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You’re a talented WordPress developer or designer. Let’s be honest, you’re pretty popular these days. You’ve got skills that are needed far and wide. The only question is: How will you use them?
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You’re a talented WordPress developer or designer. Let’s be honest, you’re pretty popular these days. You’ve got skills that are needed far and wide. The only question is: How will you use them?

How about saving the world? I’m only kind of overstating it. The fact is, thousands of nonprofits are tackling our country’s biggest challenges and doing incredible work to improve their communities. But…they have few resources at their disposal.

At Taproot Foundation, we engage the nation’s professionals to use their talents pro bono to support organizations like these that are focused on social change. The number one request we get from nonprofits is for pro bono support to build a new website.

Taproot Foundation   MAKE IT MATTER

That’s probably not surprising. But when that connection is made, magical things happen. Transforming the face of an organization is an amazing feeling for the professionals who join a project and has a long-term impact for the nonprofits. Take it from one of our recent education-focused nonprofit clients who received a website pro bono:

“Our Taproot Project, development of our new website, catapulted our organization in an amazing direction. The process of developing our website was deliberate, thoughtful, and pushed our thinking about marketing and design. The product – well, it speaks for itself. It’s a beautiful portrait of our school and its purpose. Finally, through our Taproot project, we’ve learned how to manage our own website better, allowing it to be a living, breathing extension of our school.” 

You could be a part of making that kind of impact on a deserving organization. Our projects are designed so that any professional can work with us on top of a full-time job, and can make a difference.

Recently, we decided to use only WordPress to build nonprofit websites. It’s versatile. It’s powerful. It meets the core needs of nonprofits looking to get their message out to new donors, clients, and other target audiences. And it has a huge community of dedicated, smart, talented professional experts. That is… You.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re in one of Taproot’s five cities (NYC, Chicago, SF Bay Area, DC, or LA), check us out, learn about what we do, email us with any questions, or apply to work on some pro bono projects. Not in one of our five cities? I bet there are some hard-working nonprofits where you live that would love your help to save the world.

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Alyona Galea

Alyona is a WordPress enthusiast, focused on sharing interesting things she comes across during her work with this great CMS. She loves exploring new destinations and maintains a travel blog at

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4 Responses

  1. I’m always looking for charities to donate my time to, sadly I’m not in these cities.

  2. This is really a great article and the wordpress is the best source for making website. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So true, Adam. Not only does it feel good to help out a cause that could really use the help, but it inevitably leads to lots of other great opportunities that can be rewarding in other ways.

  4. We have a probono initiative for NGOs/NPOs to help them move their websites (in Drupal , Joomla,…) to WordPress. Check the details here:

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