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Looking to outsource maintenance of your WordPress websites? Here are the top service providers in this niche
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WP Engine High Performance Hosting
BionicWP Hosting

Looking to outsource the maintenance of your WordPress websites? Thankfully there are now a good number of companies that have begun offering this service. Before, you needed to contact your web development agency to get anything done, and you used to have to wait a couple of days plus get charged a hefty fee even for small things, simply because agencies have overheads that you need to pay for even if it’s a 15-minute job.

The idea, therefore, is that you outsource maintenance and small jobs to these companies, thus you won’t need to go to your agency with small requests, keeping costs low and getting a faster resolution.

Here are the top WordPress maintenance service providers:

WP BuffsStarting at $67/month + Get 10% off!
WPSiteCareRequest a quote
WPXpressStarting at $79/month
The WP ButlerStarting at $39/month

WP Buffs

WP Buffs Care Plan

WP Buffs is your new Chief Technology Officer and technical WordPress partner. They’re the very best technical support partner for any individual, business, or organization with a WordPress website.

10% OFF
WP Buffs
WP Buffs
10% Off from WP Buffs – your 24/7 technical partner for care plans & maintenance services.
10% Off from WP Buffs – your 24/7 technical partner for care plans & maintenance services. Show Less

For as little as $67/month, their expert team handles unlimited edits within hours, performance enhancements, daily health maintenance, and regular security troubleshooting so you don’t have to. This allows you to make bold decisions when it comes to your website without hesitating due to technical restraints.

WordPress Maintenance Services & Support by TemplateMonster

WordPress Maintenance Services & Support by TemplateMonster

WordPress Maintenance & Support services by TemplateMonster currently have one plan at $899/year. They support WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, and OpenCart. TemplateMonster offers up-time monitoring, website health checks, weekly backups and updates, monthly reports, among many others.



Plans start at $59/month for each site. The higher-priced plans include more frequent Secure Offsite Backups and Uptime Monitoring among others. Another good service.



SiteCare handles WordPress updates, WordPress development, website backups and security, as well as speed and performance optimization. They can also provide you with WordPress SEO, web accessibility while also offering a managed WordPress hosting service powered by Amazon Web Services.



WPXpress is the X factor in your WordPress website. They provide maintenance services for at little as $79 / month. Their $159 and above plans include unlimited edits and content updates, speed enhancements, continual monitoring and maintenance, and all the security hardening your site needs. They set themselves apart with some great review marketing tools, loyalty discounts, 10 years in the business of maintaining WP websites, and a focus on making you happier.



Valet is another service that provides core WordPress maintenance (at $69/month) such as offsite backups, daily malware scans, vulnerability database scans, and plugin and theme updates among others.

They also provide eCommerce maintenance (starting at $80/month) by setting automated workflow testing to keep tabs on your eCommerce site’s most important functions.

The WP Butler

The WPButler

The WP Butler is a service offered by The UK Edge, which offers web development, WordPress consulting, and troubleshooting, all performed with honesty, efficiency, and professionalism. Plans start at $39/month and go up to $599/month for agencies.

Take a look at The WPButler service

Jean Galea

Jean Galea is an investor, entrepreneur, and blogger. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and Spotlight, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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44 Responses

  1. Thanks for your review which was quite helpful. WP Buffs care plans seem to be very professional but are very expensive though. I recently switched to and so far I am very satisfied. From my point of view a good price/performance ratio!

  2. Website maintenance services are very important and I am getting my website maintained by this website.

  3. Please don’t waste your time scrolling from one site to another, Guyz at helped me get Simple, Sleek and Robust WordPress Error Solution. Best WordPress Support ever. Even Best for 100% Customized WordPress Website Development.

  4. I’m surprised Bochi Web is not on this list. They offer probably the best deal I’ve seen. $39.95 a month unlimited updates and support. I have yet to have been charged anything extra and I sent them a ton of work.

