Why Every WooCommerce Store Should Have an Enquiry Form

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There are clients, and then there are distressed clients. While the former lot mostly comes looking for website development assistance, it’s the second lot that is challenging to cater to! They are anxious people looking for solutions to problems.
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There are clients, and then there are distressed clients. While the former lot mostly comes looking for website development assistance, it’s the second lot that is challenging to cater to! They are anxious people looking for solutions to problems.

If you have stayed long enough in the eCommerce space you would know by now that if there is one thing that sends WooCommerce store owners into a tizzy, it is abandoned carts! WooCommerce store owners experiment with various strategies to overcome this Godzilla. They offer discounts, send out personalized emails, send out newsletters, improvise their marketing strategy – all this in a bid to increase sales and reduce the abandoned carts.

But wait a minute! Hold on, let’s take a step back, because sometimes the solution to the most pressing issues is rather pea sized. And the solution to the abandoned cart Godzilla is the Product Enquiry Pro Plugin for WooCommerce.

What is Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce?

The Product Enquiry Pro plugin is a saviour while addressing the ‘abandoned carts’ issue in your eCommerce store.

It provides customers of the eCommerce store with an option to request for more information on products they are interested in purchasing. In this way, neither do they end up purchasing a product that does not fit their needs nor do they shy away from purchasing it.

It’s exactly what you call a win-win situation!

What the plugin has to offer

Enquiries in Dashboard

A customer comes to your website, makes and enquiry and leaves expecting to hear from you soon. What happens after that?

The enquiry gets added to the WordPress dashboard. From here they can be viewed by the WooCommerce store owner. With a comprehensive consolidation of enquiry details such as enquiry date, product SKU, product name, customer name, customer email, telephone, message and client IP it makes retrieving enquiry information an effortless process.

Notification Email

If you are not one of those people who would want to go to the dashboard to check the enquiries then the Notification Email feature is meant for you.

An email will be sent to the store owner as well as product owner every time a customer raised an enquiry for the product. You get to know of it when it happens, right in your inbox!

Analyse Demands

The dashboard with it features to sort the fields and show/hide fields makes analyzing the enquiries a cake walk. So, if you have been receiving an enquiry repeatedly you know it’s time to act upon it.

Customizable Enquiry Form

If you’re shying away from the Product Enquiry Pro plugin for WooCommerce due to unavailability of fields that you require in the enquiry form then don’t. Wondering why? Well, it’s because the plugin provides an option to easily add fields to the enquiry form the as per your requirement.

WPML Compatibility

Are you using WPML  plugin on your website? If yes, then you have eased out the issues of translating the Product Enquiry Pro plugin as it is compatibility with WPML  has been taken care of.

Power to the Developers

If you need to customize the plugin and you think you can manage it yourself then you have an option to do so. With hooks and filters provided you can easily manage to do so! Pssst…if you’re not a developer then just skip this point.

As a Store Owner You Might Have Your Reservations

Can I include the enquiry button selectively for products?

Yes, you can. Just a simple setting in the dashboard and you are sorted as far as selectively displaying enquiry button on product page is concerned.

My WooCommerce shop is mostly viewed on mobile devices. Is the plugin responsive?

Yes, the plugin has been developed keeping the responsive feature in mid.

Will the form blend with my website?

Well initially it might not. But, hold on. You have the option to style various aspects of the form. Here’s a sneak peek.

So, reduce the number of abandoned carts on your WooCommerce shop along with effectively gauging customer requirements using the Product Enquiry Pro Plugin. And if you have any questions about the plugin just make an enquiry with us.

Alyona Galea

Alyona is a WordPress enthusiast, focused on sharing interesting things she comes across during her work with this great CMS. She loves exploring new destinations and maintains a travel blog at www.alyonatravels.com

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2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    The Product Enquiry Pro plugin also supports multiple product enquiry. This is a major update to the plugin as store owners can now setup an enquiry only store and add products to a enquiry cart for quotations.

  2. Hi Tahseen,

    Nice article. But how does the Product Enquiry Pro plugin differ from Product Enquiry Form by WooThemes?

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