WP-CRM System: A Total CRM Solution for WordPress

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Are you a freelancer, or small business owner who has been struggling to keep projects, or tasks organized? Have you looked into using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, but were either turned off by the cost or the complexity of the system? WP-CRM System is the solution you have been looking for.
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Are you a freelancer, or small business owner who has been struggling to keep projects, or tasks organized? Have you looked into using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, but were either turned off by the cost or the complexity of the system? Do you have clients contact information in your personal address book, but need to share it with your growing team?

What if you could have a CRM on your own WordPress site for an unlimited number of users, with an unlimited number of records all for free?

WP-CRM System the CRM Built for WordPress

WP-CRM System is a free plugin available from the WordPress plugin directory. It uses a familiar WordPress interface to manage your clients, projects, tasks, opportunities, and more. You can make the system available to your whole team at no additional cost, which can be critical to small businesses on a tight budget.

Some other CRMs can cost a team of five users upwards of $750 per year for their most basic plans. If the team ever needed any extra features found in a more advanced plan, it could cost $1,700 or more every single year.

WP-CRM System is free to use the basic features, and has add-ons that are under $30 per site, which is a value any business could afford. This way, you only pay for the features that add value to your business.

How Does WP-CRM System Work?

WP-CRM System is a WordPress plugin that adds a CRM element to your existing WordPress site. Your site visitors won’t notice any difference to the front end of your site, but your site administrators will have access to a CRM where they can manage your organization’s customers, projects, tasks, and more.

WP-CRM System has a familiar WordPress feel, so the learning curve is minimal.

WP-CRM System Screenshots

There are a few basic settings that you’ll need to configure before using WP-CRM System. These settings let you choose how you want currencies and dates to be formatted among a few other things.

Once you get the basics set up you can start adding customer information as well as keep tabs on projects, tasks, campaigns, and opportunities using an editor that looks and feels the same as the regular WordPress editor you use while writing blog posts. Each of these settings has their own unique settings, which are easy to fill out.

You can assign projects or tasks to individuals within your organization so they know exactly what they need to focus on to meet your organization’s goals.

WP-CRM System Features

Keep track of your customers, partners, vendors, and suppliers in one easy to manage interface. You’ll never need to share your customer information with a third party service because your data stays within your website. Plus, the data is only accessible through the admin area, so prying eyes won’t be able to see your data.

Your projects can also be managed from within the same system. Assign a project to one of your employees and field individual tasks to other employees. Stay organized with a customizable category system using the built-in WordPress category system that you already use.

Manage potential business by creating opportunities in WP-CRM System. You can set the opportunity’s value, probability of winning, forecasted close date, and more. Never have an opportunity fall through the cracks again.

Get a high level overview of the projects, tasks, and opportunities going on in your business with the in-depth reports provided by WP-CRM System. Use these reports to find the value of opportunities, projects by client, and more.

What Else Can WP-CRM System Do?

Unlike the high-priced CRMs, WP-CRM System doesn’t force you into paying for extra features that you don’t need. There are a number of add-ons available from www.wp-crm.com that allow you to extend the basic features offered.

WP Mayor readers can get 25% off any add-on with discount code: “WPMAYOR”.

Add-ons include plugins that collect contact information from a Gravity Form or Ninja Form.

If your website uses a form to collect sales leads, this is the perfect way to capture the contact information for these potential customers. You won’t have to manually enter any of this information because your customer will do it for you. Think about the time you will save by avoiding data entry errors.

There are also importers available as add-ons that will let you import customer information from another CRM, a spreadsheet, or wherever you have been keeping track of this information in the past.

Other add-ons include notification plugins that let you enable notifications in Slack or via Email. These notifications will alert your team whenever something they are assigned to gets updated. Your team will then be able to react to changes in deadlines, or adjust priorities if a project suddenly becomes more urgent than originally anticipated.

Keep your team connected by enabling attachments from Dropbox files, and by viewing past tickets for your customers in customer service platforms like Zendesk.

More extensions are being added all the time, so check out WP-CRM System to see how it can get your business organized.

Scott DeLuzio

Scott has been working with WordPress since 2008. He has authored several plugins that can be found in the WordPress directory, and is the owner of Surprise AZ Web Services.

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7 Responses

  1. Hi Mr Mayor!

    WP-CRM review is quite interesting – but also worth checking out Zero BS CRM (our WordPress CRM plugin) – we’re doing our best to make it super unbeatable!

  2. Hm… if I look at the website, I find that one must pay even for the most basic stuff (e.g. email notifications, or import contacts)… AND this is ‘per site’ – which means, the plugins contain tracking code to verify my installation and sends data behind my back…

    This is not really what I want from a CRM system…

    1. The data that gets sent from your site is only the license code to the site for verification that it is a valid code. This enables automatic updates without the need to manually remove and install the updated version of these extensions.
      If you aren’t comfortable with this you don’t need to enter a license code and no data will be sent from your site. You can then download the updated version and apply the updates manually if desired.
      No other information from your site is ever collected.

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