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WP Panel Review: Tailoring the WordPress Dashboard to Your Agency’s Needs

This review was performed as part of a paid product analysis using our in-depth Analysis Methodology, which includes manually testing the product. Here’s why you can trust our methods and verdict.

WP Panel is a transformative tool designed for those seeking an enhanced and user-centric WordPress dashboard experience. Ideal for agencies, developers, and avid WordPress users, the main attractions include its ease of setup, intuitive design, and cost-effectiveness. WP Panel’s budget-friendly pricing structure is a win, especially for those keen on customizing the dashboard for their agency clients.

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Are you tired of a messy WordPress backend? Wish your clients could have a custom dashboard?

WP-Panel transforms the backend of your WordPress site, giving your users a more streamlined, enjoyable experience. Say goodbye to cluttered dashboards!

With WP-Panel, you can white-label key areas of the dashboard, which is great news for agencies and developers who want a custom experience for their clients. You can also easily change large parts of the dashboard to create a fully branded admin area.

Plus, users can view their Google Analytics and contact form entries within the dashboard for a truly seamless UX.

In this WP Panel review, we’ll evaluate this plugin and show you how you can use it to create a fully branded, streamlined WordPress user experience.

WP Panel Review: Key Features and Benefits

With WP-Panel, it’s all about giving you control over the user experience.

Forget about the vanilla WordPress look; dive into an innovative dashboard designed for better user experience and streamlined functionality.

Main Features

  1. Custom Dashboard Creation: WP Panel allows users to create multiple dashboards tailored to different roles within the agency. Each dashboard can be customized to show or hide specific menu items, widgets, and more.
  2. Role-Based Access Control: Agencies can set up role-based access to different parts of the dashboard, ensuring that team members have access to only what they need.
  3. White Labeling: WP Panel supports white-labeling, allowing agencies to replace the WordPress logo and branding with their own, providing a more personalized experience for their clients.
  4. Pre-Built Templates: The plugin comes with a variety of pre-built dashboard templates, saving time and providing a starting point for customization.

Real-World Benefits

Streamline Your Workflow

WP Panel is designed to simplify the WordPress dashboard, making it more intuitive and agency-friendly. For example, agencies can create custom dashboards for different roles, ensuring that team members have quick access to the tools they need.

WP Panel allows you to move beyond generic dashboards and craft a bespoke interface complete with your branding.

Enhance the Client Experience

By decluttering the dashboard and removing unnecessary options, WP Panel enables agencies to offer their clients a more user-friendly experience. This helps in retaining clients and building trust.

Plus, when you tailor a client’s experience with WP Panel’s white-labeling, it helps make sure that they engage only with your brand. Rename themes, integrate Google Analytics, and seamlessly incorporate WooCommerce insights as well.

The customizable login page and Menu Manager elevate user interaction, with role-specific access and renaming capabilities. Plus, an array of settings and advanced features like disabling Gutenberg ensure a streamlined and intuitive client journey.

For instance, video tutorials aid users in maximizing dashboard features, while personalizable menus and enhanced usability tools like custom CSS adjustments ensure a hassle-free, brand-centric environment.

Save Time and Boost Productivity

The customization options offered by WP Panel significantly cut down the time spent navigating through the dashboard, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. One example of this is the seamless integration of Google Analytics into the plugin, which means you can dive into vital Google Analytics data without swapping screens.

How To Use WP Panel To Create a Personalized WordPress Dashboard

Now that you’ve got a handle on what WP-Panel does, let’s explore how you can utilize its potential to craft an impeccable WordPress experience. This WordPress dashboard isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s an enhanced user interface designed to improve the login experience significantly.

First, I’ll walk you through getting WP Panel set up, and then creating a personalized WordPress dashboard. It’s all a straightforward process, thanks to WP Panel’s intuitive design.

WP Panel Review: Installing and Activating the Plugin

Upon purchasing your WP Panel license, you’ll be redirected to your account’s download section on the WP-Panel website. Grab the plugin from there, and then head over to the WordPress website(s) you intend to equip with WP Panel.

Here’s your quick setup guide:

  1. Head to the Plugins section and click Add New
  2. Upload the WP Panel .zip file
  3. Once done, be sure to click Activate

To get WP Panel running in its full glory, you’ll need to activate your license. After installing and activating the plugin on your site, a prompt will appear guiding you to license activation.

And voilà!

Your WordPress site is now ready to leverage the power of WP Panel, without much hassle at all.

Note: Should you ever need to deactivate your license, simply hop over to the “License” tab nestled under “WP Panel”.

Where to Find Your Tools: The WP Panel Settings Panel

Let’s take a look at the robust tools WP-Panel provides to change and white-label different areas of the WordPress dashboard. All of them are accessible from the WP Panel section of your WordPress admin sidebar.

The Dashboard section lets you refine the aesthetics of the WordPress dashboard to suit the end user, including colors, branding, dashboard buttons, and links. You can add your own video tutorials as well.

