Xtemos Space Review: 25+ Beautiful WordPress Themes for One Price

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Xtemos Space is a collection of 25+ great-looking themes, all of which are powered by Elementor and offer full WooCommerce compatibility. Read on to see some examples and get a hands-on look at how the themes work.
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Searching for that perfect niche-specific theme for your WordPress site?

Xtemos Space is a new collection of 25+ multipurpose and niche-focused themes from a well-established ThemeForest developer. You can either purchase individual themes or get access to all 25+ professionally-designed themes for one price.

In our Xtemos Space review, we’ll share more about this new theme club, show some examples of how the themes look, and also give you a hands-on look at one specific theme – the eCommerce-focused Antares theme.

Xtemos is offering WP Mayor readers a 15% discount on their themes. Use wproyal15 at checkout!

Let’s dig in!

Xtemos Space

An Introduction to Xtemos Space

Xtemos Space is a collection of 25+ premium themes that you can purchase individually or as part of a membership that gets you access to all the themes for one price.

It comes from Xtemos, a popular developer on ThemeForest. Xtemos has two themes on ThemeForest, each of which has done quite well:

  • WoodMart – 27,700+ sales with a near-perfect 4.95-star rating on over 1,350 reviews. It’s one of the best theme ratings that I’ve ever seen on ThemeForest for a popular product – even the best-selling ThemeForest theme of all time only has a 4.77-star rating.
  • Basel – 9,000+ sales with another near-perfect 4.91-star rating on over 500 reviews.

Xtemos Space is completely separate from those ThemeForest offerings, though – I only share the ThemeForest connection so that you know that Xtemos is an established developer with very satisfied customers.

Most of the themes in the Xtemos Space bundle are dedicated to a different niche, which means that you can find a theme that’s optimized for the site that you’re building right out of the box.

You’ll find…

  • eCommerce themes for stores in various niches such as furniture and home decor, cosmetics, etc.
  • Business/brochure themes for various niches such as medical, yoga/fitness, construction, restaurant/bakery, and more.
  • Blogging themes with various aesthetics.

You’ll also find a few multipurpose themes, and you can easily adapt many of the themes to an “off-label” use if you like the basic design.

Xtemos Space Features

Each theme has a different design, but there are some constants between all the themes.

First off, all of the themes are based on Elementor. If you’re not familiar, Elementor is a popular visual, drag-and-drop builder plugin. Basically, this means that you’ll be able to easily customize all of the themes using this simple visual interface – no code required!

Second, all of the themes offer a detailed theme options area that offers virtually unlimited customization. You also get a drag-and-drop header builder to create a custom header.

Third, all of the themes include WooCommerce support, whether or not the theme is specifically designed for eCommerce. This means that you can easily adapt any theme to sell products or services via WooCommerce.

Finally, all of the themes do a good job of staying optimized to help you speed up your site, offer a better user experience, and pass Google’s Page Experience algorithm update.

Exploring the Xtemos Space Themes

In the hands-on section below, we’ll take a detailed look at one specific theme – Antares. But before we do that, let’s quickly run over some examples of the themes that Xtemos Space offers. You can also click the button below to browse the full theme library.

First off, there’s the Antares theme that we’re reviewing. It’s an eCommerce theme designed for furniture and decor stores, which has a nice modern design:


Next, there’s the Mars theme, which offers a multipurpose corporate-style look that you could use for pretty much anything, from a business website to a personal portfolio:


The Uranus theme changes up the aesthetic and offers a great design for spas, yoga studios, and other similar businesses:


If you like the style of most SaaS websites nowadays, the Sylvia theme is a great option. It’s targeted towards education and courses, but you could easily adapt it to a more “tech” focus:


Finally, the Doris theme makes a great option for bakeries and restaurants with its full-screen, immersive, design:


Again, that’s just a small sampling of the 25+ themes that are available.

Overall, while design is subjective, I would say that all of the Xtemos Space themes look very good and your site will definitely look like it was professionally-designed.

Xtemos Space Pricing

To access Xtemos Space, you can either purchase an individual theme or access to all themes. However, the way in which the pricing is structured makes it almost a no-brainer to go with the all themes plan.

For example, a single theme on one site would cost you $49…or you could pay $69 to get access to all the themes.

