Best Auction Plugins for WordPress

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In this post we take a look at some of the best auction plugins for WordPress. With these plugins you can build a full featured auction website with WordPress.
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In this post we take a look at some of the best auction plugins for WordPress. With these plugins you can build a full featured auction website with WordPress.


Auction Software and WordPress Auction Plugin

WP Auction Software is a plugin having a free and a pro version. You can run a complete auction website using this plugin.

The Pro version gives you the following extra features:

  • Fixed Price Auctions
  • YouTube Videos
  • Featured Listing Sidebar Widget
  • Quick Search Sidebar Widget
  • 80 Premium Themes
  • Support Forums Access

Download WP Auction Software

WP Auctions

WordPress Auction Plugin WP Auctions

WP Auctions is an easy to use plugin that lets you create auctions and embed them in any of your posts or pages.

Download WP Auctions

WordPress Auctions Plugin

WordPress Auctions Plugin

AuctionPlugin is a premium wordpress plugin and the best wordpress plugin that lets you to integrate a powerful auction system directly into your wordpress blog, making it the best wordpress auction plugin on the market (tested & reviewed).

The auctions have their own separate custom post type, allowing you to host auctions in your wordpress based site, without disturbing your current blog activity, or other custom post types. Also along with the plugin come a series of widgets which will allow you to integrate this plugin with any wordpress theme out there.

Create a job freelancer website, an antiquities store, a car website, or whatever implies an auction with your own theme. This is the perfect turnkey solution for you.

Download WordPress Auctions Plugin

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8 Responses

  1. I was hoping for an independent plugin review, with an in-depth look at pros and cons in relation to other similar plugins.This is more like an advertisement.

  2. i am looking for a wordpress plugin which would allow users to post things they are giving away or selling (goods or servics) and allow users to search through these as well. Any recommendations ?

  3. How can you just cut and paste promotional text from their websites and present it as your own review? There is not one word about the use of any of these.

  4. Need a plugin that takes items from a fb group then lists on my wp site allowing people to use their fb login to bid. wp site in turn lists back on another group promoting the auction on the wp site.

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