WP Full Picture Review: WordPress Cookie Compliance + Analytics

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WP Full Picture is a well-designed and user-friendly plugin that combines various features like tracking scripts and cookie compliance. It offers a comprehensive feature set, which can help you make your data more accurate. The free version offers advanced features like geolocation and user-defined cookie preferences that other free plugins don’t provide. The free version should work well for most sites, but you can also try the 14-day free trial of the Pro version if you want to test the premium features. You can get started using the buttons below with no risk.

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WP Full Picture is an all-in-one solution for analytics tracking and cookie compliance on WordPress.

The plugin helps you integrate all of your analytics scripts under one roof and set up more advanced tracking to capture more accurate data.

Then, it also helps you comply with privacy laws by showing a smart, geolocated cookie consent notice that automatically integrates these scripts and lets users customize their cookie preferences.

Most intriguing, it does most of this for free, with a free feature list that goes far beyond most other free tools that I’ve seen.

In our hands-on WP Full Picture review, we’ll dig into this free plugin in more detail and give you a hands-on look at how it can help you with WordPress scripts and cookie compliance.

WP Full Picture Review: What Does The Plugin Do?

WP FullPicture review

At a high level, WP Full Picture helps you accomplish a few key things:

  1. Comply with cookie consent and privacy laws by showing a smart cookie consent notice. It uses geolocation data to only display the notice in countries that require it and adjust its behavior based on each user’s location. It also automatically manages scripts for you to comply with users’ cookie consent choices.
  2. Manage all of your tracking scripts from one spot, which simplifies things for you. For example, it can help you add and configure Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest Pixel, and lots, lots more. Or, the plugin can also integrate with existing tracking snippets that you’ve added to your site.
  3. Make your tracking analytics more accurate and comprehensive. For example, you can exclude yourself from being tracked to avoid polluting your data and also set up more advanced tracking such as downloads, affiliate link clicks, and so on. It also includes a feature to make your referral traffic analytics more accurate.

Let’s go through those features in more detail…

To help you comply with privacy and cookie consent laws around the world, one of the main features of WP Full Picture is a cookie consent notice.

Where WP Full Picture is different from some of the other popular free cookie consent plugins is that WP Full Picture’s consent notice is “smart”.

So – what does “smart” mean in this context?

First off, it uses geolocation to only show the cookie consent notice in countries where it’s required, with support for dozens of different countries around the world.

Beyond controlling when to show/hide the cookie consent notice, WP Full Picture can also adjust the behavior of the cookie consent notice based on a user’s location.

You can do these things automatically or set up your own customized geolocation rules to manually include/exclude countries.

In addition to the geolocation functionality, WP Full Picture automatically integrates with the various tracking scripts on your site to let visitors adjust their cookie preferences.

For example, if a user opts in to “Personalization” cookies but not “Statistics” cookies, WP Full Picture can automatically make sure that your site adjusts which scripts it loads to comply with the user’s choices.

The fact that the plugin does this for free is very unique, as most other tools charge for this type of more advanced cookie consent management functionality.

Finally, you’re also able to fully customize the design from the real-time WordPress Customizer.

Customizing the design of the WP FullPicture cookie consent notice

Manage All of Your Tracking Scripts from One Spot

To simplify your life, WP Full Picture lets you add and manage all of your tracking scripts from one spot.

Instead of needing to use a separate plugin for each script or install scripts manually, you can do everything from WP Full Picture’s modular setup.

Here are the built-in modules that are available at the time that I’m writing this post:

  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Analytics UA
  • Google Ads
  • Google Optimize
  • Matomo
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Microsoft Clarity
  • LinkedIn Insight
  • Pinterest Conversion Tag
  • TikTok Pixel
  • Twitter Ads
  • Hotjar
  • Insepectlet
  • Plausible Analytics
  • Crazy Egg
  • Splitbee
  • Google Tag Manager

If WP Full Picture doesn’t have a pre-configured integration for the tracking script that you want to add, you can also add your own custom tracking scripts as needed.

You’ll be able to tag the script so that your users can still control their preferences for those custom scripts.

Make Your Tracking Analytics More Accurate and Comprehensive

WP Full Picture also offers features to make your tracking more accurate.

You get some general settings that apply to all tracking scripts, such as the ability to exclude certain WordPress user roles from tracking.

There’s also a unique feature that lets you make your referral traffic more accurate. For example, instead of counting visits from the Pinterest Android app as “Direct” traffic (which happens by default), you can adjust things to more accurately capture that traffic as a referral coming from Pinterest. More on this below.

Traffic source modifications

You also get tracking enhancements for specific tracking scripts.

For example, if you’re using Google Analytics, WP Full Picture includes built-in settings to set up advanced tracking and custom dimensions for the following:

  • Affiliate link clicks
  • Form submissions
  • Clicks on certain page elements
  • Scroll depth and visibility
  • Custom dimensions for WordPress data such as page type, ID, terms, SEO titles, author’s name, user’s role, and more
  • …and more.

