How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Efficiently

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Plesk understands that time is money, and that keeping tons of WordPress sites up-to-date and working properly takes up an awful lot of your precious time. That's why we created Plesk WordPress Edition.
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Plesk understands that time is money, and that keeping tons of WordPress sites up-to-date and working properly takes up an awful lot of your precious time. That’s why we created Plesk WordPress Edition, a collection of tools specifically designed to minimize the time and trouble involved in managing multiple WordPress sites. It was tailor-made for hosting business owners, SEOs who run WordPress-based PBNs, agencies managing clients’ WordPress sites and independent affiliate marketers who use WordPress content to drive traffic.

Plesk WordPress Edition offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to assist you in keeping all of your WordPress plates spinning at once:

  • Plesk Onyx hosting platform
  • WordPress Toolkit
  • Additional extensions (backup to Cloud Pro, Sucuri Security Scanner, Revisium Antivirus, Speed Kit, Uptime Robot and SEO Toolkit )

Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Without Stress

WordPress Toolkit – right at the heart of Plesk’s WordPress Edition

Seasoned professionals demand equal parts versatility and control, which is why the WordPress Toolkit is like an asset management Swiss army knife that’s admired by veteran sys admins, developers, and webmasters alike.

WP Toolkit Benefits

  • One-Click Installation: this is a real time saver that downloads WP, creates a database with a dedicated user, creates a WordPress admin account, and fires up WordPress, all at the touch of a button.
  • Staging Environment: lets you duplicate your site and tinker with it in complete safety without causing any damage to the live version. Prod it and poke it around to your heart’s content until it’s just the way you want it, then deploy it when you’re completely happy.
  • Theme/Plugin Management: control mass installation/activation/deactivation/removal of plug-ins and themes over many WordPress sites all at once.
  • Single-Click Security: You can automatically keep a watchful eye on many WordPress sites at once to make sure that everything is safely locked down – there’s virtually no manual input required. The very latest WP Codex and WP security recommendations and practices are always followed, so single click means exactly what it says.
  • Backup: it’s a simple matter to get you back to the last stable state on any of your sites if anything ever goes wrong.  Restore points and backups are there for your peace of mind.
  • Debug Management: WP Toolkit gives you flexible debugging for any of your sites using one dashboard.
  • Indexing for SEO: individual indexing control for each of your websites.
  • Maintenance Mode: maintenance mode for use during single-click updates of WordPress, plugins, or themes.
  • Command Line Interface: WordPress Command line interface for every site you manage. WP-CLI allows lightning fast database import and new user creation, along with theme and plug-in updates.
  • Smart Updates: WordPress Toolkit handles updates cautiously, so they can’t break any of your sites. You will always be told if an update is likely to cause a meltdown before it happens.

SEO Toolkit – built to boost your organic traffic

SEO Toolkit lets you test, analyse, and monitor your competitors’ websites as well as your own to help you leapfrog them in the search rankings. SEO Toolkit has 4 powerful modules to help you do this – SEO Advisor, Site Audit, Rank Tracker and Log File Analyzer.

SEO Advisor scours your site for possible enhancements and delivers them to you as a complete task list.

Site Audit scans and validates each URL on your site, then delivers an Optimization Rating in keeping with accepted SEO rules and best practices.

Rank Tracker is always watching your site positions in the main search engines. You’ll always know how your sites are doing and whether your competitors are gaining on you.

Log File Analyzer – this reports on bot activity. It keeps a log of what they’ve been up to so you’ll always have a clear understanding of how often your site has been crawled.

Plesk Onyx helps you manage your infrastructure better

Plesk is how a hosting platform should be. It’s a control freak’s dream, giving you an array of tools for customization, management, security, hosting, and automation for all of your websites and the infrastructure that they rely on. Plesk gives you full reseller management features with no domain limitations.


Plesk’s WordPress Edition gives you complete control over your whole WordPress ecosystem, taking projects large and small in its stride using smart features built for maximum control. If you’re serious about next level infrastructure management, peak performance, maximum security and rock-solid reliability then Plesk Onyx delivers the best value package you could wish for.

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