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Have you ever thought about having one theme that you can customise as you wish, and create any site imaginable for any purpose whatsoever? I introduce you to the X Theme, from ThemeCo - truly the ultimate WordPress theme out there. With continuous developments and new features and layouts being added, this theme's potential seems to be never ending. With tens of thousands of customers in the first few months since it was launched, X has proven to be ThemeForest's fastest selling product of all time!
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Have you ever thought about having one theme that you can customise as you wish, and create any site imaginable for any purpose whatsoever? I introduce you to the X Theme, from ThemeCo – truly the ultimate WordPress theme out there.

With continuous developments and new features and layouts being added, this theme’s potential seems to be never ending. With tens of thousands of customers in the first few months since it was launched, X has proven to be ThemeForest’s fastest selling product of all time!

XIP – VIP, done the X way

To make sure this wasn’t just some other theme, the developers took their efforts that step further, calling on some of the world’s leading internet marketing experts to give their inputs. They took their advice to heart, incorporating their ideas and industry secrets, from email marketing to SEO, directly into X, and sharing other material such as articles, resources and videos that these experts shared with them, with their customers. An awesome initiative from ThemeCo that proves to their customers that they are thinking of them every step of the way.



The first thing you need to understand before you get started with the X Theme is Stacks. Stacks are basically different layout options for the X Theme; you can basically call them ‘themes within a theme’. Each stack has its own unique style and features, and can be used for different purposes. There are currently four stacks to choose from, with even more on the way.



The first stack available is called Integrity. This is a professional looking design that can be used for any purpose whatsoever. It offers a variety of features, the first of which is the option to choose between a dark or light colour scheme with just the click of a button. You can make it look bright and open, or keep it dark and sleek. It’s also got an all-purpose blog design.

Now, although it doesn’t seem to have a traditional blogging format, it does offer various unique blog styles, each with different layouts, for whatever look your heart desires. The portfolio section is another clean looking part of Intergrity’s overall design. It’s very well organised, giving all the attention to your work, and providing the user with social sharing capabilities right from the index.


If you’re searching for a theme to run your eCommerce site from, X has you covered too. Each stack also has its own unique shop design, and with the use of WooCommerce, your e-shop can be up and running in no time with a design that will instantly attract your customers. Some of the other features Integrity offers are transparency options for the header, and custom welcome messages. The header transparency can be activated easily, and the background image of your site will show through, giving it a custom, high-end look.



If you’re looking to keep up with the latest modern design trends, then a flat design is the way to go, and X provides this with its Renew stack. Starting with the blog section, Renew provides a custom blog design that can be manipulated in various ways, and even includes some cool, creative design accents that can enhance your blog even further.


This stack’s simplicity is evident throughout, and the portfolio and shop options are no exception. The portfolio has a visually elegant flat design and neat index hover element, and the WooCommerce-powered store implements a simple, effective design. Renew even lets you play around with its menu background colour combinations.



Purely a minimalist design, Icon was inspired by modern blogging networks. This is evident in that it keeps its focus on the written word, and together with X’s features, it can be transformed into the perfect website to fit your personality and style. Its blog and portfolio are both sleek and minimal, blending in seamlessly with the rest of Icon’s design. The WooCommerce store option creates the ideal shop window for your goods, mainly doe to the lack of flashiness that puts the focus right onto the items.


One of the cool features Icon offers is the ability to change the background colour of each post format in WordPress. Whether you want to assign a particular colour to a particular type of post, or whether you want to remove the colours completely, the choice is all yours. Another feature is the independent scrolling bar that creates an “app-like” feel, scrolling independently from the rest of the main site.



Ethos is theme co’s most recent stack, made to cater for magazine and newspaper websites. It has been especially designed and configured to include unique features just for this purpose, and to “engage your audience and promote clickthroughs”. The first feature that stands out as soon as you open Ethos is the Post Carousel. It’s the prefect way to keep your most important, most recent, or most popular posts up top, in front of everything else.

Once again the classic blog style is not available, but its stunning design more than makes up for it, focusing all the user’s attention onto your content. Should you require a certain post to be given even more attention, Ethos provides you with two additional feature post layouts that make it stand out that little bit more.


