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WordPress Toolkit 4.1 and Remote Management of WordPress Sites

WordPress Toolkit by Plesk has proved incredibly popular over the years, offering hosting companies and server admins a single point of management for a wide range of key WordPress features. Now, administrators can also manage remote WordPress instances, as we roll out Remote WordPress Management as part of WordPress Toolkit 4.0. This article takes a look at how Remote WordPress Management works.

WordPress developer's pain points

The Pain Points of WordPress: A Developer’s Perspective

Many developers face difficulties when working with WordPress. In this article, we outline what those difficulties are and also come up with a suggestion: the help of Plesk, which provides a toolkit that helps take care of some of the biggest WordPress frustrations.

How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Efficiently

Plesk understands that time is money, and that keeping tons of WordPress sites up-to-date and working properly takes up an awful lot of your precious time. That’s why we created Plesk WordPress Edition.