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The earlier Be prebuilt-website installer wasn’t bad. It did what it was designed to do, but preparing for an install was not a particularly user-friendly operation. The UI needed to perform certain functions was not the best; nor for that matter, was the UX design.
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The Be Theme Pre-Built Installer: Old vs. New

The earlier Be prebuilt-website installer wasn’t bad. It did what it was designed to do, but preparing for an install was not a particularly user-friendly operation. The UI needed to perform certain functions was not the best; nor for that matter, was the UX design.

The old Be pre-built website installer was lacking in a few important features.

  • For example, the search for a pre-built website involved manual scrolling and shifting back and forth between the pre-built websites presentation page and the admin area, until you found what you were looking for.
  • The old installer didn’t give you a clue as to which plugins had to be installed for a selected pre-built website to perform as shown in its preview; nor did indicate which plugins were already in place.
  • Importing and installing a pre-built website gave a user all the content and pages, whether they were needed or not.

The Muffin Builder team addressed these problems, and incorporated the necessary fixes in their new installer.

Be’s new pre-built website installer makes pre-installation much easier.

In the new installer, tedious, and at times time-consuming tasks, are intuitive and more  easily accomplished.

1. Thumbnails of Be’s 250+ prebuilt websites are now presented in the admin area. To select and preview a pre-built website simply involves clicking on the thumbnail.

2. You can now search for a pre-built website in terms of its category, thanks to the new filtering feature. Now, you can choose between any of a much smaller number of similar websites.

3. The new installer informs you which plugins you need to have installed, and which are already installed. You are given the option to install any that may be missing.

See the plugins a given pre-built website must have to perform as expected.

4. When it’s time to import a pre-built website, you can import everything, just the content, and/or only the default pages you need.

Install only what you need from a pre-built website, and nothing more.

View this video to see the new installer in action:

A Brief Tour of Be’s Latest Pre-Built Website Releases

Be Sports Club

A modern layout, combined with cool fade-in animations and special parallax effects, lets you build a website than any gym, sports club, or fitness club would love to have. Building such a website is not difficult when a pre-build website like Be Sports is at your fingertips.

Be Productions

Be Productions illustrates the effectiveness of using a dark background and a smooth parallax scroll to convey a motion graphic studio’s or advertising agency’s message. Note how the brand’s message and its colors stand out; front and center.

Be Diet

Having a website featuring images of food that look almost good enough to eat is a sure-fire way for a food-related business to attract customers. In producing Be Diet, the Muffin Group design specialists must have made an extra effort to show web designers and their clients how to effectively showcase their culinary talents.

Be Boutique

Don’t be hesitant about incorporating background video in your website designs if you haven’t yet tried to do so. Be Boutique provides the vehicle you’ll need. Using background video can be a delightful way to effectively present your message without having to rely on flashy special effects.

Be Stone

Too many business web sites are boring, dull, or uninspiring. With a pre-built website like this one at your disposal, there’s no excuse for going along that path. Be Stone’s cool animations will help you create exactly the look and feel you and your client wants.

Be Guest House

How it is presented on a website can make a difference as to whether a property rents or sells. Be’s Guest House pre-built website gives you an excellent starting point if you or your client have a cabin, guest house, or condo to rent or sell.

Be Wildlife

As Be Wildlife aptly illustrates, fixed layouts will never become passé. This pre-built website, with its slider effect and scrolling parallax effect, has many potential uses. It is definitely a good choice for a wildlife photographer’s studio, or any photographic studio.

Be Restaurant

Be Restaurant is a great example of how a dashing design can cause to visitor to head for the phone to make a reservation. This pre-built website’s slider effect gives it a dynamic look, and the overlaid design elements makes it quite different from what you’re likely to find in other websites destined for a restaurant.

Be Furniture

Be Furniture, with its large images and attractive slider effect, gives you a great starting point if you have client in the furniture sales business. This pre-built website design is noted for its modern, uncluttered approach. Just the thing for a retailer of fine furniture.

What Users Love About Be Theme – Its Key Features

  • One reason why so many choose Be, is its comprehensive, and growing, selection of 250+ fully-customizable pre-built websites.
  • The Muffin Builder-Options Panel duo is the engine that makes customizing easy, and eliminates any need for coding on your part.
  • Building a page from scratch is easy as well, thanks to Be’s Layout Configurator. It enable you to add extra variety to the look and feel of your websites.
  • The 200+ Shortcodes that come with the package allow you to add extra detail and functionality to your pages; again, without any need for coding.
  • The Advanced Typography Options feature lets you upload your own custom fonts, or use Google fonts.
  • A cool Parallax Effect, or an attention-getting Video Background are but two a Be’s library of special effects.
  • Lifetime Updates come with purchase of a license, including new pre-built website releases, which are yours for free.

Solid Support and a Large Customer Base

The first class support you’ll receive, together with a nice selection of video tutorials will make you transition over to Be smooth and easy.

Once you have your Be license in hand, you’ll find yourself a member of a 62,000-strong community of satisfied users of this Themeforest best seller.

Click here to find out more about Be.

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