Toolset 20% Discount 2022

We’ve teamed up with the fine folks behind Toolset, the excellent plugin which lets you build WordPress sites without coding, to offer you an exclusive 20% discount.


Toolset is a collection of plugins :

  • Types enables you to set up custom post types, custom taxonomies and custom fields. You can add any fields to any content type, and even to users. You can even connect between different content types and work with relational databases.
  • Views is used to display content on your site in any way you choose. You can display lists of content, design templates for content and also design archive pages. Take it a step further by creating powerful custom searches for any content type. Custom searches allow your site visitors to find content according to fields, taxonomy and relationship.
  • Layouts is a drag-and-drop bootstrap editor for pages and templates. You can design responsive pages, from the header to the footer. It’s the power of bootstrap through a drag-and-drop editor. It’s been used to great effect on these education sites.
  • Forms is the tool to use for classified sites, directory sites, membership sites and any other site that requires front-end content submission. You can build front-end forms for creating and editing content as well as users, and they include all the fields that belong to the content, all displayed with your HTML styling.
  • Maps is a great tool to display anything as a marker on a Google or Azure map. Use it when setting a single address in a contact page or for displaying search results in a map; it’s that powerful.
  • Access gives you the added functionality of creating new user roles and controlling their privileges. Not only can you control what screens they can access, but even what they can do on the content.

Toolset also offers references sites and toolset-based themes to get you on your way to having a website up and running in no time.

We’re now offering 20% OFF to new customers of Toolset, all you have to do is buy through the link below, and the discount coupon will be applied automatically.

Download Toolset

We’ve teamed up with the team behind Toolset, the page builder which lets you build WordPress sites without coding, to offer you an exclusive 20% discount.

20% Discount

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