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Colin has been using WordPress for over a decade and is on a quest to test all 60,000+ plugins at He has been a Writer and Product Review Expert for WP Mayor since 2017, testing well over 150 products and services throughout that time.

How To Create A WooCommerce List View For Products

Want to create a WooCommerce list view to display your products instead of the default WooCommerce shop page?

In this post, I’ll first talk about which types of stores can benefit from a list view. Then, I’ll show you how the WooCommerce Product Table plugin can help you generate a simple WooCommerce list view shortcode for your store.

How to Set Up Legal Signing With Gravity Forms (Full Workflows)

In this step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn how to set up legal signing workflows in Gravity Forms with the help of the Legal Signing plugin. Build automated workflows, have multiple signers, create signed PDF documents, and more.

Pressable Review: Managed WordPress Hosting

Pressable is a managed WordPress hosting service from Automattic, the same company behind, WooCommerce and more. Learn more in our hands-on Pressable hosting review.

Display Instagram Feed on Elementor Website [Step-by-Step]

Learn how to display your Instagram Feed on your Elementor website with this step-by-step guide. Follow the instructions to install & activate the plugin, create an access token, configure your feed, and embed it in Elementor.

Funnelforms Review: Multi-Step WordPress Forms for Conversions

Funnelforms is a conversion-focused WordPress form builder that helps you create multi-step forms for lead generation. It offers a unique approach with strong conditional logic features to help you build optimized funnels. Learn more in our full Funnelforms review.

Amazon Lightsail Hosting Review: AWS Hosting for WordPress

Amazon Lightsail Hosting offers easy-to-setup VPS instances powered by AWS infrastructure. It’s one of the easiest ways for WordPress users to get started with AWS. Learn more in our hands-on Amazon Lightsail hosting review.

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