers advanced custom fields including file uploads, date pickers, extensive conditional logic capabilities, and dynamic pricing based on selected options. The pro version starts at £55/year and the extended version costs £75/year. You can also opt for lifetime access to all the premium options.

Product Addons for WooCommerce

Product Addons for WooCommerce by Acowebs

Product Addons for WooCommerce allows you to add extra product options to your WooCommerce products, providing customers with more choices during their purchase. The plugin seamlessly integrates with popular payment gateways and shipping methods and is compatible with leading WooCommerce extensions for enhanced functionality.

  • Free Version: The free version offers basic custom fields like text, textarea, select, radio buttons, with limited conditional logic support and no price adjustments based on options.
  • Premium Version: The premium version provides advanced custom fields including file uploads, date pickers, drag and drop, extensive conditional logic capabilities, dynamic pricing, and much more based on selected options. The product add-ons for the WooCommerce plugin costs $43 for a single site for a year and $99 for lifetime updates. Five sites’ licenses cost $99 for one year and $199 for lifetime updates.

Setting Up the WooCommerce Product Options Plugin

WooCommerce Product Options from Barn2 is a powerful plugin that empowers you to effortlessly personalize WooCommerce products by allowing customers to choose extra options and add-ons.

We found this plugin to be the best option from the top 3 we listed above, so here are the steps to follow to set up the WooCommerce Product Options plugin on your WordPress site.

Step 1: Purchase and Installation

  1. Visit the WooCommerce Product Options website from Barn2.
  2. Click on “Buy Plugin” to purchase the plugin. You can opt for an annual or lifetime access.
  3. After purchase, download the plugin from your account or email purchase receipt.
  4. Install the plugin on your WordPress site by navigating to “Plugins” > “Add New” > “Upload Plugin” and selecting the downloaded zip file.

Step 2: Plugin Configuration

  1. Once installed, navigate to the WordPress dashboard and click on “WooCommerce” > “Settings” > “Product Options”.
  2. Configure the general settings such as enabling the plugin, setting up license keys, and defining global settings.

Step 3: Create Product Options

  1. After configuring the general settings, go to the product page on your WooCommerce store.
  2. Select a product and scroll down to find the “Product Data” section.
  3. Under this section, you will now see additional options to create custom product fields and add-ons using the WooCommerce Product Options plugin.

Step 4: Customize Product Options

  1. Click on “Add Field” to start customizing the product options.
  2. Choose from a variety of field types such as checkboxes, radio buttons, text fields, file uploads, and more.
  3. Adjust other features based on your requirements such as conditional logic to show or hide specific options based on customer selections or add extra fees based on the options chosen.

Step 5: Save and Test

  1. Once you have customized the product options, click on “Save” to apply the changes.
  2. Test the product options on your store to ensure they function as expected.

Mastering Product Customization Options

When it comes to mastering product customization options in your WooCommerce store, it’s essential to provide a seamless and engaging experience for your customers.

Adding custom fields to your products, utilizing conditional logic in product options, and adjusting pricing based on options chosen are crucial aspects of enhancing product customization.

Here’s how you can master these elements:

Adding Custom Fields to Your Products

  • Select a Suitable Plugin: Choose a WooCommerce product options plugin such as WooCommerce Extra Product Options, Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce, or Product Addons for WooCommerce that aligns with your specific customization needs.
  • Consider Customer Preferences: Identify the type of custom fields your customers may require, such as text input for personalization, file upload for artwork, or dropdowns for product variations. For instance, my friend’s jewelry store offers personalized pieces where customers can add a personal touch. An essential feature is a text input field, allowing customers to specify their engraving details. For instance, they might request to engrave “Sarah & John” on a wedding ring or “Mom’s Birthday” on a necklace pendant.

Utilizing Conditional Logic in Product Options

  • Enhance User Experience: Utilize conditional logic to display or hide specific product options based on customer selections, thereby simplifying the purchasing process and improving user experience. So, when a customer is selecting a specific necklace style, such as “Heart Pendant” or “Initial Necklace,” the plugin hides irrelevant options, like gemstone choices that are only applicable to certain styles.
  • Tailor Options Dynamically: Implement conditional logic to dynamically adjust available options based on previous selections, ensuring that customers are presented with relevant choices. If a customer chooses a gold necklace, the plugin dynamically adjusts the available options to show only gold-related choices, such as yellow gold or rose gold.

Adjusting Pricing Based on Options Chosen

  • Dynamic Pricing: With a WooCommerce product options plugin supporting dynamic pricing, you can set up rules to apply additional costs or discounts based on selected options.
  • Reflect Product Customization: Let’s say a customer is customizing a bracelet by adding an engraved message and selecting a specific metal type. The plugin can dynamically adjust the price to reflect the additional value of these customized options.

Next Steps for Implementing WooCommerce Product Options

To add WooCommerce product options, choose a good plugin, change the product fields to match what customers want, use conditional logic to make the user experience better, adjust prices based on choices, test and improve the features.

You will have to continuously monitor and optimize the product customization options based on customer feedback and purchasing patterns. These steps are crucial for providing a personalized and engaging shopping experience while maximizing the potential for increased sales and customer satisfaction.

WooCommerce Product Options

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