  5. I’m surprised that isn’t included in this list. I’ve been utilizing their services now for 6+ months and the team over there is incredibly resourceful, flexible, and responsive.

    Not trashing any of the other services, just very surprised that they didn’t make the cut.

    The cheapest plan for ongoing support is about $6.67/ hr and one time help is just $29. Besides that they have Telephone, Email, Chat Support 24×7.

  6. Keep up this great posts, Jean! I would love your thoughts on WP EZI – , an all-in-one WordPress maintenance, hosting, and support service. We recently used their services and they have been great!

  7. Thanks for this post, Jean! You start by asking, “Looking to outsource maintenance of your WordPress websites?” Almost all businesses should answer that with, “Yes!” It makes more sense for businesses to concentrate on serving their customers than stumbling their way through WordPress updates, backups, security, etc. Since 2010, we at OptimWise have proudly served businesses that realize that. I appreciate your spreading the word about the importance of WordPress maintenance!

  8. I used WP Curve and other supporting systems and I would like to say everybody that the most amazing one was WP Life care it is a fantastsic servise and the developers were great . YOU can check the site here and be sure that they are great

  9. The absolute best alternative to WP Curve (now that GoDaddy purchased them) is RipplePop, . It’s a WordPress support company in Denver, Colorado. I started it with my friend Michael because we’ve been doing WordPress support for a long time.

    RipplePop has a $79/month support option and a $189/month support option. Both include unlimited changes to your WordPress site.

    The major difference between RipplePop and WP Curve/Other WP Services is that Michael and I don’t accept more than 150 sites at one time. This means when you sign up you will always get excellent support because we are not chasing new customers.

  10. Jean, thanks for writing.

    I have heard great stuff about WP Site Care, The WP Butler, and WP Radius.

    Though admittedly biased, I recommend SkyrocketWP ) for all-in-one WordPress maintenance, service, and lightning fast, ultra-secure, managed WordPress hosting.

    The hosting component undoubtedly precludes some would-be clients, but the clients we have polled love having everything under one roof. For them, it means reduced potential for finger-pointing, hassle, and confusion. If they have any issue, they call us. Simple as that.

    That said, despite having 100+ clients, we receive less than 1 support request per quarter… total. In the end, it just works.

    Hopefully that whets your appetite enough to check it out.

    Jean, I’d love your thoughts. Thanks!

  11. Newt Labs ) is a good WordPress Support company for your UK readers. They do WordPress cloud hosting to further optimise sites too!

  12. Hey!
    Great post!
    Those are some really good WordPress companies that you have mentioned. The most famous ones.
    We did something similar. We researched on WordPress support companies and created a list of 30 WordPress Maintenance Providers along with their price range and services they offer!

    Here’s a link to it:

    I hope this would help your audience have better options 🙂
    I would love to know what you think about it!

  13. These are solid service companies. WP Curve was probably the best before they were bought by Godaddy. I used them a few times before, but now I’m with They cost A LOT more than these options, but as a small biz owner I need to be able to email/text/call and have things resolved fast. I get what i pay for i guess 🙂

  14. I don’t understand why people are willing to pay so much for WordPress management?

    There are companies like that handle upgrades and offer unlimited support for just $6.95/month. Plus, they even offer a 30-day free trial so you can test their services before paying anything…

  15. Hi, thanks for this amazing article.

    I just want to share a short feedback of my career. Besides working for Codeable as an expert, I’ve started a maintenance service last year and now I have more than 30 clients, that pays me 99$ monthly to take care of their WordPress installations.

    I’d like to advise everybody to offer this to their clients. It’s a good option to get predictable income monthly.

  16. This list is indeed getting very long. But I would like to introduce and add . We offer one plan for $69 per month that includes everything for basic website maintenance. Add-ons a re available at a heavily discounted rate and each account is assigned its own WordPress Support specialist.

