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Written by Alyona Galea
Written by Alyona Galea

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WP Latest Posts is a plugin that displays the WordPress recent content in few click and the way you want. It comes with 4 themes + a custom one where you can setup and order news elements. The content selection is quite complete with posts categories, pages, tagged posts, custom post type. (WooCommerce included).


Each WP Latest posts news block is individual and can be called in any editor or as a widget.

1. Latest content selection

The recent content of your website can be selected from posts categories, pages selection, tag selection and custom post type. The custom post type selection includes most of the WordPress 3rd party plugins like WooCommerce or all-in-one event calendar.

The custom post type selection includes taxonomy.

Elements loaded can be ordered by date or title, ascending or descending. You can also set a start date for the content detection.



2. Display latest news with themes

The pro version of the plugin comes with 4 themes, 2 based on masonry, 1 news slider and one time line type display. Thumbnails are automatically generated from first article image or featured one.

Additional display parameters allows you to setup news number, columns, content cropping or color.


3. News block directly in content or as widget

Each news block can be edited individually and you can load several instances on each page of your website.

The news block are inserted in your content using an editor button or using a dedicated widget.

Additional public themes demo:


Main advantages resume

  • Unlimited Latest posts instance
  • Insert latest post in editor
  • Display as a widget
  • Select number of columns and pages
  • Slider and masonry responsive themes
  • Order content in each block with AJAX
  • Custom post type support
  • Select post category, page or tag
  • Limit the content to be displayed
  • Image source selection
  • Make appear only what you need (date, image, text…).
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Alyona Galea
Alyona is a WordPress enthusiast, focused on sharing interesting things she comes across during her work with this great CMS. She loves exploring new destinations and maintains a travel blog at www.alyonatravels.com



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