The Top 6 WooCommerce Product Search Plugins (Compared)

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The search functionality is one of the most important elements of any online store. In this post, we look at 6 of the best WooCommerce search plugins and why you need them.
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The search functionality is one of the most important elements of any online store. In most cases, it defines whether a potential customer remains on your site or, after not finding the right product, leaves it without even looking through what your store has to offer.

Search should work fast, show the results in the most convenient way and be a full-scale search. This ensures that even with a fuzzy search query, the user can still see the results displayed and be interested in your products.

The Premmerce Product Search for WooCommerce plugin provides some interesting features that we didn’t find in the other solutions listed below, which is why it stood out to us.

It supports the Live Search functionality and automatically displays the search results as the user types.

Premmerce Product Search

The plugin uses WooCommerce’s standard widget, therefore no additional settings are required. Moreover, it conducts its own product indexation for a quick search, so all you need to do is to click the indexation button in the search settings.

Premmerce Product Search Features:

The main feature of this plugin is its search algorithm. It looks for products even if there is a mistake in the user’s search query.

  • Searching despite a mistake (a typo) in the search query.
  • Search for similar words.
  • Search for words with the same pronunciation.
  • Search for transliterated words.
  • Displaying the filter by the search results with the help of the Premmerce WooCommerce Product Filter plugin.
  • Expand the capabilities of the Product Search WooCommerce widget.

The official WooCommerce Product Search extension comes with some advanced search experience functionality to help your customer find and buy products quickly.

It features a powerful search engine that allows front-end and back-end searches, live search and filters, automated indexing, search reports, and insights.

The plugin provides search statistics that help you to control and improve the relevance of the search result.

Additionally, it comes with a search indexer that automatically indexes all your products and makes them search-ready. WooCommerce Product Search is a must-have extension for the best search experience.

WooCommerce Product Search Features:

  • Live search and filters.
  • Reports.
  • Provides relevant search results.
  • Visually intuitive filters.
  • Integrates smoothly with popular themes.
  • Automatically indexes all products in your store.
  • Gives you the option to add live product filter widgets to sidebars.

This plugin is the most popular amongst all those mentioned in this post. Its active downloads in the WordPress directory exceed 100K.

There is a free, and paid edition of this plugin available.

YITH Search

For accurate plugin performance, it’s important to replace WooCommerce’s standard search widget with the new one, although it doesn’t need any additional re-indexation and starts operating right after its installation.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search Features (Free Version):

  • An option to search by product name.
  • Highlight words the product was found for.
  • A separate search widget.

The free version is very limited, although it does offer the Live Search option.  

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search Features (Premium Version):

The premium version contains a wide range of settings for customization. Most customizations refer to the live search widget interface. The search itself and the search results page are displayed with the help of WooCommerce.

  • An option to search by variation name, category, or short description.
  • Different settings for the autocomplete display: showing images, short descriptions, prices, ratings, and categories in the autocomplete.
  • Select the category to search in.
  • Show the “Out of stock” icon.


Doofinder is a site search plugin for WooCommerce that integrates easily with WooCommerce shops.

It is very useful for customers since it helps them find products easily. It understands their behavior, giving immediate and personalized results.

Their site search with artificial intelligence helps eCommerce websites increase their sales easily.

Doofinder starts displaying suggested search results as soon as a customer starts typing. It offers a smart search for accurate results, for example, filtering out typos, using synonyms to identify other relevant products, etc.


It also offers several features to help you market your store and products in search results. For example, you can choose certain products to promote by ranking them higher in relevant search queries.

Doofinder Features:

Doofinder Site Search has functionalities to bring your eCommerce to the next level:

  • Synonyms and autocomplete: this allows you to find products despite spelling mistakes.
  • Visual and voice search: to help customers search in the way they want.
  • Search filters: allow your customer to filter anyway, refining their search.
  • Real-time statistics: information to understand your customers’ shopping behavior.
  • Personalized results: to improve the user experience to the maximum.

Also, installation is very easy. It only takes 5 minutes to install their Site Search on your WooCommerce online shop, no coding required. Finally, you can also opt for their 30 days free trial.

Check out our full Doofinder review to learn more about it.


Toolset search function works great not just on WooCommerce websites but really on any website you want to create.

Toolset gives you complete control over how your search works and looks. The best part is that even programming novices can build it, as you don’t need any complex coding to implement it.

In fact, Toolset offers a Custom Types Training Course which will teach you how to add the search function as well as other important features for advanced websites.

Toolset Features:

Toolset’s search plugin contains a range of customization options which you can pick and choose from:

  • Multiple types of filters such as text, numbers, and checkboxes.
  • Control how your results are displayed – as a list, grid, map, or any style you like.
  • Search through all your products and other content.
  • AJAX updates to change search results on the fly.
  • Sort your results based on filters.
  • Add pagination to your results.
  • Display results for products on custom maps to filter by distance or from your current location.
  • Search using quotes, ON, and AND queries.

Toolset is also compatible with other major plugins including WPML and Elementor.

The plugin is only available as a paid version. You can choose from three different Toolset accounts to buy.

Advanced Woo Search (Free)

This is one of the most popular plugins aimed at product search improvement in WooCommerce.

There is a free and paid version of this plugin available. The plugin provides a Live Search option and has a number of settings to configure.

The plugin includes its own search index for products, therefore, it’s important to reassign the product search index in the admin settings before the work starts. Plus, it also comes with its own widget (different from the standard WooCommerce one), so it’s important not to forget to replace it.

Advanced Woo Search Features (Free Version):

The free plugin version is quite sufficient for extended search settings and accurate search performance.

  • Search by the product name.
  • Search by the variation name, category, or short description.
  • Specify words to be ignored when searching.
  • Determine whether to show out-of-stock products in the search.
  • Show the price in the autocomplete.
  • Show the discount icon in the autocomplete.
  • A separate search widget.

Advanced Woo Search Features (Premium Version):

The premium version offers some additional interface customization options, together with some functional features:

  • Show a short description in the autocomplete.
  • Show the rating in the autocomplete.
  • Show the category in the autocomplete.
  • Select the category to search in.


These are the top 6 search plugins for WooCommerce that we have come across. All of these search plugins are popular, well-reviewed, and function flawlessly.

However, if we have to recommend one, it would be Premmerce WooCommerce Search. It has got all the most advanced features to provide your customers with the best search experience.

We highly recommend that you use an additional search plugin, as it will definitely increase your online store conversion.

Are you using any of the above-mentioned search plugins for your WooCommerce store? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

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