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WP Remote: Elevate Your Workflow With Cutting-Edge Site Management Solutions

This article was researched and written by our experts using our in-depth Analysis Methodology.

WP Remote has shined as a top-notch solution for managing multiple WordPress sites throughout our testing. It stands out with its user-friendly dashboard, automated backups, and robust security features. While it might be too much for smaller portfolios, its efficiency and comprehensive tools make it ideal for developers and agencies looking to streamline their WordPress management tasks.

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Managing multiple WordPress sites can feel like trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning. Every site needs regular updates which can be time-consuming.

Then there’s the hassle of switching back and forth between different admin panels. Add the stress of up-to-date backups into the mix. One slip, and you’re at risk of losing clients, data, and revenue. 

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. You’re probably on the lookout for a simpler, more efficient way to handle your WordPress sites. WP Remote is that tool.

It can spin those metaphorical plates for you, acting as one centralized platform to manage all your sites. In this review, we will talk about all the key features we came across during our testing and how they can help you out. 

WP Remote At A Glance

WP Remote is a management solution that offers a range of powerful features for your WordPress websites. It simplifies security and enhances performance.

It does all this through a user-friendly dashboard that lets you monitor all your sites quickly. Whether you manage your own site or multiple client websites, WP Remote can be very handy.

WP Remote's dashboard

Some of WP Remote’s key features include:

  1. Complete security: WP Remote comes equipped with a malware scanner that identifies and removes even the most complex malicious code. Its WordPress-specific firewall blocks all malicious actors and attacks, even zero-day ones, without special rules. Plus, there is a vulnerability scanner that constantly monitors your site for any weaknesses. 
  2. Safe bulk updates: You can bulk update your themes and plugins with just a few clicks and you can create a staging site to test these updates beforehand. This can reduce some of the risks associated with updates, such as incompatibilities causing errors.
  3. Automated offsite backups: With WP Remote, you can have peace of mind knowing that your website’s data is always protected. It automatically takes complete backups of your WordPress site that are stored offsite. This ensures that you can easily restore them to the most recent version if something goes wrong.
  4. Performance and uptime monitoring: Track your website’s loading speed, uptime, and other performance metrics. Stay informed and address any issues as quickly as possible.
  5. Customizable reports: Tailor the reports to your specific needs with insights into the performance, security, and update status of your WordPress sites. Keep your clients in the loop with all the information they need.

The WP Remote User Experience

Installing the plugin and setting up the site took just a few minutes.

All you have to do is to create an account on their website and then add your site from the dashboard itself. 

The site list in WP Remote

On the dashboard, you get an overview of the key metrics of all your sites. You get data about security, backups, recent activity, uptime monitoring, and more, plus you can update plugins and themes in one click.

Each individual site also has its own dashboard where you can monitor its stats and performance in greater detail. You will find its state of security, last backup, traffic figures, and so on.

How WP Remote Works

Security Made Simpler

WP Remote is a complete WordPress security suite, providing robust features to safeguard your WordPress websites. 

First off, it has a reliable malware scanner that you can run on-demand or automate. It deep scans to identify potential threats, including zero-day malware.

The scans take place on WP Remote’s servers, so there is no load seen on your website. 

WP Remote's scanner

Secondly, in case of security breaches, WP Remote offers a one-click malware removal feature. With the powerful built-in scanner, all the malware can be identified and then removed in minutes.

After the malware removal, WP Remote conducts a post-clean-up scan to ensure your site remains secure. If any complex malware has been identified, the WP Remote team of experts will be able to help resolve issues, all as part of your paid subscription. 

Finally, WP Remote has a firewall that is custom-built for WordPress. The firewall is powered by a Threat Intelligence Network that monitors thousands of sites globally. This network gathers data about patterns and behavior of malicious code, and uses the information to keep firewall rules updated in real-time.

WP Remote's firewall

Lower down on the security front, WP Remote also has you covered. It limits failed logins and implements CAPTCHA authentication, making sure that brute force bots are thwarted while genuine users aren’t locked out.

WP Remote also includes a vulnerability scanner that keeps track of pending plugin and theme security updates. Select a site and click Plugins, and you’ll see a warning icon beside any vulnerable plugins. The same goes for themes too.

You’ll even receive email notifications to let you know about these vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities shown in WP Remote

Best of all? The WP Remote servers handle the heavy lifting. This means that none of these security tools and measures slow down your site, which is something we all appreciate.

Reliable Backups

WP Remote backups are automatic, seamless, and flexible. It is one of the only WordPress services which backs up the full site, including files and database, every single time. 

Backups in WP Remote

One of the key features that WP Remote brings to the table is its automatic backups. This functionality ensures that your website data is regularly backed up without any manual intervention. It’s a set-and-forget feature that gives website owners and agencies peace of mind knowing their site’s data is continually safeguarded against data loss.

For those who prefer a more controlled approach, scheduled backups offer the flexibility to choose when your website data is backed up. This feature allows site owners to align backup activities with low-traffic periods, ensuring minimal impact on website performance. 

Additionally, WP Remote caters to the needs of website owners who require backups at specific moments with its on-demand backup feature. With just one click, you can initiate a backup at any given time, providing an extra layer of control and reassurance during processes like updates or other site maintenance activities.

What sets WP Remote’s backup solution apart is its use of incremental backups.

This method ensures that only the changes made since the last backup are saved, resulting in faster backup times and reduced server load. Incremental backups are efficient and minimize the impact on your website’s performance.

