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  1. Kevin Remisoski
    Kevin Remisoski April 2, 2013 at 23:09 | | Reply

    Is there anything in the EULA’s for either of these frameworks that would prevent me from releasing Premium Themes using these frameworks?

  2. Houston Golden
    Houston Golden April 4, 2013 at 01:52 | | Reply

    Awesome article! I am very interested in building themes, parent themes, and frameworks for WordPress powered websites. I have been doing all of my editing in the WordPress Editor itself, and use GoDaddy for my hosting, so I was wondering what the best way would be to edit my existing WordPress sites in a code editor like Sublime Text 2? What is the process of setting the ftp file system so that I can edit it and refresh it instantly to see the changes online on my sites? Thanks for the help! I am trying to take my WordPress customization to the next level!

    Here is a cool project that I am working on right now called CharityTune.com

    – Houston

  3. Houston Golden
    Houston Golden April 5, 2013 at 23:51 | | Reply

    Hey Jean, Thanks for the speedy reply! I have now got FileZilla connected to my remote server where all of my WordPress sites exist at GoDaddy (which I will eventually upgrade to RackSpace Cloud Sites in the next month or two). But what I am trying to figure out is how to edit these sites locally and publish them remotely? And how can I preview how my changes look before uploading them?

    I see how editing locally could be best because I don’t want to make changes that could disrupt the website until I know that those changes are correct, especially since I am brand new to Sublime. But there is a Sublime SFTP plugin that can be installed via Package Control, but it costs some money through mbound. Anyways, I am still trying to figure out my configuration set up before I start installing more useful plugins/packages.

    What’s the best way to edit a site locally, preview it, and publish it through FileZilla? What is your setup?

    Thanks so much! WP-MAYOR IS AWESOME!

    – Houston Golden

    1. Jon Schroeder
      Jon Schroeder August 7, 2013 at 12:40 | | Reply

      @houston the SFTP plugin for sublime 2 is free to try — it’ll periodically ask if you want to install premium (~$15).

      I edit files locally then simply push ctrl+s to upload. No FTP client needed.

      Would definitely recommend it. Message me at [email protected] or @jonschr sometime if you can’t figure it out and I’ll show you a sample workflow. Way simple to use, but takes a bit to figure it out the first time.

  4. Vikas
    Vikas May 4, 2013 at 04:25 | | Reply

    This article is just what I was looking for. Although I know wooframework is is available for free but wasn’t sure if I can use it in my theme that I plan to sell in the market soon.
    Thanks heaps!

  5. Robert
    Robert May 7, 2013 at 17:38 | | Reply

    Hi Jean,

    I’ve used a modified version of WooFramework when using some earlier themes from ThemeZilla.

    Just confirming. Do you mean that ThemeZilla builds their themes on a modified version of WooFramework?

    Also is Carrington Core no worthy anymore?

  6. Robert
    Robert May 7, 2013 at 19:33 | | Reply

    I never realized that. Thanks for confirming. Now I’m also going to checkout WooFramework.

    And I always thought that their bare framework (without theme slapped on) was not allowed to be used. But you were right. It’s GPL’ed. I just checked in one of their free theme downloads.

    That makes the situation I’m in even “worse”. 🙂 Now it’s 3 contenders, instead of 2. Luxury can become a problem sometimes.


  7. Robert
    Robert May 14, 2013 at 18:17 | | Reply

    Is it just me or is Woo Framework at bit slower (or less efficient) than Hybrid Core and Carrington Core?

    I have all 3 installed on WP 3.5.1 in a VM, and chopped up HTML5 Boilerplate into a WP barebones theme on top of both. The front page has just the blog title, 1 post, and a 4-field sign-up form in the sidebar. Nothing else.
    With Hybrid Core and Carrington Core, the page is displayed instantly.
    With the WooFramework there is always a 1-2 second delay before the page appears.
    It’s noticeable, just like when you have Modernizr kick in too early in the head section (before your CSS and any JS). Then you will see a couple of seconds delay before the CSS is applied, because the Modernizr tests are running. Only this time (with WooFramework) the page remains blank.

    I did this minimal test deliberately to minimize the influence of other scripts on the result.

    1. Dave
      Dave May 14, 2013 at 18:54 | | Reply

      I can’t say that for sure, but when I work on Woo themes, they do seem pretty pokey. As such, I would not want to use Woo as my base. I also remember reading a framework speed test article that found Woo to be quite slow, and went on to note the huge number of database calls that Woo used. That was awhile ago, but anecdotally, I haven’t seen much improvement. I’ve also been struggling this week with a new Woo plugin that seems partially-baked, so that has colored my opinion.

      I’m a Genesis guy, but you make a great case for using a different framework. I have looked at Hybrid, and was impressed with Justin’s work. I did, btw, check out Carrington, and while I was impressed, it also seemed a bit porky. I also enjoyed Thematic for awhile.

      This is timely, because a friend asked me about developing a Themeforest theme, and I agree with your stance, Genesis may not be best for that. All possible GPL WP issues aside, I think I’ll go bare framework shopping again. 🙂


  8. Robert
    Robert May 14, 2013 at 19:09 | | Reply

    It’s a shame really, because WooFramework has the advantage of good and freely accessible documentation. (Although WooThemes will not provide any other support of course for theme buyers of competitors.)
    I just re-checked to make sure that I didn’t accidentally enqueue Modernizr in the theme on top of WooFramework, or anything else which could cause the delay. But I didn’t.
    And I was being nice actually by writing 1-2 second delay.
    In the end 2+ seconds load time before anything shows, could have visitors click away, or buyers whinge.

    Thanks for giving your input. WooFramework is not off my list yet, but it’s dropped to third place.

  9. Peter
    Peter June 6, 2013 at 07:19 | | Reply

    Great article. It finally clarified for me how woo framework works. Thanks a lot. Robert’s comments are making me worried about using it now, but I think I’ll go ahead for now. If there’s problems I can always switch later.

  10. preFutureThemes
    preFutureThemes August 21, 2013 at 22:33 | | Reply

    Hi Jean, can you tell me what framework do you use for wordpress themes sold on themeforest? My next step is to develop wordpress themes to sell them on themeforest but i’m loosing the ideea with the framework, i understand that Genesis i can’t use because the buyers will have to buy the framework, how about the Headway Framework? can i use this? or help me and tell me only one framework for begining to start develope Premium wordpress themes. Thank You

  11. preFutureThemes
    preFutureThemes August 21, 2013 at 23:33 | | Reply

    ok Jean, thank you

  12. Mary Baum (@marybaum)
    Mary Baum (@marybaum) October 29, 2013 at 03:38 | | Reply

    I suppose if you want the framework to be completely free, your best bet would be Thematic, from Automattic itself. Your process should be to develop locally, using MAMP/WAMP/LAMP and a local IDE. I’m very pleased with Aptana Studio, which is free for all three platforms and has an outline feature for CSS and php – as well as upload to FTP on save.

    Under no circumstances should you do ANYTHING in the WordPress editor – that’s an excellent way to get locked out of your installation. And while you can get back in with FTP or cPanel, you need to know how to use those first, before you get into trouble.

  13. Alex
    Alex August 1, 2015 at 16:03 | | Reply

    Awesome job you made.

    Can you help me with some infos?
    I want to create some theme to sell them on themeforest (wordpress with woocomemrce): i want to be fast, secure, nice design.

    Can you tell which framework-starter theme is the best and i can use without problems ? I want something if is possible with: boostrap added, responsive full, redux or smof included … something good to not start from 0.

    Thank you verry much

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