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WPJobus is a premium WordPress theme that was created to beat the other job board themes available on the market, according to the developers of the theme. The main feature of the theme is the possibility to make of it either a job board or a company profile site or a personal resume webpage.
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WPJobus is a premium WordPress theme that was created to beat the other job board themes available on the market, according to the developers of the theme. The main feature of the theme is the possibility to make of it either a job board or a company profile site or a personal resume webpage.

Why use it for building a job board site


This is the only option to start monetizing your site as it allows you to get paid for placing featured job posts or featuring a company profile or a resume. There is an integrated payment processing service called Stripe that processes card payments from around the world and recently it started accepting Alipay payments as well. Unfortunately this option is not as good as having a Paypal payment integration as not all businesses will be able to accept payments, but I’ve noticed on the comments section of the theme that the author will implement PayPal as a payment option in the next release of this theme. So, that shouldn’t be an issue soon. By the way, Stripe is used by many international service providers and startups ranging from Foursquare and Lyft to Rackspace and Dribble.

The job board comes with lots of cool features and animations like faceted search, Google maps integrated and you can see on the map the location of the job offers, the featured jobs change according to the search filters chosen and that’s neat. All the ads can be moderated and there are lots of fields and details available to be added in the job offers, as well as in CVs.

The fact that everything happens in the front end does make an impression that this is not just another WordPress theme and it’s a lot easier to use the front end dashboard to add job offers and company profiles and resumes keeping the clutter to minimum.

The progressive load of the page as you scroll does help loading the page faster as a counterpart to the fact that some of the cool options within the theme slow down a little the navigation through the site, but not enough to make it very noticeable.

There are actually a lot more options that WPJobus has to offer when you make a job board out of it.

Why use it to showcase a company profile


It’s quite easy to make a company profile as all you have to do is to fill in the information about the company, some testimonials and a few images and save. If you have the job board implemented, then on the company profile page you will have the job offers that the company has to offer and that’s another cool option for those looking to work for a specific company instead of looking at all the available positions on the market.

Since the company profile includes a contact form at the bottom you can make it into a one-page site. You can edit the colors on the site so that the color scheme would match the color scheme of your company. The same goes for the color scheme of the Google Map as it can be edited using styles from SnazzyMaps.

Why use it as a Personal Resume


This is great to use as your personal one-page website to promote yourself as a professional as you can add all your experience and awards, including your portfolio for potential clients or employers to check. There is only one type of gallery layout available, but that’s more than enough for a job board theme.

The actions that are embedded in this theme crop the images and add a feeling as if this was done by a professional designer, while it’s a WordPress theme that does all the work for you without the need to get too deep into it. The clean design is a great advantage as it makes really easy to scan through the resume and get the whole picture in a short period of time.

This is great for recruiters as you have the possibility to download the CV, there is an option for that. Also you can use the resume form on WPJobus as a CV in a Europass friendly format. The template for the CV is very nicely done and has all the bells and whistles that anyone would want.

The Basics


The theme comes with all the standard options that we have come to expect from a premium WordPress theme like responsive design, multilanguage ready, retina ready, 650 fonts, 480 flat design icons to match the flat design style and much more. As a bonus there is the Layer Slider included. Also, speaking of new features, the author promised a new search field, besides the faceted search options which the theme already has (we all love updates).

To sum everything up: simplicity is the key. You don’t have to learn to use this as this should be as easy to use as a Mac or an iPhone. You just set it up once and then look at it grow. Enjoy the straightforward design and style of a modern job board.

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