WordPress.org vs Envato – Which Side Are You On?

This week we’ve had a very lively discussion brewing in the WordPress community. The whole thing revolves around this:

People selling WordPress themes on Themeforest have been prohibited from speaking at WordCamps.

As you can imagine, this has hit many designers and developers, some of which enjoy a very high standing within the community, and there is no doubt that we would be better off by hearing what they have to share at such events. On the other hand, WordPress.org (Matt Mullenweg) also seem to have a point in that Envato is not promoting the GPL spirit with its licences.

I don’t want to repeat what’s already been said here, so here are some of the hottest posts on this subject, if you’re interested in reading more about how things are developing:

So, we’d like to know, on which side are you on? Vote in the poll below and please leave a comment explaining your views:

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