Attending Pressnomics 2016


Next week myself and Alyona will be at the Pressnomics conference in Phoenix. We’re really looking forward to making the most of this awesome conference.

For those of you who are hearing about it for the first time, Pressnomics is the conference for those that power the WordPress Economy. It’s organised by the Strebel family, founders of Pagely. In attendance there will be many successful WordPress entrepreneurs like Pippin Williamson, Tony Perez, Cory Miller, Carl Hancock and of course my podcast co-host James Laws.

It’s a 3 day event with enough time to not only attend sessions but also network heavily and also collaborate and relax. In fact from what I’ve heard it’s probably going to be more about the networking than the sessions.

Tickets for this year’s event are sold out but you can get a glimpse of the event’s programming schedule and decide whether you’d like to attend next year. I also suggest you take a look at the attendee list. You’ll probably spot many familiar names there.

So who’s going to be at Pressnomics 2016 this year? Give us a shout, we’d be happy to get to know you!

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Jean Galea is a WordPress developer, entrepreneur and padel player. He is the founder of WP Mayor, the plugins WP RSS Aggregator and EDD Bookings, as well as the podcast. His personal blog can be found at

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