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Thank you for your interest in writing for WP Mayor. We are not currently accepting new guest posts but may open up submissions again later.

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How It Works

At WP Mayor, we understand that we can’t be experts in every field and every niche, but we still want to provide our readers with the best and most helpful content possible.

That is why we have opened up our blog to guest post submissions. We have put together very specific guidelines on what we will deem acceptable. Any submission which does not adhere to our editorial guidelines and doesn’t follow our submission process will be automatically rejected.

1. Read our editorial guidelines

Please ask for our editorial guidelines and guest writing terms, and check out the accepted types of posts and topics below before submitting your proposal or written guest post. Your post must meet all the written requirements before being considered for approval. Any submission deemed unsatisfactory will be rejected.

2. Submit your guest post or proposal

Use the form below to submit your guest post proposal or fully written post. At this point you have two options. You can either share your idea with us before writing the post to get our pre-approval, or you can write the full draft of the post and submit it to us ready to go.

3. Review and selection

We will read through your submission (proposal or guest post) and get back to you within a week or two. If your submitted idea or content does not meet our criteria, we will not reply.
Guest post accepted: If your guest post makes it through our review process, our editorial team will reach out. We may request some edits and revisions to the post, including but not limited to images, links, references, etc.
Guest post rejected: If your guest post is rejected, it’s either because it didn’t meet our criteria or because we don’t deem it to be a good fit for our audience.
Due to the volume of guest post submissions, appeals are not possible and we won’t be providing personalised feedback on your submission. However, you are welcome to make any necessary amendments and submit it for consideration again.

4. The editorial process

Once your article is approved and meets all the aforementioned requirements, including any potential edit requests, our editorial team will prepare the guest post for scheduling and we will send you a link to the final draft for your approval.

You will be credited as the author of the post, so you will also be asked to provide a short author bio. We do not guarantee a date for when the guest post will be published and will fit it into our editorial calendar as we see fit. If your submission is time-sensitive, it may not work out.

5. Promotion

Once a guest post is published on WP Mayor, it is automatically shared on our social media channels and in our weekly email newsletter.
We also encourage you to share the post with your audience in any way possible and to engage with our readers in the comments section.

What to Write About

Accepted Topics & Types

Rejected Topics & Types

Submit Your Guest Post

Please complete the below form and include a link to a Google Doc with your proposal or draft.

PS. Please remember to change the permissions on the Google Doc, otherwise, we won’t be able to read it.

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Author Details


Guest Post Details

By submitting this form, you confirm that you have read and agree to our Guest Writing Terms.


Yes, when uploading your guest post to WP Mayor, you will be asked to create an author profile. The guest post will be attributed to you and be kept that way forever. We will only make exceptions to this rule and remove your attribution if we find that the profile created is fake or we otherwise deem it necessary to do so for serious reasons.

Yes, please share your idea in a Google Doc and include as much information as possible so that we can determine whether it’s something worth writing about or not.

Guest posts allow for one dofollow backlink to your website . The link itself must fit in naturally with the content and the website being linked to must be approved by the WP Mayor editorial team before publishing. Any other links to third-party websites may be set to nofollow if the editorial team deems that to be necessary.

No, guest posts are not paid, however, you will get the benefit of including a backlink to a website of your choice within the post content, and of being credited for the post on a reputable website.

All guest post submissions must be made using a Google Doc link. This makes it easy for us to collaborate on the post without having to pass around multiple versions. You can find instructions on how to use Google Docs here. Please remember to share the file publicly so that our editorial team can access it and leave comments when needed.

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