Best WordPress Plugins for Selling Tickets

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Selling tickets for events online is becoming more and more popular, even more so for international events such as music festivals or even WordCamps. There are a number of plugins out there to cater for this need, ranging in price as well as functionality, depending on the e-commerce platform you're using and the scale of your events, amongst others.
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Selling tickets for events online is becoming more and more popular, even more so for international events such as music festivals or even WordCamps.

Note that when selling tickets online, it’s a must to have an SSL certificate. Luckily, there are hosting companies, like our preferred host SiteGround, who offer free SSLs as a part of their hosting plans. The SSL will protect your visitors’ sensitive data, ensuring all data goes through a secure connection. Selling tickets online can be easily done with a number of plugins, ranging in price as well as functionality, depending on the e-commerce platform you’re using and the scale of your events, amongst others

There are a number of plugins out there to cater for this need, ranging in price as well as functionality, depending on the e-commerce platform you’re using and the scale of your events, amongst others.

Below are some of the best WordPress plugins for selling tickets through your WordPress sites.

Event Tickets Plus

Events Tickets Plus

This is a ticket framework that extends the functionality of Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro. These ticket plugins extend your favorite e-commerce platforms, which means you can utilize all of their great features like payment gateways and coupons. Each platform has its own special features.

Event Tickets Plus is contained entirely within your WordPress site. Users will stay on your site for the entire ticketing process. Any tickets displayed with events will keep the feel of the overall site and can be further customized as you see fit by modifying the template.

Plus, since the tickets are created as products within your choice of WordPress e-commerce plugin, you get to take advantage of many slick features they already have to offer, including reports, detailed order history, and integration with coupons to apply discounts.

Eventbrite Tickets

Eventbrite Tickets

This add-on plugin unites the power of The Events Calendar Pro with the ticketing prowess of It empowers you with simple but powerful tools to manage, promote, and sell out your event.

With Eventbrite Tickets, you’re in control of your event and your tickets. Determine the type of tickets, payment options (fixed, donation, or free), and quantity right from the event editor. Events are created on your WordPress site and in your account on

Visitors to your site will see a snazzy tickets form and can click to be redirected to to purchase. Ticket availability numbers will update as people purchase tickets and show a “Sold Out!” message if you run out. You can also import events directly from your account into your WordPress site.

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is an easy-to-use ticketing system that has no per ticket fees. That’s right, you’re not charged any markup on ticket sales, however, you can set some if you’d like and either keep it or pass the savings on to your customers.

Besides being able to customize the colors, font, and add a logo on your ticket page to provide a branded experience for your customers, Ticket tailor also integrates into your Facebook page. You can even customize your e-tickets by including your logo, event information, e-ticket barcodes, and whatever else. You can even send SMS e-tickets.

You will also own your customer data; they’re your customers and it’s your customer data. Ticket tailor won’t use your customer data for anything, they’ll just store it for you. You can get paid via Stripe or PayPal, so when a customer buys a ticket, they pay directly into your Stripe or PayPal account (transaction fees apply).

There are also many other features including affiliate links, mobile-friendly checkout, simple order management, and your own web address.

Get Ticket Tailor



Tickera is a simple WordPress event ticketing system that enables you to sell your event tickets over your own website. It’s easy to set up and use, there is no commission fee, and there are multiple add-ons that will make your whole experience much better and more fun.

The Tickera plugin also includes a number of the most popular payment gateways out there such as PayPal Standard, PayPal PRO, 2CheckoutStripeBraintree, and a lot more. You can also provide a cart where your customers will be able to purchase an unlimited number of tickets for more than one event at once.

It provides a drag-and-drop ticket builder where you can create ticket templates for each ticket type, while also being ready for white-labeling. Tickera also provides a barcode reader, multisite support, drag-and-drop custom forms, as well as discount codes, and additional ticket fees.

Lastly, Tickera is translation-ready, it provides a payment gateway API for easy development of additional payment gateways and even handles tax administration, all while being customizable with various actions and filters.

Event Espresso


Event Espresso is one of the best WordPress event online registration and ticketing manager plugins out there. It allows you to turn your existing blog or website into a fully-featured event management website and a new way to make money. It provides everything from custom registration forms and emails, seating limits, multiple price options, and discount codes to printable tickets and seating charts.

