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Although it's easy to overlook, the WordPress Login Page is an important part of your site. It provides a prime opportunity to display your branding but can also be a serious security vulnerability. With LoginPress, you can apply custom styling to your WordPress Login Page to proudly feature your brand's logo and design. Plus, it includes several key features to keep hackers away. Here's how to put it to work on your site.
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Your WordPress site’s Login Page is the gateway your team and subscribers use to create and consume your awesome content. Unfortunately, if not properly secured, it can also be a portal for hackers looking to steal data or install malware.

However, there are several ways you can improve the default WordPress Login Page in order to spruce up your site’s front door and keep it shut tight against attackers. With LoginPress Pro, custom styling and top-notch security features are at your fingertips.

This post will provide an introduction to the LoginPress plugin, and explain how branding your Login Page can improve your site. Then, we’ll explore four ways this tool can beef up your website’s security.

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Here we go!

An Introduction to LoginPress Pro

LoginPress Pro is a login management plugin for WordPress sites. It’s packed full of features to improve your website’s Login Page, in more ways than one:

The LoginPress plugin.

For starters, it provides a wide range of options for modifying the look of your Login Page, whether you know code or not. The plugin includes more than 20 pre-built templates you can customize to include your site’s branding:

The LoginPress pre-built Login Page templates.

Additionally, you can:

  • Access and use Google Fonts.
  • Incorporate your own logo.
  • Design a Login Page background using images or solid colors.
  • Style the Login and Forgot Password forms.
  • Incorporate a Google reCAPTCHA.
  • Create custom login error messages.
  • Add a Login Page footer.
  • Apply your own custom CSS and/or JavaScript.

That said, this plugin isn’t all about looks – it has substance, too. Your Login Page is a prime target for hackers looking to execute brute force attacks. With LoginPress Pro, you’ll be able to secure your site with features such as Social Login, Login Attempt Limits, and more.

In short, this plugin has just about everything you could want for enhancing the default Login Page for WordPress. Pricing starts at $39 per year. You can access all the features mentioned in this post with the Startup Plan, which runs for $75 per year. For a limited time, you can get a lifetime license through the LoginPress AppSumo deal for the same $39 price!

Why It’s Beneficial to Apply Custom Branding to Your Login Page

While custom branding sounds like a cool feature, you may not see it as vital to your website’s success. On the contrary, consistency in design, messaging, and tone across your online presence is important for establishing your company’s identity.

A solid brand identity makes it easier to build awareness of your business and to amass a loyal following. Plus, a custom Login Page just looks more professional than the WordPress default:

An example of a custom branded Login Page made with LoginPress.

Additionally, users who are logging into your site for the first time may be confused by the WordPress Login Page. If there’s nothing to reassure them they’re in the right place, your visitors may leave before ever typing in their usernames.

With a custom Login Page, you don’t have to worry about users feeling lost. You can also incorporate a Login Widget in your sidebar so it’s easy to find, and improve User Experience (UX) and workflow by setting up Login Redirects.

How to Secure Your WordPress Site With LoginPress (4 Methods)

Login Page security is even more important than custom branding. An attack could result in stolen data, the destruction or your site, and the loss of your users’ trust. LoginPress Pro provides several features that can help in this regard, as we’ve explored below.

1. Enable Auto Login for Key Users

‘Auto Login’ refers to a process by which you can enable certain users to gain entry to your site without a password. Instead, you’ll assign them a specific URL they’ll use to ‘log in’:

The LoginPress Auto-Login feature.

Malicious hacking strategies such as brute force attacks require the use of a username and password combination. By minimizing the number of passwords associated with your site, LoginPress can make it more difficult for this type of attack to be carried out.

2. Allow Users to Log In Via Their Preferred Social Media Platforms

Another alternative login method is ‘Social Login’, which enables users to connect their social media profiles to their accounts on your website. Instead of using traditional credentials, they’ll confirm their identities via the other platforms you’ve specified:

The LoginPress Social Login settings.

The Help tab in LoginPress’ Social Login settings provides details on how to connect your site to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google. This feature is especially useful for preventing spam and bot registrations on your site.

3. Hide the Default WordPress Login Page

WordPress automatically sets your website’s Login Page URL as www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin. This makes it particularly easy for hackers to find the Login Pages of sites built on the platform and launch attacks against it.

LoginPress’ Hide/Rename feature enables you to change the URL to anything you like, making it harder for malicious browsers to find:

The LoginPress Hide/Rename Login Page feature.

Just remember, you don’t want to change the address to anything you’re likely to forget, or you could end up without a way back to your dashboard.

4. Limit Login Attempts to Deter Hackers

Brute force attacks require rapid and repetitive login attempts. There are several WordPress plugins that are designed to recognize this behavior as suspicious and block it, including LoginPress.

If a user (or bot) enters the same credentials multiple times in quick succession unsuccessfully, LoginPress will prevent them from entering your site for a pre-determined amount of time:

Specifying the login attempt limit and lockout time in LoginPress.

You can specify the number of allowed attempts, as well as how long users will have to wait between failed logins before trying again.


WordPress’ default Login Page provides a decent baseline. However, without your branding or advanced security measures in place, it could be confusing to your users and vulnerable to attacks.

LoginPress Pro offers an extensive list of Login Page customizations, in addition to several methods for preventing brute force attacks, such as:

  1. Enabling Auto Login for key users.
  2. Allowing users to log in via their preferred social media platforms.
  3. Hiding the default WordPress Login Page.
  4. Limiting login attempts to deter hackers.

LoginPress Pro

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Do you have any questions about LoginPress Pro and how you can use it to style and secure your WordPress site? Leave them in the comments section below!

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