WordPress Development Outsourcing – Vital Things Worth Making a Note of

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There's no denying that outsourcing is an effortless way of executing web development projects. Whether you're inclined on developing a new web application or want to set up a brand new portal, outsourcing is perhaps an excellent approach to follow.
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There’s no denying that outsourcing is an effortless way of executing web development projects. Whether you’re inclined on developing a new web application or want to set up a brand new portal, outsourcing is perhaps an excellent approach to follow.

If you’ve been thinking about developing a WordPress site lately and have already made up your mind on outsourcing your next WordPress development project then this is a blog which will guide you in the right direction. Here, you’ll find a handy checklist for you to consider before settling down for a WordPress Development Outsourcing Services Company. So, let’s get started!

Perform a Detailed Research

Just like purchasing a new car expects you to perform a good research about the best car brands available in the market, in the same way, prior to outsourcing your WP development needs, you need to gather statistics about certain aspects associated with the same. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to:

  • Be aware of your requirements in terms of website
  • Create a rough list of your web needs and check whether WordPress would serve as the right choice for fulfilling the same. If you find things which aren’t available by default in WordPress, then try searching for plugins which can be used for incorporating the same in your website. For every additional function, you must have at least two or three plugins.
  • Prepare a separate list of requirements which can solely be met via WP plugins.
  • Decide whether you require a custom theme or a per-built theme for your WP site – If you go for the former option, the chosen WP development company would create a new design and convert the same into HTML and the final theme – a bit costly affair. On the contrary, if you opt for the latter option, you’d probably find a somewhat similar match with your requirements. Here, you can buy a pre-built theme and ask your developer to perform several tweaks for delivering an excellent final product – a comparatively cheaper option.

Start Searching for Your Service Provider

Well, you can start your hunt for the right WordPress Outsourcing services provider via three modes via:

  • Google Search – Considered as the ‘Internet Giant’, Google enables you to gather details about the most renowned companies which are engaged in delivering high-quality WP design and development services. All you need to do is simply enter the relevant keywords and a list of companies would be showcased on your screen. While browsing through this list, make sure to know about the total years of experience the WP developer has, the practices followed, the security measures(if any) followed, off development support(if any) and the WP versions used by developer.
  • Job Portals – The internet is loaded with brilliant job portals like: Elance, Guru, Odesk etc. which can be accessed for spotting the best experienced WP developers, companies and freelancers who are ready to work on your WP project. Shortlist your preferences on the basis of certain parameters including: feedback received for prior projects, rates charged and total count of projects delivered successfully.
  • Referred by friends – Considered as one of the most trustworthy options for finding the right WP outsourcing service provider, you can gather recommendations from your friends who’ve already opted for specific companies or agencies and have been thoroughly satisfied with the quality of services delivered.

Start Contacting the Shortlisted Companies/Freelancers

Now that you’ve a list of companies/freelancers handy, it’s time to contact them using the right approach. Here are some factors for you to consider here:

  • Ask for the links of exact or similar websites that the company/professional has created in the past. However, if the company/freelancer isn’t there on any job portal and doesn’t have any feedbacks or reviews; ask for previous client references. Never go with first timers.
  • Ask for details about adequate infrastructure. This is essential for ensuring that all the tall claims don’t end up falling flat at the time of project delivery.
  • Ask the firm/developer about the manner in which the WP updates or a particular plugin(s) would affect your website.
  • Ask for the milestones of deliverables that would be set against the proposed project delivery time and cost.
  • Ask the WP Development Outsourcing agency as to how it would handle your WP development project in case the developer working on the same leaves the company in the middle of project implementation.
  • Ask the company/developer as to whether the delivered WordPress site would work fine in case it is being updated to a latest WordPress version. If the company answers pessimistically, then ask about the steps it would follow for getting the website back to its normal operation.
  • If you plan to go with custom theme, ask the company/developer for some custom theme examples they’ve created/designed in the past. Else, if you intend to go for the pre-built themes, ask for any pre-built themes which have been customized in previous years.
  • Ask for cost and ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival) for the project. Never expect these two particulars in the very first reply as the company/developer might require one or two more sessions for understanding your project requirements to the fullest.

Prepare a list of companies/developers after reviewing the replies received for the above queries. Sort the replies on the basis of following:

  • All service providers who have provided clear answers to all your queries
  • All service providers who have answered some questions and asked new questions
  • All service providers who have provided you details regarding the project code and ETA.

Now, for all the service providers sorted using the above criterian, perform the following steps:

Step 1 – Those service providers who have provided you answers might have also offered you the project cost. If not, ask them for an exact list of deliverables associated with project cost/ETA.

Step 2 – Reply with answers to all questions asked by the service providers and once they replay back, follow the step 1 explained above.

Step 3 – Next, its time to talk to them either in person or over phone or skype. Here, you must request for the person who would be working directly on your project be it a developer, project manager or an analyst. Do request for a detailed understanding and flow of project. Once you’re satisfied with the kind of explanation offered by the service provider, just shortlist him.

Finalize Hiring the Shortlisted WordPress Development Outsourcing Company

As the last stage in the process of choosing a WordPress Development Outsourcing Company, proceed ahead by following the below mentioned steps:

Step 1 – Inform the company/freelancer about your best offer and don’t hesitate in negotiating as per your budget. A renowned WordPress Development Outsourcing Services Company wouldn’t mind cutting down the overall project cost to gather your trust for ensuring long-term commitments.

Step 2 – As the second and the most important step, do ask for the NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) and SLA(Service Level Agreement) with all the project deliverables mentioned within the same.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve a good understanding of all the important pointers to be considered before choosing a WordPress Development Outsourcing Company, start adhering to them rightaway for affirming complete success in your WordPress outsourcing venture.

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