Introducing WooSplit – Conversion Rate Optimization Service for WooCommerce Shops

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WooSplit is a Conversion Rate Optimization service specially tailored for WooCommerce shops.  The service AB Split Tests front-end changes as well as complex back-end modifications or additions, such as adding new payment options, shipping options or product pricing.
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“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” ~Jeffrey Eisenberg (CRO Expert)

Before introducing WooSplit, let’s go over a few definitions so that we’re all on the same page about the topic at hand:

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – is a discipline to continuously increase Conversion Rate typically performed on eCommerce shops.
  2. Conversion Rate (CR) – refers to the percentage of visitors that take a specific action, such as making an online purchase or filling out an online form.
  3. AB Split Testing – is a statistical tool which enables us to empirically test an underlying hypothesis, i.e. to validate whether a modification to the website will in fact increase CR, or not.

So why exactly should we pay attention to CRO? Let’s take a simple example, say your website’s CR is 2% and through CRO you are able to increase CR to 3%, this translates to a 50% increase in sales! Given that you have not spent an additional penny on marketing or sales, this is a HUGE increase for a relatively small amount of effort. Going forward, each and every future optimization will further increase CR, leading to a compounding overall effect on your sales.

Now that we understand the motivation for utilizing CRO and AB Split Testing, let’s get back to where we started.

What is WooSplit?

WooSplit is a Conversion Rate Optimization service specially tailored for WooCommerce shops. The service helps WooCommerce shop owners increase sales by increasing their CR over time. By focusing on WooCommerce, WooSplit provides tried and tested (pun intended), AB Split Tests that are proven to impact CR.

Now you might be thinking, “but isn’t WooCommerce already optimized?”. Well…Not exactly. WooCommerce is a turnkey solution which aims to provide a basic solution for the most common eCommerce demands, however there will ultimately always be issues that need to be tailored and optimized for your specific business needs.

WooSplit is an end to end service. We make recommendations on what to test, we implement the test in WooCommerce, setup the tracking, run the AB Split Test, and deliver a final report on the results. Each test is custom coded to your specific WooCommerce shop, allowing us to test front-end changes as well as complex back-end modifications or additions, which is where the largest impact is made.

At the end of each test you will have a clear understanding of the impact each test had on CR, which can then be translated into a quantifiable monetary value.

What is unique about WooSplit?

There are dozens of AB Split Testing tools out there, so what makes WooSplit so special? The uniqueness of this service, as mentioned previously, is that it allows testing of complex features such as adding new payment options, shipping options or product pricing on the WooCommerce shop. The ability to test such complex features on a WooCommerce shop is not possible with any of the other testing tools available today.

One of the biggest opportunities to increase CR is found during the checkout process for eCommerce shops. Other testing tools on the market today, don’t even offer the ability to test here or they make the test too difficult to implement. This is a huge opportunity loss for business owners! But, WooSplit make it possible to test complex features, that have a large impact, resulting in increased CR and ultimately increased sales.

Who is WooSplit right for?

In order to get real value out of WooSplit, a WooCommerce shop needs to have a minimum level of traction in terms of visitors and orders. Without this, it will be difficult to detect significant changes to the CR when running AB Split Tests. Therefore, we recommend the service for established WooCommerce shops that want to optimize their CR on an ongoing basis.

For more information about WooSplit contact us to setup a free 30 minute consultation so we can learn about your business and discover how WooSplit can help you increase your sales.

Shadi Manna

Shadi is the founder of Progressus, he’s an entrepreneur, WooCommerce developer and Conversion Rate Optimization specialist.

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