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Most of the programmers have never considered Facebook as a good resource where they can learn or code. On contrary to this belief, there are many forums available on internet where experienced coders are available for help. Some are free and few charge for the services.
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Are you a coder? What’s your reaction on using Facebook for marketing?


Are you a marketer? If yes, then you should be excited about the social media boom that has triggered a whole new paradigm shift in the sphere of digital marketing.


Most of the programmers have never considered Facebook as a good resource where they can learn or code. On contrary to this belief, there are many forums available on internet where experienced coders are available for help. Some are free and few charge for the services.

Developers are also human beings, who generally love to remain isolated. They love to concentrate on their coding exercise. They communicate only through their coding language. They interact via the website code. They love to develop code. They typically hate to be social. But, WordPress has transformed the whole mindset of developers. It’s been truly a drastic change, that has leverage developers to develop interactive and socially attractive websites.

Lets Talk WordPress

WordPress has no discrimination for coders or bloggers or anyone else. It is very easy to use. The simplicity of this Content Management System has made it handy for all users. It has truly become a universal and standardized application platform for all and sundry.

The tremendous flexibility in the usage of themes, plugins has been so phenomenal that it allows the WordPress coders and bloggers to work together and showcase their creativity in website design and development. The idea behind this post is to generate healthy conversation in the Advanced WordPress Facebook group.

Such astonishing has been the progress of WordPress that websites dedicated to ecommerce, photography, and other fields are now being developed on WordPress. There are many forums available, where WordPress issues are comprehensively answered. Nowadays, the communities on Facebook are very active. One of the biggest examples is the Advanced WordPress Facebook group where more than 10,000 professional individuals are actively engaged in discussing about various WordPress issues.

As of now, a large number of WordPress peers  are using Facebook to share their ideas, problems experiences, and provide guidance to WordPress lover in order to help them find the solutions of their problems from others’ experiences. With a large number of users, there are several different groups available for discussing various issues related to WordPress. Lets check out these WordPress groups:

Facebook WordPress GROUPS

Knowledge Level WordPress Groups:

  1. WordPress Help for Beginners
  2. WordPress for the Non-Technical
  3. Intermediate WordPress
  4. WordPress Help for Professionals
  5. Advanced WordPress

General WordPress Groups:

  1. All About WordPress
  2. WordPress
  3. WordPress Help
  4. WordPress Help and Share
  5. WordPress Q & A

Specialized WordPress Groups:

  1. WordPress for Business
  2. WordPress Designers
  3. WordPress Plugins
  4. WordPress Plugin Suggestions
  5. WordPress Hosting
  6. WordPress Security
  7. WordPress Speed Up
  8. WordPress Marketplace
  9. WordPress, SEO & Internet questions
  10. SEO
  11. Advanced Internet Marketing Group
  12. Headway Themes Users

Regional WordPress Groups:

  1. WordPress Croatia

These groups are active and and are ever ready to help you if you contact the right community for the right purpose. The credit for this collection goes to Ivica Delic from WordPress Speedup Group.

Let us know if you want to add any other group to this list and do also tell our readers why it is important for WordPress users.

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Alyona Galea

Alyona is a WordPress enthusiast, focused on sharing interesting things she comes across during her work with this great CMS. She loves exploring new destinations and maintains a travel blog at www.alyonatravels.com

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15 Responses

  1. Website quite helpful for those who want to work on WordPress and see their future in it. It really helps for that person who needs a group for discuss their issues on the facebook.

  2. I am going to ensure that I bookmark your website and will come back in the foreseeable future.

  3. Why there is no WooCommerce Group 🙂 would be great to add 1 more promising group here called Advanced WooCommerce Group ->

    It’s just started but got a lot of attention from the community. Already >200 members.

    1. Thanks for the read and suggestion, Tony. 🙂

      I also started one ecommerce group as Advanced Jigoshop:

      We will be updating them as a separate category for ecommerce.

  4. A few other helpful WordPress-related Facebook groups for your list:

    Genesis WordPress:
    Genesis Dynamik Help:
    Genesis Dynamik:

    1. Thanks for the read and suggestions, Stefanie. I think these Genesis groups must be there in the list. I will be compiling the list and editing the post soon. Cheers! 🙂

  5. Hi Waseem! Thanks for writing about WordPress groups on Facebook and including All About WordPress in the mix…. oh, and definitely a big thanks to my co-mod Ivica for helping with the list. 😀

    1. Thank you ALL for popularizing this (quite big) WordPress community on Facebook… and its getting bigger and stronger/knowledgeable every day.:-)

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