Why is WordPress Development Getting Popular?

Written by Alyona Galea
Written by Alyona Galea

Last updated on 13 Dec 2016

Irrespective of the countless options available on the internet, WordPress has maintained its exclusivity and preciousness not only for developers but for the users as well. Here we have picked some reasons out of the countless ones that have made WordPress one of the most popular website development platforms across the globe.

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Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

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Irrespective of the countless options available on the internet, WordPress has maintained its exclusivity and preciousness not only for developers but for the users as well. Here we have picked some reasons out of the countless ones that have made WordPress one of the most popular website development platforms across the globe.

1. Advanced and Up-to-Date Plugins

WordPress offers some of the most advance plugins not only today but previously as well. Since the introduction of WordPress, it has played the role of a leader for other website development platforms. The changing SEO trends in the year 2015, WordPress has came up with amazing plugins and tools including Infinite SEO, Wordfence, Backup Buddy, Visual Form Builder, Fancier Author Box, AdSanity, Login Lockdown and WPtouch. The new plugins not only offer advance security but also make WordPress easier to use.

2. WordPress is Free to Learn and Use

People who want to start new side businesses, learn web development, open e-stores or earn money through improved social media and search engine ranking choose WordPress for one primary reason i.e. it is free to use and learn. After establishing your business, you can build a world class website on WordPress at very low rate per year.

WordPress offers more than 12000 plugins and countless themes which you can customize to make thousands of new websites. WordPress is not only free but it is also very interesting to learn. Fresh website developers and engineers can practice their skills free of cost on WordPress and enjoy playing with tools, themes and plugins.

3. Highly Customizable

Unlike other web development forums, WordPress offers a variety of ways to customize your website. WordPress themes cover almost all niches which makes the development far easier for the engineers. With amazing backgrounds, themes and easy to use plugins the web engineers love to customize the businesses and websites on WordPress.

4. WordPress is Mobile Friendly

As the web is moving to smaller screens, it has become vital for the websites to become mobile friendly in order to take business to the reach of every individual. You can either make your websites responsive for different screen sizes or choose WordPress plugins specialized for mobile responsiveness. WPtouch is the latest plugin that allows you to make your websites responsiveness without making them overloaded. The speedy plugin transforms your website to the prospect screen size within microseconds.

5. It Offers High Security

People choose WordPress for their businesses to keep their business websites securer and safer. You can even design your own e-store on WordPress and install security software or simply pick a security plugin offered by WordPress to handle the hackers.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

As compared to other content management systems, you can easily build your website on WordPress free of cost. You may also buy basic or premium WordPress websites which will automatically provide you access to countless tools, plugins and themes which are needed to be separately purchased on other CMS.

7. Simplicity and Search Engine Friendliness

WordPress is one of the simplest CMS to develop and customize. WordPress development is becoming popular due to its simplicity which makes it easy-to-use for beginner non-web engineers as well. All you need to do is to hire a web engineer and get the design customized. If your website needs minor changes then simply use WordPress Style Guide to understand about basic things like form development and basic customization. The Helper Classes also include advance web development techniques including jQuery and UI developing.

8. Universal Platform

WordPress is one of the most recognized and trusted content management systems by all search engines. It is a universal platform with countless visitors who trust the security offered by the CMS. This is why most of the websites ranked on the first page of search engines are developed on WordPress. The universal factor of WordPress also expands to functionality and ideology. People come up with thousands of ideas every day and the incredible content management system provides them the most relevant and beautiful themes, plugins, and tools to develop an attractive website.

9. Infinite Functionality and Usability

The users of WordPress can enjoy infinite functionality in terms of management, administration, usability, and customization. The infinite functionality of WordPress allows you to establish a network of contributors along with highly customizing the websites. You can also install some special function to your website by installing a special plugin of the WordPress and make it unique from other WordPress websites. If you would like to invest some money on your blog then it is also a good idea to take help from renowned and trusted WordPress development companies to enhance the functionality and usability of your website. Some of the best known WordPress Development companies are:

The usability can also be improved by making simply changes to PhP or choosing the plugins designed to improve the user-friendliness of WordPress.

10. Capability to handle Multiple Users at a Time

With infinite data storage space at WordPress, it also provides you to handle multiple users at a time. People handle countless users, visitors, and subscribers at a time along with establishing strong business base. The customers can be sent updates or their accounts can be upgraded with just one click. With WordPress you can assign responsibilities to the employees or contributors. Here are some highly customized but manageable roles of WordPress that make it the perfect content management system for you.

  • Super Admin – One who manages the administration of site network
  • Admin – One who can manage the site administration
  • Contributors, authors and editors – People who can write, manage, publish, post and edit the content
  • Subscribers – People who can read, like, comment or share the content

The aforementioned features of WordPress have made it one of the most demanded CMS. Due to the extensive features of WordPress, it requires time to get hands on it which is why the WordPress customizers and web developers get highly paid salaries. The exclusive features of WordPress, future security, shining career and high salaries are some more reasons to attract web developers to this content management system.

<span style="font-weight: 400">Written by: </span>Alyona Galea
Written by: Alyona Galea

Alyona is a WordPress enthusiast, focused on sharing interesting things she comes across during her work with this great CMS. She loves exploring new destinations and maintains a travel blog at www.alyonatravels.com

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  1. WordPress is the most popular content management system and the fact that it has a standard WordPress dashboard makes it a universal platform that can be effectively used by anyone.

  2. When I started my blogging journey then my first question was, Why I should choose WordPress and not other CMS softwares.

    I searched a lot about it on Google at that time and I found that everybody is recommending to use WordPress and I started doing the same.

    Now today I know that why people should choose WordPress. Because WordPress is an independent and easy to use content management system.

    The best thing about it is, We can bring any feature in our website with just using a single plugin. That’s really good. 😀

    I am using WordPress since last 3 years and I loved it. 😀

  3. Another thing that makes WordPress so popular is the ability to use beautiful themes that enhance the professionalism of your site.

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