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WordPress Maintenance – an Increasingly Popular and Necessary Service

Let’s face it, WordPress has its down falls… such as security risks, users accidentally deleting the database, plugin incompatibility when updating and more. We all need help some day to take care of our WordPress needs. This is where WordPress maintenance services come in.

Over time, WordPress Maintenance services have become more and more popular. Even though WordPress is ‘designer friendly’ and that almost anyone can create a website through its platform, there is a need that has to be filled.

Did you know the popularity of WordPress has grown so much that according to WordPress, “Over 409 million people view more than 22.8 billion pages each month.”? Even big name companies such as Ford, CNN, UPS, TED and more use WordPress. However, as with any widely used software, there is a weakness. (stats from wordpress.com)

Let’s face it, WordPress has its down falls… such as security risks, users accidentally deleting the database, plugin incompatibility when updating and more. We all need help some day to take care of our WordPress needs. This is where WordPress maintenance services come in.

There are a few popular services out there to help folks with WordPress issues. One company has entered the scene to alleviate these issues; WP Assistant thrives to provide the most personal and efficient WordPress maintenance service. Those services include WordPress Security, Updating, Monitoring and Personal Assistance plus more.

WordPress maintenance services are being used by many types of WordPress users such as designers, personal bloggers to large companies that may have clients to whom they can’t take the time to worry about WordPress issues for. WP Assistant makes it easy for these types of users. They have three plans that cater to any WordPress needs. 

Introducing WP Assistant WordPress Maintenance Plans:


The first plan: Security. Right now for only $12/month (Regularly $24) WP Assistant installs all the security measures one would need to protect their site PLUS constant monitoring. If your website still gets hacked, or obtains malware, WP Assistant will restore your website to how it was the day before, and discover why the website was defaced and act. Security seems to be the top concern with WordPress websites.  So don’t fall victim to a defaced site, and take action. Let WP Assistant help.

The second plan: Maintenance. Typically businesses, organizations or even non-technological WordPress users become tired of having to worry about updating their website. WordPress releases versions often, and plugins will occasionally need to be updated. However, clicking the ‘update’ button is the least of the worries. 

What happens if the updated WordPress version results with an incompatible plugin? Now, your website is broken and you can’t restore it. Well, WP Assistant has the solution. They have a service available to help update your WordPress website without the worrying and headaches. Along with the first plan, security, you will receive the maintenance support. Just let them take care of everything and you’ll have a peace of mind. 

WordPress Maintenance Features___WP_Assistant

The third plan: Assistant. Need someone to take care of your site entirely as well as to provide occasional web coding and development? Look no further. WP Assistant has a plan called “assistant” which will provide everything one would need to secure, maintain and grow their website. You get the security and maintenance plan plus 1 hour of web work/month as well as on call debugging, training and support. What else do you need?

WP Assistant aims to make support easy, with a login panel to submit tickets, check for updates and more. It’s everything one would need to have a peace of mind.

WordPress has its downfalls, as we mentioned, so what are some things you found you could use help with? Let us know in the comments below!

Adam Brackbill
Adam Brackbill
Adam is an entrepreneur running three businesses, an avid photographer, world traveler, and a huge WordPress nerd. He loves to help people and the motivation for what he does is seeing someone enjoy what he creates.

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4 Responses

  1. Increasingly popular is an understatement. I see these types of services popping up daily it seems. It’s hard to tell how they are different sometimes. i prefer more of a ‘management’ service instead of pure ‘maintenance.’ People like http://wpsitecare.com and http://wphero.io seem to provide this, with suggestions & expertise and more bang for your buck. WP Assistant looks expensive ($64 for plugin updates and $224 for 1 hour of development work/month?!?). Wow. wpsitecare starts @ $79 and wphero starts @ $39. This article seems more like a paid advertisement compared to last year’s article on this topic: https://wpmayor.com/wordpress-maintenance-services/

    1. Actually, @edJapy. this is pretty much wrong. It seems WP Assistant is slightly cheaper, and provides more than what you state. $64 is for all around WordPress Security plus updating, maintaining and more. Not sure where you’re getting that information. It’s clearly stated on their website.

  2. Hi! $64 to update plugins also Includes WordPress updates and adding security, web backups etc. For those who has had issues updating something, that can be very annoying when a plugin breaks the whole site.

    As for the $224 that’s for everything, an hour web work, web training and tutorials, talking to web hosts, updating, security. Wp assistant is actually cheaper than wp site care by a little.

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