Bring Multiple Facebook Feeds to Your WordPress Website with Facebook Feed WD

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Facebook Feed WD is a versatile and multifunctional WordPress Facebook feed plugin which allows you to integrate Facebook profile/public group/page feeds into your posts and pages. The options for displaying the feeds are impressive, as the plugin comes with tons of configuration and customization possibilities, view settings, content filters, etc.
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Facebook Feed WD is a versatile and multifunctional WordPress Facebook feed plugin which allows you to integrate Facebook profile/public group/page feeds into your posts and pages. The options for displaying the feeds are impressive, as the plugin comes with tons of configuration and customization possibilities, view settings, content filters, etc.

wordpress facebook plugin

Getting Started with Facebook Feed WD

To be able to display profile feeds on your WordPress blog or website you’ll have to first create your own Facebook application and get an ID and App secret. It’s a required step by Facebook API. That’s a pretty easy and straightforward process though, and will take you only a couple of minutes. For public group or page feed display no app registration is required, it’s optional.

To get an App ID and App secret just go to Facebook developer’s page ,register as a Facebook developer, and create an app following some simple steps. Once you’re done with app creation, go to “My apps” dashboard, click on the app you’ve created and you’ll find the App ID and the App secret below it. If, for any reasons, you weren’t able to create an app, refer to the Step by step guide of the plugin provided by the developers teams behind it.

facebook feed wd app

So, you’ve got the App ID and App secret, now it’s time for setting the plugin up. What you’ll need to do is to insert the provided ID and App secret, login with your Facebook app, and go through some configuration settings, such as setting the feed update interval, timezone, and date format for posts and events. Once you’re done with configuration settings,the plugin is activated and you’re good to go.

facebool feed wd edit options

Let’s Get Down to Creating the Feeds

Feed creation process is the same for both the FREE and PRO versions of the plugin but, some options differ depending which of the versions of the plugin you use. The PRO version comes with some additional features and customization options.

Find below the full list of the options that  both of the versions come with.

facebook feed wd features

For feed creation you go to the WordPress admin area, click on the Facebook Feed WD plugin and it will show you a starting window with a “Add new” button on it. As you hit the “Add new” button a feed creation area with different tabs will appear depending on the parameters you choose: Main, Lightbox, Comments,Events and Page plugin settings. I’ll go through each of them separately to show you what settings and configurations they come with.

facebook feed wd screenshot

In the “Main” settings tab you have to set a feed name and select the type of the feed you want to display, whether it’s a public group or a page. For PRO users there is also a profile feed option to add. For each of the feed type you’ll get different set of options.

facebook feed wd screenshot

The features for displaying a Facebook page are pretty impressive. If you’re a PRO user and  don’t want to display the whole content from the page timeline, you don’t really have to. Just add the URL of the page you want to integrate and select a specific content type you want to be displayed. The available content types are photos, videos, albums and events. Moreover, you can also choose whether to show posts by the group/page/profile owner, or posts added by other users.

facebook feed wd screenshot

Below you’ll find the view and post settings, which include selecting the view style, pagination type, number of the items displayed, maximum length for post descriptions, etc. The PRO users also have the possibility to choose one of the available 4 themes for the feed display, and have greater variety of the layouts to choose from:Masonry, Thumbnails, Album view and Blog style view. The themes are fully customizable. Social sharing buttons are also available for PRO version users only.

facebook feed wd screenshot

The plugin features a super powerful lightbox with tons of customization possibilities. In the “Lightbox” tab you’ll find all the settings necessary to adjust it to your personal needs. The options for lightbox configuration are almost the same for both of the versions, except for filmstrip support and comments display possibilities, which are the advantages of the Facebook Feed WD PRO.

Also, you’ll find some 15 beautiful lightbox effects that come as one of the cool features of the PRO version.

facebook feed wd lightbox settings

There are some basic comments settings Under the “Comments” tab, allowing you to choose how you want the comments to appear. Select the order of the comments and choose whether to show or hide the replies.

facebook feed wd screenshot_5

For the events display you can define the event description length and enable/disable its date and location settings.

facebook feed wd events

If you choose to display a page feed in your post don’t forget to enable page plugin function under the view settings. It shows a box with the page name and number of the likes that it has on Facebook. The name contains a link which redirects users to the Facebook. “Page plugin” tab allows you to fully configure the box settings, including its position, width, showing/hiding page likes and cover photo.

facebook feed wd page plugin

Once you’ve saved the feed settings , the plugin provides a shortcode that you can insert to any page or post you’d like the feed to be featured. If you’re after other options, Facebook Feed WD also allows you to display the feeds as a widget on one of the sidebars of your website.

Facebook Feed WD PRO

Although the FREE version of the plugin already comes with lots of powerful and advanced features and customization options, you’ll get an even more features and functionalities if you upgrade it to the PRO version.

facebook feed wd masonry view

There are really somewhat overwhelming feed design customization possibilities which give you full control over how your feeds will look and feel. You’re free to customize every single aspect and attribute of the themes,and, if that is still not enough, add new ones with personal configurations.

facebook feed wd blog style

The settings for all the view styles are also adjustable for each theme separately. You’ll also find advanced page navigation options.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Feed WD plugin is a really advanced and versatile WordPress plugin which is a perfect choice for integrating multiple Facebook feeds into your WordPress website. It’s extremely feature-rich, easy to configure and use. If you’d like to see some of its features and functionalities in use, I’d suggest checking  the plugin demo out.

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