It allows you to create as many different types of tickets as you need while also setting prices, ticket quantity limits, and much more. Your events can also have many dates and times, and you can manage these datetimes from one single event.


Event Espresso offers template options and parts, HTML, or CSS to make your events and registration pages fit in with the rest of your site. Communicating with attendees is also made easy with automated registration and payment confirmation emails.

Integration with multiple payment gateways such as PayPal and many more allow you to collect money to cover the costs of organizing events before they even start. It also integrates with Google Maps to showcase your location and offers a mobile registration system among many other features.

Events Manager Pro

Events Manager Pro

Events Manager is a free and feature-filled events plugin for WordPress, providing the ability to publish events, locations and manage bookings among many other features. Events Manager Pro is an add-on to Events Manager, which extends the functionality of the free plugin to provide a further layer of tools and features for professional event organizers.

The free version already incorporates some of the features related to event bookings such as the ability to add tax, capacity management, multiple tickets and pricing, and more. However, the Pro version adds extra functionality such as automated and customizable email reminders, coupons and discount manager, transaction history, and more.

The most important added feature though is the integration of PayPal and, with more payment gateways on the way. There is even a custom payment gateway API if any developers want to easily create a new payment gateway.

Besides all that, Events Manager Pro also provides the user with spam protection with reCaptcha and premium support just in case you run into any problems while using the plugin.

Free Alternative

Ticket Tailor – Free Version


Ticket Tailor lets you sell tickets and turn your WordPress site into an online event ticketing and event registration system. There are loads of great features to help you set up event registration forms and sell out your event tickets. And best of all there are no per-ticket fees or registration fees.

This plugin integrates with PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, as well as Facebook. The integration with MailChimp allows you to immediately add attendees’ email addresses to your MailChimp list, while the Facebook integration allows you to add event registration to your Facebook page so your customers can buy tickets directly.

Lastly, you can take things a step further with a SaaS option such as Saladil, which has its own WordPress integration.

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14 Responses

  1. I looking for a plugin where customers can register and sell their tickets on my WordPress site and I can charge a transaction fee, do you have any suggestions?

  2. Tickera has some great options out of the box. Manual Tickets does seem to be something lacking though in its core. Looks like an independent plugin maker has a solution out now though. –

  3. We’re looking for a wp compatible solution to sell up to 500,000 digital tickets that will self generate unique ticket codes/identifier Any advice appreciated

  4. Do any of these allow integration of Woocommerce Product Vendors or something similar to allow users to create events on your site and sell tickets?

  5. hi Clint,

    Now GAM Event Manager Plugin , rebranded to WP Event Manager plugin and also site too..

    Yes, they offer registrations and other addons including sell tickets.

    I hope that it will help you which you want.


  6. good day we are looking for a seating intergration plugin for our ticketing website.

    can you help met with some options

  7. Hi,

    what about GAM Event Manager Plugin.. very easy to use and highly scalable..

    I am using since 6 months and work like smoothly..

    You can check :


  8. Great article, I am currently using CodeCanyon’s Events Plus to sell tickets for my events and it works great. What I like the most is that the events tickets module is included in the plugin at no additional cost. Cheers.

  9. Great in-depth article. My question which plugins are stand-alone which will allow me to sell a batch of tickets / vouchers. e.g. 5 tickets (non-specific date events) at $10 each for $45, i.e. quantity discount of 10%? Don’t really want to have to install woocommerce. Thanks again.

  10. It might also be worth looking at which offers excellent design and a good woocommerce integration. Albeit not WPML compatible. Which leads me to suggest to include the WPML compatibility as a standard point on your comparison checklists.

    1. Hi Frank, thanks for the feedback! It seems they also have an add-on for selling tickets as seen here – . We’ll take your suggestions into consideration for our next roundups/updates too 🙂

      1. Yes, I know this add-on. It’s nice, but as said before, in a WPML environment things get completely out of control.

        1. Understood, thanks again for the feedback Frank. Will look into the WPML compatibility for future similar posts for sure.

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