The portfolio section is once again simple and sleek, with the content being the centre of attention, and no need for any extra flare. The same can be said for the shop section, still integrated with WooCommerce, and providing the user with a clean looking store that encourages browsing. The users also have the option of real time blog index filtering, which allows them to sort your content easily depending on what they’re looking for. On the blog index and archive pages you find a similar approach to the post carousel with the implementation of Post Sliders that can show recent, popular, or featured posts.

Common Features

We’ve heard the phrase “endlessly customisable” countless times, but in reality, there have always been some limitations. With X however, I can’t say there are any. With the amount of options available, the limit to your customisation is nowhere in sight, and the cross-browser compatibility means no hassles with any of your site’s visitors.

One of the main issues with customising previous themes was the extra time and effort in customising a section, publishing it, then realising you have some sort of mistake, and going back to customise it again. Those days are now over.

X provides you with a Live Previewer that lets you see exactly what you are modifying right there and then. Be it a logo, a font, or even a layout, you can view the changes you make before you publish them. All this is down to the use of the core WordPress functionality and, as the developers at ThemeCo put it, “a little development magic”.


Shortcodes are another important part of any premium WordPress theme, and with X you not only get the standard shortcodes you’re all used to, but ThemeCo have gone and developed more new shortcodes that can do just about anything. Available at no additional cost, the plugin for these shortcodes includes such things as Responsive Visibility – the ability to show only certain things on certain devices; and Table of Contents – which is a great way to increase pageviews, making Google that little bit more happy with you.

X’s layout and navigation options have also been made easy to customise. In fact, not only can you choose between the options shown below, but you can change between them at the click of a button. Besides that, the navigation options even offer you the chance to re-size each element and place it exactly where you want it, be it a small or big menu, at the top or on the right.

x-theme-review-layout-options x-theme-review-navigation-options

Should you require certain particular pages, such as an About page, or a Pricing page, ThemeCo have created a few custom pages to serve your needs. This function has limitless potential, and they’re still creating new custom pages till today, ever expanding to the needs and requirements of their customers.

As I mentioned in the Stacks above, the X theme has full WooCommerce integration. Each stack has a unique shop design and style, giving you a range of options to choose from in order to create your ideal online store.

This certainly is the most feature rich WordPress theme out there. It’s not only a fully responsive theme on all devices, but is also retina ready for those high resolution displays, and 100% fluid, making sure your site looks great no matter the device. Its site layout allows you to change from boxed to wide with the click of a button using the Live Customiser, or even using pixel and percentage widths.

All these options could not be possible without the use of WordPress’ latest features and nothing but clean code. Should you find it hard to start using all of X’s features at once, ThemeCo have made all demo content from their showcase available to their users, helping you get started in the easiest way possible. Some of the other features can be seen below.


Another feature that was not immediately available on X, but has now been fully integrated into the theme, is BuddyPress. X now features fully integrated styling and functionality for all those who want it. A welcome addition for the many users that were asking for it. In addition, X also provides all available PSD files that you can simply open using Photoshop, and modify the design as you wish. Should you need to change the language too, besides the design, X uses WPML compatibility, that makes translating your site into different languages very easy.



Demo Sites

As I mentioned in the features section, ThemeCo provides demo sites that you can use for your own site. In fact, they’ve created dozens of these demos which are all available for viewing on their website. Each Stack has a main demo, showcasing its main features, but each one then also has up to ten other demo websites. Each of these provides further insight into the features each stack offers. This long list (which barely touches the surface of what you can create with the X Theme) is testament to the flexibility and versatility of this theme.



The installation of the X theme is as simple as can be. You’ve got 2 options; one for the beginner or those who want a quick install, the other is for those who want to work a little harder for it. Considering there’s no difference between the final result of both, number 1 is more than enough in my opinion.


Support & Documentation

ThemeCo offer both pre-sales and post-sales support, as well as a contact us section where you can ask them any other questions you might have. All customer support for the users of the X Theme is handled through the ThemeCo Forum (login seen below).

Once you purchase the theme, you will have access to this forum, and from the comments I have read, it seems like the people at ThemeCo certainly take customer satisfaction seriously. Having found no complaints regarding customer support, but rather raving reviews, it is evident that any problems or issues you might have will easily and quickly be dealt with by ThemeCo’s capable support team.


