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How to Set Up Google Analytics for WooCommerce

How to Set Up Google Analytics for WooCommerce in 2022

One of the most significant advantages of hosting your store online is the ability to track your customers’ behavior. In this article, I’ll show you how to set up Google Analytics for your WooCommerce shop.

The 9 Best WooCommerce Cart Plugins Compared (2022)

In this article, we’re going to share 9 WooCommerce cart plugins that significantly enhance the checkout process in your online store. From Fast Cart to WooFunnels and Orderable, there’s something for every need.

Discontinued WooCommerce Products

How to Manage Discontinued WooCommerce Products With a Simple Plugin

If you discontinue a product that you sell on your WooCommerce store, you shouldn’t delete it because it can be a useful source of SEO traffic. In this post, you’ll learn a better way to handle end of life products via a dedicated WooCommerce discontinued products plugin.

Must Have WooCommerce Plugin

30+ Must-Have and Best WooCommerce Plugins in 2022

In this post, we look at some of the best WordPress plugins that help you improve your store in some way, whether that’s marketing it more effectively, creating a more user-friendly experience for your shoppers, or enhancing your WordPress site in other ways.

5 Ways to Make Your WooCommerce Store Swift and Faster

WooCommerce is simple to start with. however, you need to work on your website speed. Using CDN and hosting works well. Importantly, Image is another deciding factor. WooCommerce store has many product images. Image collection with high-resolution could affect your WooCommerce web-store.

How to Increase WooCommerce Sales with GhostMonitor Cart Abandonment Plugin

You already worked a lot on your WooCommerce store. You have enthusiastic customers, awesome product, and growing amount of sales. At this glorious moment something just gets behind your back and attacks you – this monster is called shopping cart abandonment.

This is a step-by-step guide to tackle cart abandonment and earn a lot more with your WooCommerce store.


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15 Reasons to Fall in Love with WooCommerce for Your eCommerce Venture

Many of you are already aware of the phenomenal growth of eCommerce industry in past few years, but have you ever wondered how much exactly?

The graph below gives you a better idea about it, courtesy statista, according to which only B2C eCommerce sales are projected to go as far as $1.92 trillion in 2016, exceeding $2.356 trillion by 2018.

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