WP Panel Dashboard

In the Admin Branding section, you can enhance the WordPress top and side bars, footer text, personalize your theme, and add custom CSS to style the admin area.

WP Panel Admin Branding

The Frontend Settings are where you add your Google Analytics Tracking ID, and other trackers like Facebook Pixel, Google Webmasters Verification, and Live Chat.

WP Panel Frontend Settings

In the Menu Manager section, you have more granular control over how users experience the WordPress menu. Here you can hide menu items you don’t want users to see, and define precise user permissions.

WP Panel Menu Manager

The Google Analytics section shows your GA metrics, which are fully integrated with WP Panel, while the Login Branding section allows you to customize the default /wp-admin login interface to your heart’s content. This includes branding your login portal, tweaking the footer text, and adding custom CSS.

In the Login Redirect section, you can modify the default login URLs (/wp-admin and /wp-login) to your preferred address. By default, this redirects to /panel-login.

Finally, the Settings section is where you can hide things like Gutenberg, the Help Tab in the header, and Nag Notices for the end user.

Here you can also:

  • Set WP Panel to remember your settings if you deactivate
  • Make sure it resets your settings upon deactivation
  • Export your WP Panel settings as a .json file (if you want to import them to another site)

Designing a Custom WordPress Login Page

It’s simple to set up a custom login page for your WordPress users in just a few clicks using WP Panel.

Here’s a quick overview:

  1. Once WP Panel is installed, activated, and your license is also activated, you’ll see the full WP Panel menu as outlined above
  2. Navigate to WP Panel > Login Branding to start customizing your login page
  3. Go to the General tab to customize your:
    1. Login logo image
    2. Login screen background color
    3. Login screen overlay color
    4. Login screen overlay opacity
    5. Login screen background image
    6. Login screen background image position
    7. Login screen text color
  4. When you’re finished, click Save Changes
  5. Next, go to the Footer tab, add any login screen footer content that you want, and click Save Changes
  6. Finally, go to the Custom CSS tab if you want to add any custom CSS styling to your login page, and click Save Changes

What’s nice is that you can easily restore the default WP Panel settings at any time, so if you make a mistake and get way off track, you can undo everything without reinstalling. Simply clicking the Restore Default Settings as shown below:

WP Panel Pricing

When breaking down the costs and features, WP Panel provides both a lite (free) version and several paid and premium packages.

For those dipping their toes into the world of WordPress, the WP Panel Lite version might be just what you’re looking for. This free version gives users a taste of the WP Panel experience, and it can be used on an unlimited number of sites.

If you’re a professional blogger, a digital agency, or even an individual who manages multiple WordPress websites, a premium plan could be a wise move.

Similarly, if you’re a WordPress tool developer wishing to showcase your plugins or themes on a demo platform, WP Panel’s premium options are a safe bet.

Here’s what the free WP Panel Lite offers:

  • A customizable WordPress dashboard
  • A dedicated settings area
  • Integrated Google Analytics (with WooCommerce integration coming soon)
  • Pre-loaded tutorial videos
  • Features like custom CSS panel, disabling nag notices, white labeling, and more

Should you decide to go premium, here are the available packages:

Basic License – Priced at $35 annually:

  • Use on a single WordPress site
  • Premium support and updates

Standard License – At $121 per year:

  • Usable on up to 5 WordPress sites
  • Premium support and updates
  • Use on an unlimited number of WordPress sites
  • Premium support and updates

Lifetime License (Limited Time) – For a one-time payment of $121:

At the same price as a Standard License, this is a particularly good deal if you know you’ll be using these features on multiple sites for at least one year or more.

Note that all premium packages offer enhanced features like:

  • Renaming themes
  • Custom login design
  • Editing client capabilities
  • Easy import/export functionality

Plus, all purchases come with a 100% risk-free guarantee. If WP Panel doesn’t live up to your expectations, they offer a refund if you request within 14 days of the purchase.

WP Panel Review: Final Thoughts

I found WP Panel to be easy to set up, intuitive to use, and economical as well. In short: A great combination!

Note: I didn’t find much in terms of customer reviews or feedback, so the opinions in this post are based entirely on my own testing.

In essence, WP Panel isn’t just another WordPress plugin; it’s a gateway to a more intuitive, customizable, and user-centric WordPress dashboard experience—whether you’re an agency, a developer, or an enthusiastic WordPress user.

When managing multiple client websites, it’s easy to get bogged down by the clutter and inefficiency of the standard WordPress dashboard. WP Panel does a great job of solving this problem, providing all different use cases with granular control over the user experience.

These benefits coupled with budget-friendly pricing makes WP Panel a solid choice if you want to customize the WordPress dashboard for your users.

The best part? You can try it out completely for free. If you decide you want more advanced features, premium support, or a multiple site license, you have some very affordable upgrade options available.

WP Panel
WP Mayor Verified 2023

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