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Brenda Barron is a freelance blogger for hire and WordPress specialist, with a particular fondness for the latest gadgets. She lives in So Cal with her husband, daughter, and two cats.

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The Best Pay Wall WordPress Plugins

After blogging for a while you might want to start making money from all your efforts. Maybe you create a web series that you want to keep hidden only for exclusive guests, or maybe it’s time to see if your online magazine can start making money. This is where a paywall WordPress plugin comes in, helping you restrict a certain amount of content on your site unless people pay for it.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme That Best Conveys Your Brand

Selecting a theme for your WordPress site is probably one of the most important aspects of the development process. Unless you’re building your own from scratch, the theme you choose will dictate the layout and overall design of your site. Sure, you can change up the color scheme, move things around, and add plugins to round out features, but the main theme lays the foundation for all you build on top of it.

Understandably then, theme selection is one of your big site development decisions. As is choosing one while being mindful of how it plays into your overall marketing plan. After all, how your site looks bears a heavy weight on your company’s brand identity.

What follows are some tips for general theme selection as well as tips for selecting a theme that fits in with your messaging.

The Ultimate Checklist for Building a Brand New WordPress Site

So you want to build a brand new WordPress website, but you don’t know where to start, huh? There are many reasons you may need to build a WordPress website from scratch: You might start-up your own web design company for small businesses, or maybe you just want to build a single website for your own personal or professional purposes.

Unique WordPress Tips and Tricks You Never Knew About

Once you get started with WordPress you start to realize how user-friendly the dashboard is, and it’s actually quite easy to learn the tricks that make it work well for your business or personal use. But what about unique WordPress tips and tricks that you have never heard of before?

Organizing Your WordPress Plugins

WordPress is an amazing content management system right out of the box, but to really stand out from the crowd and improve conversion you’ll need a few plugins. There are so many plugins available for WordPress that deciding which to use and which to avoid can be an overwhelming process. This list will cover plugins that are essential, plugins that are not so essential, and how to manage them.

21 Ways to Improve Your Blog Content

Improving your blog content can provide numerous benefits. But do you know how to use WordPress to make your posts stand out?