A details page for site backups

Furthermore, WP Remote understands the importance of storing backups securely.

By providing off-site storage, it ensures that your website data is safe even in the event of a server failure or some other catastrophic event. This external storage solution adds an extra layer of security for your website’s critical data.

Finally, WP Remote has a 100% restore rate for sites, large and small, which we found to be very impressive.

Safely Update Plugins and Themes

A key aspect of WP Remote’s approach to updates includes creating a backup before any changes are made. This critical feature acts as a safety net, allowing your site to quickly revert to a previous image if an update does not go as planned, thereby maintaining your website’s stability and uptime.

Like many other management tools, WP Remote also has a bulk update capability. This feature streamlines the maintenance process by enabling users to select and update several items at once—be it themes, or plugins. Bulk updating significantly cuts down on the time and effort typically involved in updating.

You can disable auto-updates from the WordPress dashboard, and set up auto-updates using WP Remote instead. It takes a full backup before each update for extra safety. Additionally, you can select important pages for visual regression testing post-update, so if anything breaks on your site because of a plugin or them, you will know right away.

The auto-update schedule settings in WP Remote

Apart from backups, you can also test your changes before you make them.

WP Remote helps you quickly build a staging site, which is a clone of your live site. Here, you can safely test updates before applying them to the live site.

Whether it’s a new plugin, theme update, or a major WordPress version release, testing in a staging environment significantly reduces the risk of errors or downtime.

Monitor All Your Sites

WP Remote offers comprehensive monitoring features that give you a detailed overview of your website’s activity and uptime, providing peace of mind and actionable insights.

The activity log tracks and records events taking place on your site, such as restores, backups, and detected vulnerabilities. It even offers insights into the day-to-day operations like which plugins were recently added and which users have logged in.

WP Remote's activity log

The uptime monitoring pings sites at regular intervals to check their current status. If a site goes down unexpectedly, you’ll get an instant email alert.

You can even see trends on the dashboard in a graph representing changes over a week. This immediate, visual representation allows you to quickly assess the reliability of your websites, servers, and hosting, and take action where necessary. 

Site monitoring in WP Remote

Performance monitoring is another essential element of maintaining an optimal online presence. WP Remote displays the page load times for each of your WordPress sites on your dashboard.

This feature is incredibly valuable for quickly identifying any sites that may be slow or unresponsive for visitors.

WP Remote's performance stats

Customizable Reporting

WP Remote offers a robust reporting feature. You can customize reports, decide what data to include, and schedule send them to your clients.

By default, the report includes data about updates, backups, security, firewall, uptime, and performance, while there are also fields to add details about any custom work you’ve done. 

Reports in WP Remote

For agencies, WP Remote offers whitelabeling capabilities so you can customize the reports to match your branding and impress your clients!

Real Customer Feedback

WP Remote’s customers are more than happy with the platform and the team behind it. Reviews on G2 and other sites often range between 4.5 and 5 out of five stars.

The feedback consistently underscores the effectiveness and utility of the tool. Many users praise its intuitive interface, which simplifies the often time-consuming tasks of updating, securing, and monitoring multiple websites.

The 24/7 customer support offered by WP Remote is frequently highlighted as a standout benefit, with users expressing appreciation for the prompt and knowledgeable support they receive. The continuous updates and addition of new features also receive praise, as users feel confident that WP Remote keeps evolving along with their growing needs.

Overall, the sentiment surrounding WP Remote is overwhelmingly positive, with users valuing its all-encompassing approach to WordPress website management.

WP Remote Pricing and Value


WP Remote has a free version with upgradable paid subscriptions that are flexible, offering variations such as the number of sites and monthly or yearly payment plans.

For the sake of this review, let’s look at the cost for managing just 5 sites: 

  • Basic Plan: At $29 per month or an annual fee of $299, the Basic plan caters to users with up to 5 sites. This plan is designed for users needing backups and managed updates. It also comes with staging sites uptime monitoring, performance checks, and client reports.
  • Plus Plan: For $49 a month or $499 a year, the Plus plan includes the security features. 
  • Pro Plan: At the top end, the Pro plan is priced at $99 a month or $999 a year. It protects high-traffic sites and ecommerce stores with more frequent backups, stored for a year. Additionally, Pro plans have sandbox updates and priority support. 

WP Remote also offers add-ons that can be applied to any plan at an additional cost of $10 each per site. These add-ons include real-time backups, extra staging sites, and visual regression testing for more than 10 pages.

In terms of value, we recommend starting off with the Plus plan. This way, you get all the essentials like backups, updates, and security, while adding the benefit of visual regression and white-labelling.

WP Remote Support and Resources

WP Remote offers around-the-clock support to all its users, ensuring that help is available whenever you need it. Whether you’re facing a technical issue or have a query about your account, WP Remote’s support team is committed to providing timely and effective solutions.

For direct assistance, users can reach out via email at support@wpremote.com. 

The WP Remote plugin is also frequently updated to not only enhance existing features but also introduce new ones.

This commitment to continuous improvement means that users can always expect WP Remote to be aligned with the latest WordPress developments and security standards.

Final Thoughts on WP Remote

Finding a comprehensive, reliable, and reasonably priced tool for managing WordPress sites can be challenging. WP Remote stands out as a solution that not only meets these criteria but exceeds expectations with its robust features.

Whether you’re managing a single website or overseeing multiple client sites, WP Remote offers the functionality, ease of use, and peace of mind needed to ensure your sites are always performing at their best.

WP Remote
Starting at $29

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