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Ghost Browser is the Productivity Browser for technology professionals. It will make any WordPress professional work smarter and faster. Each tab can have it's own cookie jar so productivity gains are incredible.
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Ghost Browser is the only browser created with productivity in mind. It will make any WordPress professional work smarter and faster.

It has many uses from Social Media Management, to SEO, to handling multiple Google accounts at once. But perhaps the most important one – and the reason why I wanted to build it in the first place – is to design, develop and QA WordPress web sites that have multiple account levels.

Two key features make this a critical tool for WordPress creators.

  1. Sessions – A set of tabs that share a cookie jar that is isolated from other sessions in your browser window.
  2. Projects – A collection of Sessions that keep you signed in.

Ghost Browser gives you multiple Sessions in one window.

Yes, we just heard membership site developers licking their chops.

Ghost for WP Mayor Readers

Before we get into the details, we want to let you know we have several ways you can get it.

  1. We have a very robust free version that you can download anytime.
  2. We’re offering WP Mayor users a 30-day free trial of the Premium version.
  3. We’re offering WP Mayor users up to 70% off the Premium version.

You can get all of these offers exclusively here for a limited time.

What Is Ghost Browser?

Ghost Browser is a free Chromium-based browser that lets you log into multiple Session of the same web site in the same window.

When you install Ghost Browser, you can import all of your Chrome extensions instantly so you there is no friction in making a switch. (We know switching browsers can be hard, so we’ve made it dead simple for Chrome users).

What’s more, you can save Projects – or sets of Sessions that will preserve your logged in state in all of your tabs. Projects can be separated by client, or can even be mini-task list – which is how I use it.

We call it the ‘The Productivity Browser for Tech Pros’. There are two reasons this is important:

  1. It literally saves you time from doing things like setting up to do a task and logging in and out of web sites all day.
  2. In doing these things for you automatically, it also helps you maintain focus on the complex task at hand without having to pay transition costs when switching tasks.

Don’t underestimate these two points. Research shows distractions such as these can increase your error rate, slow your work down, increase frustration and even affect your relationships with the people around you.

Unleashing the Power of Ghost on a WordPress Project

There are numerous ways you can use Ghost Browser as a WordPress professional. You can be up and running in less than 5 minutes to try it out yourself or check out these examples below:

Building sites with multiple account levels

If you’ve been building with WordPress for more than a minute, you’ve had to use it with multiple account levels. Have you ever made changes in your admin account then had to log out so you can log in as a different user level and see how it looks? In Ghost Browser you can duplicate that tab into a new Session tab with one click and you’re done. You can be logged in to both (or many) accounts at once.

Sign into multiple WordPress user levels simultaneously.

To Do Lists and Recurring Task Lists

I pay the same bills every month. So I save those web sites and all of my banking sites to a tab. When it’s time to pay bills, I open that project, zip through them and I’m done. No forgetting, no entering URLs.

I run a lot of WordPress sites. If I need to something on all of them, I open my ‘All Sites – Admin Dashboard’ Project. Usually I’m logged in to all of them (if cookies for that site haven’t expired) so it makes updating a plugin or doing anything a cinch.


If you maintain SEO or Social Media for clients Ghost is a real game changer. You can be logged into any number of social media accounts at once. Imagine if you could do a quick run through of all your clients’ Twitter pages three times per day and it only took 10 minutes.

Ghost lets you do that easily. We recommend you save a Project that has you logged in to each of your clients accounts as seen in the screenshot below. You switch to that project, do your thing, then go back to something else. They’ll love your attention and you’ll love the speed.

Same with SEO and content marketing. Not only do Session tabs quickly give you Google search results as if you were logged out, but we have a killer feature coming out in January that lets you assign a different proxy to each tab, Project or Session.

Ghost Browser makes managing multiple social media accounts a snap!

Complex On Going Tasks

We have a site that has a very complex string of chained Gravity Forms with a ton of different dependencies. It is a self service support portal that is designed to give customers answers based on their inputs – without requiring an email to support.

This obviously needs a lot of tweaking and improvement and Gravity Forms does not really let you ‘see’ dependencies and relationships between fields very well.

So we have a Project set up that has:

  • a tab for each of the three forms in the chain
  • a tab for each page that contains one of those forms
  • three different Sessions, each logged in as a different user level (since there are various support plans).
  • and a few other tabs for handling things like Gravity Forms connections to Help Scout, Trello and Mailchimp.

Anytime something goes awry with that complex form, we switch to that Project and because the set up is already done, we just fix the issue then get back to something else.

How to Spend the Time You Save Using Ghost Browser

The Ghost Browser founders are a husband-and-wife team with 25+ years of experience in Technology and Education. We like to travel, spend time with family and play in the mountains of Colorado.

We created Ghost Browser because we felt that we, and all the people around us, were spending too much time doing mundane tasks that kept them at their desks for too long.

What you do with the time you save using Ghost Browser is up to you, but some great options are:

  1. Sleep (remember that?)
  2. Take on more projects and make more money?
  3. Do a side gig or contribute to open source
  4. Spend time with friends and family
  5. Finally fit that workout into your schedule
  6. Play
  7. Travel and work on a laptop – Ghost makes it easier when you don’t have multiple screens.

And there is much much more.

In less than five minutes you can download it, run the importer so it mimics your Chrome set up and be on your way to a more productive work life.

Take advantage of the special WPMayor here now for a limited time!

Larry Kokoszka
Larry Kokoszka
Larry is a stickler for efficiency and productivity. He has been using WordPress since version 2.1 and, in addition to founding Ghost Browser, also created the WooDeposits and WPinline WordPress Products. Say hi @larrykokoszka.

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  1. Looks fantastic. Been jumping between incognito and normal browsing but now I’m developing for 4+ user_roles this will be useful. Thanks for the article.

    1. Thanks Elliot! Incognito ‘works’ in some respects but the trouble with incognito is you have to switch windows, your extensions are not installed in incognito and, like you said, for multiple user roles, incognito gets pretty unwieldy pretty fast. Having four incognito sessions open at once would be quite a bit more resource intensive as well.

      Glad you are liking it!

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