  17. I thought I may throw our new service into the mix:

    We are launching with 50% off our Professional Package, so you can get started with unlimited WordPress support for only $47/month.

    We also offer all the usual stuff in that price including: Proactive WordPress upgrades, Secure offsite backups, Monthly security scan, Uptime Monitoring, troubleshooting & tweaks.


  18. Just wanted to add to the mix! Three plans, from $49-$299 per month, covering everything a WordPress site would need with an easy to use system, great reporting, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Thanks!

  19. I really don’t see the point in paying this much money each month and only 30 minutes fix is included.

    If there is going to be an issue I’m really worried about I don’t think it can be fixed within 30 minutes. Somehow these businesses are doing well. Honestly I don’t see the value in it.

    1. @sandroaaran you are looking at it only from your point of view. WordPress run 25% of the entire web, I’m pretty sure millions of them don’t have a clue about creating a page in WordPress.
      Probably those are their target market.

      I mostly get on demand services from these guys so far no complaints.

  20. Didn’t know there are a lot of services like this. Haha. I’m with and are happy with their service.

  21. This is definitely a good space to get into. has great developers. The have a fast turn around time and low prices.

  22. Great list, most of these guys are still the big players in the scene after a year and a bit since you posted the article. Naturally we’d have included ourselves on there too ) but then would say that!
    Good article though, thanks for sharing.

  23. I’ve gone through a few different wordpress support companies in the last two years. At this point I have to recommend Total WP Support at – they are relatively new on the scene but Im finding they offer very high quality support at a very affordable price. Worth a look.

  24. I checked all companies listed above, that’s all nice and sweet, but I prefer to deal with individuals not companies because in that way I’m getting the maximum attention from the developer and it’s in his best interest to get the things done.
    Another good alternative that I can recommend is Nick from One man army, friendly, affordable and reliable.

  25. Hey Jean,

    In 2013 we established WP Copilot for the Australian WordPress market. It’s been very rewarding to help Aussie clients continuously improve their websites and sales.


  26. Hi Jean,

    I would recommend adding Codeable to this list. You can find us at We’re a dedicated WordPress only development platform with 95 pre-scanned and pre-approved WordPress developers offering their services to individuals and businesses (88% of them are based in the US and Europe). We’ve had more than 7,700 tasks posted and 98,9% of these have received 5 out of 5-star ratings with awesome reviews to our experts.

    Per Esbensen

  27. There is another WP repair service called Fix My WP at 🙂
    I’ve used their services more than once so I can vouch for them.

  28. WP Mule is another good one (
    Ran by a buddy of mine and I think it’s quite a bit less expensive.

  29. How does this differ from WPEngine hosting? Don’t they offer all this stuff already as do many other wordpress-optimised hosts? Please explain the difference and value here. Makes no sense.

  30. I am working on a new site to do WP Sysadmin type work.

    Thanks for sharing opinions on my soon to be competition 🙂

  31. Jean, this if the first time I’ve heard of WP Upkeep, but +1 Maintainn and WPMaintainer. Good folks behind those.

    I think you should also include WPSiteCare and WPValet. Both are run by people I respect and are really in-tune with the inner workings of WordPress:

    1. Thanks for referring to those two sites, they both seem very good service providers as well.

  32. It´s not a typo, Jun. Unless the typo is in , but it is not on Jean´s post.
    Wpmantainer claim that $99/hour is nearly half their normal rate!

  33. There’s a typo in your first entry. It isn’t $99/hour but $99/month. That’s a huge difference 😉

  34. You forgot to mention infinitewp a brilliant service! We use them at Square One

  35. Although these are mostly all very reasonable prices, I guess I don’t see the reason a developer (most of us here) would have much use for this. Unless, this is for dev’s who just want to create a site, hand it over to their client and be done with it?

    1. That’s precisely the case with many developers, they just want to build sites and not worry about maintenance. At the same time they want their clients to be in good hands, hence the need for such services by established people in the community.

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