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  1. Kelly Clover
    Kelly Clover June 16, 2014 at 22:37 | | Reply

    Why would Cashie Commerce be any better that WooCommerce? WooCommerce is more popular, probably because they’re fee.

  2. Don Ashlock
    Don Ashlock May 29, 2015 at 17:58 | | Reply

    I have used Cashie Commerce for some time, perhaps 3 years, thinking that if I paid for a service that I would get customer support. At first I was successful in getting a few chat responses and once I was able to get a call back for some help which made me feel like it was worth paying something for them. But now I am 4-5 customer service requests in over as many months with absolutely not response at all. Their chat response is no longer ever – and I have checked a lot all times of day – and never there. You can leave a e-mail but with not response or follow up. Another reason it looks like it would be better to use someone else is because if you need subscription sales, some product that requires ongoing mostly payments for they do not offer that integration. So now I am wondering how hard is it to migrate my cashie commerce over to someone else? Should it be WooCommerce and where will I get live customer support wherever I go? Any help with this?

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