How To Host A Successful Giveaway With WP Raffle

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Hosting a giveaway is the most popular way to connect with your audience, build your brand and of course, get more visibility. Giveaways can be a light, fun way to reach out to a hitherto untapped customer base. Highly Recommended !
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Hosting a giveaway is the most popular way to connect with your audience, build your brand and of course, get more visibility. Giveaways can be a light, fun way to reach out to a hitherto untapped customer base. Highly Recommended!

Hosting a giveaway on WordPress has become very easy as there are many plugins available like WP Raffle. These plugins are very easy-to-install and use, requiring no technical expertise.

Before you dive in though, you need to nail down a few important aspects.


What is the goal of your giveaway?

Decide the goal or the purpose of your giveaway. Do you want more Twitter followers? Do you want more Facebook page likes? Or would you like to gain more Subscribers for your mailing list?

Getting this right upfront ,will help you plan or tweak the way you host the giveaway.

Creating a giveaway post

Once you have the product ready for the giveaway, you’ll need to set up a post/page. WP Raffle plugin makes it easy to setup the page/post with a short code. This post is very important as it will draw people in and encourage them to participate in your giveaway.

An excellent way to grab anybody’s attention would be to post a review of the product that you are promoting. A review lets people know how the product works, whether it’s useful for them etc.

This makes your post a cornerstone for your giveaway. It will be shared more on social media as it is not just a contest/giveaway page but a product review page. It will keep getting views and shares even after the giveaway is over.

Add attractive images

Photos add a punch to your giveaway. WP Raffle allows you to add product images to your giveaway. An attractive picture always gets more shares and likes on social media.

Multiple entries

Now is the time to set up ways for participants to enter your giveaway. As per your initial goal, you can decide the entry points. WP Raffle helps you set up the entry criteria quickly – you just have to fill in the required information and choose your entry type. WP Raffle provides multiple options for entries and also allows you to track participants.

If your goal is to get more Twitter followers than keep that as an entry requirement for the participants. If you want Facebook page fans, then that could be the entry requirement. If you want more Subscribers to your mailing list, then your entry criteria would be to get them to sign up to your mailing list. WP Raffle is integrated with MailChimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor as well.

Keep the entry simple. Don’t make it complex by adding too many requirements. If you give way too many options for your participants to Like, Share, Tweet, Pin, then they may find it easier to drop out of your giveaway. Stick to your goal !

Terms and conditions for your giveaway

Be crystal-clear about the terms for your giveaway. Let your participants know, if you are running the giveaway for a particular country, age limit, etc. Inform them when and how will you choose the winner, how many winners will be selected, how the winner will be notified and how can they claim their prize.

Promoting the giveaway

A giveaway will be beneficial only if you promote it properly. Use social media tactics and promote your giveaway on your social networks. There are many giveaway blogs via which you can share the link to your post.

Choose a winner

After the giveaway is over , WP Raffle can randomly pick winners or you can choose to  manually pick winners. After picking the winner, let the winner know they have won and give them their prize promptly.


Giveaways can be a fun and exciting way to treat your readers and promote your blog but it can be a lot of work. However, WP Raffle by WPeka Club makes hosting giveaways an absolute breeze , while also giving you full control over the planning, setup and tracking – all without leaving your WordPress Dashboard.

Have I left out any points about hosting a giveaway? Share your experience about WP Raffle plugin in the comments.

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