Uncode Theme: How to Use Stunning Visual Experiences to Showcase Your Creative Work

Researched and tested by Kate Dagli
Researched and tested by Kate Dagli
This article was researched and written by our experts using our in-depth Analysis Methodology.

There are WordPress themes that enable you to build attractive pages and websites. There are others that take you a step further. They do so by enabling you to create stunning visual experiences. Uncode is such a WordPress Theme.

We live in a visual world, and our brains, which can soak up information like a sponge, act accordingly. Our brains can process text as quickly as we can read it but can process images 60,000 times faster.

Designing portfolios and websites that attract attention is a key web designing skill. This requires an ability to create truly stunning visual experiences. That in turn, requires an ability to fully utilize the potential power of visuals.

You don’t have to pursue a degree in web design and coding to attain such a lofty goal. You’ve got Uncode, a WordPress theme that will do it for you.

What is Uncode?

Uncode is the perfect WordPress theme for creative web designers and bloggers. It also is just right for photographers, video makers, and marketers.

Start with an Uncode demo. Then, the path you take to transform your intentions into visual statements will be easy.

Uncode’s pre-built demo designs provide unique and memorable visual experiences. They feature hypnotizing parallax images, and galleries you can access with a click. Cool designs for eCommerce applications are present, too.

And, you can choose a template or build your own with a few clicks, upload your content, and hit Publish. Coding’s unnecessary unless you enjoy banging your head against the wall – and who does that?

1. Top New Features – Uncode 1.7

Uncode version 1.7 introduces an assortment of cool new and improved features. They aim to make it easier for you to create memorable visual experiences.

Slides Scroll and Snap Scroll

With this feature, you can turn a simple one-page website into one that causes jaws to drop.

It gives you total freedom to mix and match galleries, sections, and slides. Start with a blank canvas and put visual content where you want it on a single (scrollable) page. This allows visitors to move smoothly from section to section. This new feature also enables you to create awesome transitions.

Gallery Manager and Albums Gallery Role in Creating Unique Visual Experiences

With the Gallery Manager, it takes but a few clicks to add a visual spark to your work. You can do so by creating a showcase or portfolio that’s nothing short of incredible in appearance.

As for albums, the new Album Galleries feature introduces a smart workflow arrangement. This helps to locate independent media galleries within a parent gallery.

The Improved Admin Lets You Manage Your Website with Less Effort

The Improved Admin is not an upgraded version. It’s completely redesigned, with a new UI, and a reorganized Theme Options. It also features enhanced Demo Layout installer and Adaptive Images option.

The entire Uncode UI has undergone a facelift that goes hand in hand with a sleek new skin.

Uncode’s New Concepts

New concepts have accompanied every new version, and V 1.7 is no exception. The users had their say, and they came up with five new concepts.

Creative Director

This attention-grabbing layout will excite creatives wanting to tell the world what they can do, and what they’ve accomplished

Classic Firm

Classic Firm was created with contemporary studios and artist collectives in mind

Shop Techie

The sleek design of this eCommerce concept incorporates Slide Scroll to make online shopping a stunning experience

Shop Parallax

Fullscreen slides produce a hypnotic effect that entices users to spend more time browsing your virtual shop’s offerings

Portfolio Albums

This concept provides a basis for creating truly breathtaking photographic portfolios.

Showcase Updates

Uncode has pulled out all the stops to help users create perfect visual experiences. Proof of this is the showcase websites users created using Uncode.

Browse through the hundreds of creative visions. Come away with inspirations of your own for showcasing your work.

2. Top Uncode Features

Uncode’s time-tested features remain. The favorites:

The Tailored Version of Visual Composer

Uncode has a tailored version of this popular page-building tool. It gives you greater creative freedom than ever. Content blocks make it oh-so-easy to organize your content. Also, there are no limitations as to the media you can incorporate into your websites.

Playtime: 6+ Menu Styles

Having multiple menu styles to choose from is very convenient. It means you can experiment a bit to find out how best to turn your ideas into realities.

These menus are simple and intuitive, which translates into simple and intuitive navigation.

The Power of the Evergreen Adaptive Images Feature

It’s nice not having to worry about how your images will appear on visitor’s screens. This feature detects a screen size and creates appropriately re-scaled images accordingly.

Professional-Looking Blog and Portfolio Layouts

This feature is a favorite of many, especially creative professional types. You can play around with and test different styles until you find just the right one for your work. If the style you choose isn’t exactly what you want, it only takes a few clicks to modify it.

Use WooCommerce Single-Product Features to Customize Your Shop

Uncode is already up-to-date with and integrated with, the latest WooCommerce version. Thus, you won’t have any issues using the plugin.

The Single Product features allow you to customize your product pages. You can also find use for and have fun with functionalities like Product Zoom. Try the Carousel and Stack layout modes, and the Custom Width layout control out.

In a Few Words: What Makes Uncode the Perfect Theme for Creatives?

  • Uncode was designed from scratch. It enables its users to create stunning visual experiences; not just websites.
  • It provides the tools you need to turn your ideas into realities, showcase your work, and stand out from the crowd.
  • Uncode provides a smooth user experience. It makes it almost ridiculously easy to create breathtaking visuals. You don’t even have to be a web designer or programmer to be able to do so!
  • Time is precious. It takes but a few hours to create a blog, or built an awesome portfolio. The same goes for presenting your creative services to the world.
This review was filed in our archives.
Tested and reviewed by Kate Dagli
Kate is a passionate web designer who loved WordPress from the minute she laid her eyes on its code. Writing about WordPress themes and plugins is her dream come true.

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