While you usually purchase a theme, then end up figuring it all out for yourself, or having to wait ages to get some proper help from the developer, ThemeCo provides training on how to use the theme itself with a large amount of HD videos and documentation on how to work with X. Their support and documentation are certainly a treat.

Visiting X’s changelog is another absolute pleasure. Seeing the amount of updates and bug fixes that occur constantly, from its inception, up to last week, is a rarity.


When you think of the extent that this theme goes to to provide absolutely everything you will need to create your ideal website, you wouldn’t imagine it being cheap. On the contrary, however, X is priced very fairly. With a Regular License costing of $63, you can create a stunning website for yourself or one of your clients, without having to look any further for any third party plugins or other material.

Conclusion & Recommendations

X is an absolute gem to work with. You don’t only seem to be getting multiple themes in one, but you’re getting every feature imaginable. Whether you want to build your own personal website, a website for your business or for your clients’ business, or whatever else you might dream up, X has the solution for you. The constant updates and add-ons can only keep cementing this theme as one of the very best around. Being the first of its kind has certainly helped its growth, and who can blame you for wanting it?

Whether you’re a beginner to WordPress, or a seasoned developer looking for the new best thing, X has you sorted. An extensive theme that let’s you be as creative as you’d like, without getting into the nitty gritty of learning all the code. Whatever style of website you’re looking for, X marks the spot.


Get The X Theme

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16 Responses

  1. Happened across this post, read the comments, and couldn’t resist replying.

    I’ve used the X theme a few times and I’m about to launch the new version of my own agency’s site on it.

    In case any potential customers are concerned about these comments, don’t be. Go ahead and buy it and you’ll be glad you did.

    I host with WPEngine and use their caching and CDN services, combined with the Better WordPress Minify plugin. I also reduce the file size of all images manually (used to use WP Smush It but it slowed down my admin dashboard).

    With that very simple (and let’s be honest, very affordable) set up your site will load fast and be a pleasure to work on. X Theme’s knowledgbase (with LOADS of detailed videos, articles, step-by-steps etc) and really responsive support forums are as awesome as their product is.

    Not an affiliate and paid with my own money. All $63 dollars of it…I’m sorry but you think that’s too expensive I’d hate to be your kid at Christmas!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! Glad to hear from someone whose taken the time to properly test out the X theme and wasn’t afraid to spend some money for a feature-filled premium theme.
      Sounds like a great setup too. Goodluck with your new agency site!

  2. Well. The link to the theme is a referal link. It should be mentioned.
    I’ve heard the same stories about themes like this before. Almost everytime i was ending up cleaning up bloat in the code (and fixing potential security threats). However, i do not say this about this theme, it would be unfair when i don’t even tried it.

    But it’s good to hear that the theme developers are separating theme space and plug-in space.

    But as many time before. No GPL. No Disco.

    1. Thanks for the comment Chris, if you decide to try it out one day it would be great to have your feedback about it too!

  3. Hi J,

    Thank-you for the kind words! There are definitely a couple different pricing models out there, however we feel the one-time investment per license is a good model for several reasons. 1) There are no recurring fees for you as a buyer 2) The future purchases allow for continued development (over time “unlimited” usage has a tendency to cause either the provider to stop providing support/future development as no new revenue is coming in to be able to support the ongoing costs of customer support and feature development). This is why most developer licenses are recurring so that revenue is there whereas when using X you only pay for what you need, when you need it. 3) We feel this is a reasonable investment for the product, support, and resources provided given that each client is ultimately paying significantly higher for the finished product.

    Hopefully this helps provide a little more context into the single use vs. unlimited use as each has their own unique considerations.


  4. I love the way X looks, however with no developer license I can’t justify using it for our business. I’d prefer not to have to purchase a new copy on themeforest every time we use it for a client. This is why I prefer Divi over X.

  5. Perhaps it’s the referral link that brings suspicion of a biased viewpoint or the fact that there are sponsored posts about X on other popular webdev blogs. Either way I took a 2nd look at X. I can appreciate the appeal of a gazillion features, my personal preference is to separate features like SEO. It makes finding issues much easier and only use those that I choose usually means a smaller footprint.

