Icegram: WordPress Plugin to Capture Leads & Call Your Audience to Action

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70% visitors leave your website without taking any action. And it only takes 10 seconds for them to decide whether to stay or leave. Popups, notification bars and similar messages try to "salvage" potentially lost visitors. And they've been hugely successful - that's why there are dozens of plugins to show popups, notification bars, side panels and more.
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70% visitors leave your website without taking any action. And it only takes 10 seconds for them to decide whether to stay or leave. Popups, notification bars and similar messages try to “salvage” potentially lost visitors. And they’ve been hugely successful – that’s why there are dozens of plugins to show popups, notification bars, side panels and more.

Icegram – a new freemium WordPress plugin – has successfully integrated the currently fragmented landscape of user engagement / marketing messaging plugins.  The free version itself is better than many individual, paid plugins. Plus it has a growing list of paid add-ons that make the overall offering very interesting.

Icegram can actually become the ultimate WordPress Plugin to Capture Leads & Call Your Audience to action. Here’s why:

  • It combined multiple “message types” in a single plugin: Popups, header / footer bars, notifications, messengers
  • Offers powerful targeting rules – page / user / time targeting and more
  • It certainly improves conversions & engagement
  • It’s easy to use and quite powerful
  • It’s compatible with auto responders, other WordPress plugins and themes
  • There are currently 7 paid add-ons that extend core features, and there will be more in future

You can download Icegram from this page.

Here’s a detailed walkthrough.

Campaigns combine messages and targeting rules

Campaigns are made up of messages and targeting rules.

Icegram provides four different message types. This is what sets it apart from other plugins in the first step. Rather than using popup windows all the time, you can try different kinds of messages.

  • Pop-ups – usual popup windows that we all know
  • Action Bars – notification bars in header or footer – like Hellobar
  • Toast messages – small notifications like Growl’s
  • Messengers – Facebook style (or other) chat messengers or simple slide ins

Each campaign can contain multiple messages and comes with a set of targeting rules. These rules help you show your messages only to visitors matching your parameters. This makes segmentation easy and is highly effective.

Icegram’s targeting rules include:

  • Position – where on the screen do you want your message to show
  • Where – what pages do you want these messages to show up on…
  • When – time range selection for the campaign
  • Device – target campaign for specific devices – desktop / tablet / mobile

Installation and Use

This is straightforward. Install it from “Add New” plugin in WordPress admin – just like any other plugin. Then go to Icegram menu. Good thing is it adds a sample campaign on installation and comes with nice in built documentation. Plus you can configure the entire campaign – along with its messages – from a single screen. The way all the settings are labeled and laid out, makes Icegram extremely easy to use.

Setting up campaign messages

When you are editing a campaign, you get an auto complete drop down for messages. You can either create a new popup / action bar / other type of message; or type in title of a previously created message to add to this campaign.

Once you select a popup to add to this campaign, you get configuration options for the popup.

The first you’ll notice is theme selector. The built in themes are well designed and include some fresh designs.

Icegram includes a nice “headline generator”. So you get ready, highly converting headline templates to start from. This really makes message creation easy.

You can then add your message content and style it. Depending on the message type, you can select text / background colors. Also define the call to action link and it’s text, and write your message using standard WordPress editor. Icegram allows adding custom CSS or JS to the editor so you are free to style content your way.

You can also select the on screen position to display your message – for messengers, action bars and toast notifications.

You can also choose a delay time for each message. So it shows up after that many seconds on the page.

Some other notable features

  • Easy to Use / Simplicity / Usability: There is nothing complex about Icegram plugin, even a newbie WordPress user can use the plugin to it’s maximum potential, all the options are straight forward and easy to understand.
  • Free: You don’t have to pay top dollars to get top notch solution. Icegram is a free plugin but can perform all those functions that you may expect from the best lead generation and user engagement plugins.
  • Nice Themes: Each message type comes with some beautiful, ready to use themes.
  • Showing Any Content:You can always show text, but you can also add videos, short codes or any other content using the standard WordPress editor.
  • Headline Generator: We haven’t seen this anywhere else. It’s great to create a new message.
  • No restrictions: You can do unlimited campaigns, unlimited messages, omit Icegram branding… You get full freedom and power.
  • Integration with Email services: You can easily embed subscription form HTML code in your messages.

Premium Add-ons

Interestingly, Icegram’s premium add-ons lineup is quite impressive. And goes to show what all can be created with this plugin!

  • Geo Targeting: Ads location based targeting to campaigns
  • Sidebars: Action Bars show up either at top or bottom of the page. Sidebars show left / right.
  • Inline Messages: Inline messages are shown within page content, header or footer. You can show them anywhere else – for example a sidebar or widget – using a short code. Inline messages increases conversion because they don’t feel like advertisements – they are just part of content!
  • Overlays: More effective than popups. They take the entire screen to show your message.
  • Badges: Innovative add-on to add badges to your site.
  • Ribbons: Another interesting add-on. Add corner ribbons etc.
  • Stickies: “Stick” a message on your site.These “notes” can be shown at different positions, can be colored and even come with animations.

Conclusion and Final Remarks

Icegram brings a lot of things together and gives you wide choice of message types, themes and customization options. It offers a lot more than multiple paid plugins combined and can act as a single solution for marketing / engagement message delivery for most users.

Icegram will help you reach out to your website visitors and engage them. It’s a super solution no doubt! Try it out!

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8 Responses

  1. Hi there, thank you for the post. I was looking for a plugin to keep in touch with my blog audience. TX!!
    I will check Iceagram closely. Any tutorial video that you recommend?

  2. Hi Carina,

    Yes, as Mark rightly said if you have any questions related to Icegram just drop a mail to Our Support. We will get back to you and help you asap. You can either reach out to the support by simply mailing your query to or by going to the documentation & FAQ’s section in the WordPress dashboard or by visiting


    P.S. Thank you Mark for guiding Carina 🙂

  3. Hi

    Our webdeveloper downloaded Icegram onto our WordPress site, but when I click on the MY FIRST CAMPAIGN, it is empty. There is nothing in the box??? Please help!

    1. Hi Carina, for such an issue it’s best to get in touch with the developers directly through the plugin. When using Icegram you have a section in the WordPress dashboard titled “Docs & Support” (under “Icegram”). You can find documentation & FAQs and contact support from there.

  4. I feel Icegram is the best,i have tried out many different plugins and Icegram stands above all,its
    the best plugin there is,Its an All-in-one Popups, header / footer
    bars, notifications, messengers which is absolutely free

    check it out yourself

  5. Hey Donna,

    That was a typo. It’s ‘individual’ instead of ‘inpidual’. Thanks for spotting the error 🙂

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