Already have a fast website that your visitors love? That’s all well and good, but it’s only valuable if it’s up and running! Your website’s security is not to be taken lightly, which is why we’re constantly learning from experts in various fields to bring you the best advice on how to keep your WordPress site safe and secure.

Setting IP Restrictions to the WordPress Login Page

Protecting your WordPress site from hackers can be rather difficult. In fact, there is no one-solution that guarantees a 100% safe and secure site.

Studies show that tens of thousands of websites are hacked daily. Although securing your own site and the data it holds is top priority, it’s also

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Get a Google Rankings Boost by Using SSL

We’ve all heard how important it is to rank well with Google and how vital it is to take SEO seriously if you want your website to be a success, so what can you do to rank higher on Google’s search index? Well, there are a few things that can

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WordPress Security - Beyond WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security – Beyond WordPress Security Plugins

This article explains why the security of your WordPress blogs and websites should not solely depend on WordPress security plugins. It also looks into other attack surfaces a typical WordPress installation has and gives a brief overview of what you can do to address these potential attack surfaces.

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7 WordPress Plugins to Beef Up Site Security

Few problems hold the collective imaginations of WordPress bloggers in the fearful grips of panic more than site security. We work hard on our content, and safeguarding it is vital to both fiscal and emotional well-being. The sad truth about the state of human affairs is the same as it’s

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