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  1. Tim G
    Tim G January 24, 2018 at 18:16 | | Reply

    It’s a good concept, but not that easy to use. I am a red hot lead ready to buy, yet BS CRM have not even captured my email on their own pages. I would not offer it up anywhere.

    I just find it odd, that a CRM company, cannot capture me and put me through a sales funnel, yet that is what the software being sold.

    Not ready for PRIME TIME just yet, but worth keeping an eye on.

    1. Woody
      Woody February 3, 2018 at 03:47 | | Reply

      Hey Tim,

      We use a different setup – where by users are directed to either the WordPress.org plugin, or toward purchasing. This is serving us quite well as we grow. Do you have any advice how we could have secured you more directly?

      Always looking to grow as a company.

      (Note: we have integrations with lots of form plugins and have our own Forms extension in the free core which gets users in, as well as the usual API endpoints etc. – we don’t demo everything directly on the site, but it’s quite a complete product.)

      All the best, thanks for dropping a comment.

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