    1. Hi Derp,

      To clarify, the SEO features outlined above were meant to explain some of the best practices that were followed with regards to development of X (which can play a part in optimization for search engines). When it comes to properly managing on-site SEO, like most themes, we recommend the use of a SEO plugin like Yoast or All In One SEO Pack. We also feel it is important to separate as much functionality out of the theme as possible and into plugins where it should be. For example, our Shortcodes are included as a separate plugin as well as other unique functionality in the theme so as to keep the theme itself lean and organized.

  6. Hi Derp,

    This is not a sponsored post as the WP Mayor folks were kind enough to download the theme and check out our product and member resources for themselves, however I’d be happy to provide some feedback.

    Performance has always been of utmost importance to us – from the first line we wrote to now 🙂 As a matter of fact in our 2.2.0 version from July 15, we focused specifically in further optimizing for performance. You can read more about the specifics of that release here: as well as even more detail in our forum notes for that release (in our member area). To summarize, we were able to further refine areas of X to see an average increase of 81% in backend performance and 31% on the front end. I would definitely suggest updating to the latest version of the theme and Shortcode plugin and taking some time to read through the many updates over the past 6 months on our changelog:

    While we have and always will be focused on performance, there is a big misconception in the development world about what is “bloat” and subsequently what slows down a site. From a development point of view, we do everything possible to streamline the code in such a way to be as performant friendly as possible (and are always looking for ways to improve as seen in the release mentioned above). For example, certain scripts only get loaded when a Shortcode exists on your page. While other themes will load all scripts into the theme, this method keeps things streamlined. Additionally, things like custom Google Fonts are loaded dynamically, meaning that only what you plan on using is loaded into the theme, keeping it free of bloat. Other technical benefits that we include with the theme are the use of semantic HTML5 markup throughout the theme, industry standard SEO practices such as keeping main content before the sidebar, utilizing WAI-ARIA landmark roles for users with disabilities to easily navigate your site, et cetera.

    Most of the true performance boosts will be controlled post purchase on the user’s end with a combination of a good hosting provider and things like browser caching, image compression, CDNs, and more. We even provide a detailed tutorial in our member area about some of the many things users can do to their sites post purchase that will help with this.

    If you would like to discuss any of this further, a member of our development team will be happy to assist in our forum.


  7. Hi, no this isn’t a sponsored post, it’s my honest conclusion after some thorough testing.

    I tested the X theme myself and found it to load fine. Obviously, when you consider the amount of flexibility it offers, you will always have to sacrifice SOME speed compared to a bare bones theme.

    After all, the ThemeCo team constantly updates and fixes bugs on the X theme, all of which can be seen in their changelog ). Considering all the improvements, and the amount of time that has passed, things might have changed since you last used it.

  8. This must be a sponsored post right?

    I’ve tested a bunch of X theme sites (bot the demos ad real world examples) to see what all the fuss was about and I have yet to find one that loaded quickly and didn’t feel bloated. Of course it’s easy to take the cleanest theme in the world and still find a user who will load it down with a bunch of plugins but after searching and finding a couple dozen installs, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t load like a slug.

    The simple fact is that it’s at #2 of themeforest for a reason. Not because the cream rises to the top at themeforest either.

    Now I’ll fully admit I haven’t tested X in about 6 months so they may have completely cleaned up their code but for now I’m staying as far away as possible,

    1. I have to agree about the speed. The commercial themes are offering many features but are forgetting about optimising for speed. Too many render blocking Javascript and multiple CSS. The article claims it doesn’t need extra plugins then why so many separate CSS files? Google Page Speed insight score 45/100. Not great.

      1. Hi Chris,

        Feel free to check out our reply on August 13 at 17:31 to a similar comment below for a more detailed answer on the first part of your comment. Separate CSS files will generally not have an effect on overall performance when organized and minified properly as we have done. Regarding demo page speeds, due to the nature of demos and how much content has to be placed on there to showcase certain features this can have a damper on overall performance, however we routinely receive comments such as this from our customers about page speed on actual sites. We also provide instructions in our Knowledge Base about some of the many user side configurations customers can do to optimize for performance as the majority of performance improvements have to do with proper on site optimizations.


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