WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

The use of Post Formats, introduced in WordPress 3.1, has had limited success and adoptability by WordPress users. With the introduction of this Admin UI for WordPress Post Formats, using post formats becomes more intuitive and easier to use. It may be just what’s needed to spur on more interest and use of Post Formats.

However, the actual use of post formats is dependent on the theme. Without this plugin, if the theme uses post formats they are listed on the right side of the dashboard when entering a post.

WordPress Format Posts
Post Formats Default View

With the introduction of this new plugin, the post format options now appear as tabs above the title of the page.

WordPress Post Formats Admin UI
WordPress Post Formats Admin UI

The plugin makes use of custom fields that allow input for specific post formats. These fields can then be used in within a theme to format the information in the desired manner. The theme developed by Crowd Favorite that makes use of these fields is FavePersonal.

Quote Format

The Quote tab has fields for Source Name  and Source URL. These two fields can then be used by the theme to format them appropriately. A Quote format eliminates the use of a post title.

Quote Format

Link Format

The link format has a field for the URL address. This URL is then used by the theme to link to the external site from the Title of the post.

Link Format

Gallery Format

The gallery tab has an area at the top to easily add images. If there are already images in the gallery they will be displayed.

Image Format

The image format is very similar to the gallery format except it uses the built in Featured Image option.

Status Format

The status format is a play off of facebook or twitter. It takes the first 50 characters of the post for the title and displays the content in a ‘status’ format (no title).

Download WordPress UI Formats

The WordPress Post Formats Admin UI plugin is available on GitHub.

With the introduction of this plugin, it is hoped that the use of post formats will be more widely adopted and more portable between WordPress themes.

For more info, see Alex King’s followup post on recent reviews of this plugin.

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  1. elixoid
    elixoid January 6, 2012 at 08:51 | | Reply

    I`ve activated this plugin at one of my WP-powered sites, but… no results. No tabs appear in the editor. No errors whatsoever, just nothing from plugin. The editor looks the same as it was prior to plugin activation. Should anything else be added, like, some code in functions.php?

    PS. Plugin “Subscribe for comments” is definitely needed here 🙂

  2. Jean Galea
    Jean Galea January 6, 2012 at 14:20 | | Reply

    Thanks for the tip will be adding subscribe to comments.

    Check out this link with regards to your problem, I think you just need to activate post formats:

  3. Jean Galea
    Jean Galea January 6, 2012 at 14:38 | | Reply

    Comment subscriptions added!

  4. Belinda
    Belinda January 14, 2012 at 12:58 | | Reply

    Did I hear somewhere that when you backup a WP site using the export option that these formats don’t get included? Or am I confusing it with some other issue?

    Thanks for the info!

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