Here are all the pricing options:

  • One site – $49 for a single theme or $69 for all themes.
  • Three sites – $89 for a single theme or $109 for all themes.
  • Ten sites – $119 for a single theme or $159 for all themes.
  • Unlimited sites – $169 for a single theme or $249 for all themes.

Xtemos is offering WP Mayor readers a 15% discount on their themes. Use wproyal15 at checkout!

A Closer Look at the Antares Theme

Xtemos Space comes with 25+ themes, so we can’t review every single theme. However, we will take a look at one of the options to give you an idea of what you can expect from all the themes in Xtemos Space.

Setup Experience

When you first install and activate the Antares theme, it launches a user-friendly setup wizard to help you configure important basics and set up the demo content:

Setup wizard

Once you activate the theme with your license key, it can help you create a child theme so that you can safely make your own custom code edits (learn more about why child themes are important):

Child theme

On the next screen, you can choose which plugins to install. All of the themes require Elementor and the eCommerce themes require WooCommerce, but there are some other options beyond that:

Bundled plugins

Finally, the last step gives you an option to import the demo content with a single click.

All in all, the setup wizard is really well-done and offers a great user experience.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most useful features.

Detailed Theme Options Area

To let you customize the theme itself, Xtemos Space uses its own custom theme options panel, rather than the native WordPress Customizer.

This means you don’t get a real-time preview of your site as you make changes, but you do get an incredible number of features to customize the theme to your liking. 

You can see the huge array of options in the sidebar, and each main menu area contains its own sub-menus:

Theme options area

Because there are so many options, you also get a useful feature that lets you search for a specific option to quickly find what you’re looking for with real-time suggestions:

Search function

Overall, you get virtually unlimited control over your site’s design thanks to the many options here.

Elementor Integration

All of the Xtemos Space themes use Elementor for their demo content and you also just generally get a tight integration with Elementor (such as Elementor-specific performance optimizations).

If you’re not familiar with Elementor, this means that you’ll be able to customize everything using a visual, drag-and-drop editor that looks like this:

Elementor integration

For more on how Elementor works, check out this post.

Header Builder

One of the most unique features in Antares (and the other Xtemos Space themes) is its header builder, which lets you build a completely custom header using drag-and-drop.

It works kind of like WordPress widgets – your header is divided into different rows and columns and then you can add content modules to those areas to control the content. You can also create separate designs for desktop vs mobile:

Header builder

In terms of the elements that you use, you get a good array of options including custom text/HTML as well as dedicated options for wishlists, shopping cart, buttons, and more:

Header modules

WooCommerce Integration

All of the Xtemos Space themes offer full WooCommerce compatibility, even if they aren’t specifically marketed as “eCommerce themes”.

In addition to built-in styling to create great-looking product/shop pages, you’ll also get dedicated WooCommerce-specific settings in the theme options area:

WooCommerce integration

Antares Theme Performance Test

To analyze the performance optimization of the Antares theme, I ran my test site through WebPageTest.

I ran my test before importing the demo content and plugins because I wanted to get an idea of the weight of the theme itself.

Overall, Antares was just 190 KB with 22 HTTP requests. This is without any script optimization from a plugin like WP Rocket or Autoptimize, so you could easily get those HTTP requests down further if you implemented WordPress performance best practices.

Antares theme performance test

Basically, the foundation of the Antares theme is definitely light enough to get you a fast-loading WordPress site as long as you’re properly optimizing your site’s performance.

If you want to optimize your theme, you also get a really useful Performance area in the theme settings to optimize CSS, JavaScript, and other tools. I left them as the defaults for my speed test, but you could speed things up if you played around with these settings:

Performance settings

One of the most unique features here is the ability to optimize how Elementor loads its scripts – it’s very useful for reducing HTTP requests.

Final Thoughts on Xtemos Space

As WordPress users, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to quality themes.

Xtemos Space makes your choice even tougher with 25+ great-looking themes.

Xtemos is offering WP Mayor readers a 15% discount on their themes. Use wproyal15 at checkout!

Personally, I think the themes are very well-designed and the Elementor integration makes it easy to customize everything. You also get other useful features for more flexibility, such as the header builder, and all of the Xtemos Space themes offer full WooCommerce support.

Overall, if you’re looking for a place to get niche-focused themes, give Xtemos Space a look. While you can purchase individual themes, the full club membership doesn’t cost much more and gets you access to all 25+ themes.

Click below to learn more and join:

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