The same is true of other tracking scripts, such as Facebook Pixel.

If you have a WooCommerce store, there’s also a dedicated WooCommerce module to set up eCommerce analytics and tracking.

How to Use WP Full Picture to Add Tracking Scripts

Now that you know more about what WP Full Picture offers, let’s go over how to use it to set up tracking scripts and cookie consent compliance on your website.

WP Full Picture comes in both a free and a premium version.

For this portion of our WP Full Picture review, I’m using the free version from WordPress.org. 

So you can accomplish everything that you see below without needing to open your wallet (though I will discuss the pricing and premium features later in this post).

1. Install Plugin and Activate Modules

WP Full Picture uses a modular approach, which lets you keep things lightweight by only activating the specific features and integrations that you want to use on your site.

There are three categories of modules:

  • Cookie notice & privacy tools – these help you comply with privacy regulations.
  • Integrations with traffic analytics & marketing tools – these help you add/integrate tracking scripts to your site. For example, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Pinterest Conversion Tag, TikTok Pixel, and so on. There’s also a custom scripts option.
  • Extensions – these help improve the other modules, such as using geolocation for your cookie consent notice or setting up advanced eCommerce tracking for a WooCommerce store.
WP FullPicture modules

At a minimum, you’ll likely want to enable the cookie consent module, as well as modules for all of the tracking scripts that you want to use.

Once you enable those modules, you’ll get additional settings areas for each module under the Full Picture menu.

Next, you’ll want to configure your cookie consent notice.

You have three options:

  1. Automatic (strict) – automatically adjust the cookie consent notice with the safest settings for all countries.
  2. Automatically (lax) – automatically adjust the cookie consent notice with the minimal compliance measures as possible.
  3. Manually – you can choose your own settings and set up your own country-specific include/exclude rules.
Cookie consent notice settings

You can also tell the plugin what to do if it’s unable to detect the user’s location for some reason.

One thing that I really like about WP Full Picture is that all of these features are well-documented. You can click the “info” icon next to any setting to view a brief explanation of what it does and the plugin also links to the full documentation pages for more detail.

Interface tooltips

In addition to controlling the cookie notice behavior, there’s also a Design the Notice setting that lets you customize the design, layout, and content of the cookie consent notice using the WordPress Customizer, which is super convenient.

Customizing the design of the WP FullPicture cookie consent notice

3. Add Your Tracking Scripts

Once you’ve set up your cookie consent notice, you can set up the tracking scripts for all of the modules that you’ve enabled.

Again, WP Full Picture will automatically integrate these tracking scripts with the cookie consent notice, which is one of the big advantages of the plugin.

In addition to the tracking script itself, you can also set up a few basic behaviors. For example, you could only use this tracking script in certain countries.

You could also override the cookie consent notice to load the script without waiting for user input (though this might not be compliant in all countries, so you’ll want to tread carefully here).

Adding Google Analytics to WP FullPicture

You would then repeat the process for all of the tracking/analytics scripts that you want to use on your site.

If you need to use a script for which WP Full Picture doesn’t have a built-in integration, you can use the Custom Scripts module. You can also use Google Tag Manager to add scripts. However, scripts added with GTM are not automatically managed by the cookie notice.

This lets you add the script and also configure what the script is used for, which lets users opt-in/opt-out of that type of cookie.

Adding a custom script to WP FullPicture

There’s also a separate Scripts Manager that lets you manually load in existing scripts on your site, e.g. a script that you’re already loading via another plugin.

4. Configure and Improve Tracking Functionality

As I mentioned above, one of the advantages of using WP Full Picture over manually adding your tracking scripts is that WP Full Picture also includes functionality to make your tracking more accurate and comprehensive.

Let’s go through it…

General Settings

First, you’ll want to open the General Settings area to configure general tracking behavior for all your scripts.

You can set up exceptions to automatically exclude certain user roles from tracking (as well as not tracking users with a certain query parameter).

Tracking exceptions

Another unique feature is the ability to modify referral source tracking to make it more accurate in the Traffic sources modifications settings.

According to the developer, up to 20% of your site’s “Direct” traffic might actually be referral traffic from Android apps.

With this feature, you can modify the tracking to recognize that this is actually referral traffic. For example, you could classify someone who visited your site from the Pinterest Android app as referral traffic instead of direct traffic.

There’s also an option to combine similar URLs of referring domains. For example, you can treat different country-code or device-specific subdomains as the same parent domain name. So instead of seeing “l.facebook.com”, “lm.facebook.com”, and others, you just see “facebook.com”.

Traffic source modifications

If you want to learn more about this feature, you can check out the documentation page here. This page also explains how to find non-HTTP referrers on your site.

Script-Specific Settings

In addition to the general settings on your site, you can also access script-specific settings.

For example, if you’re using Google Analytics 4, you’ll get new options under the Google Analytics 4 settings to track clicks, WordPress data, and more.

The free version of the plugin still gives you some flexibility here, but the premium version gives you even more with options to track affiliate link clicks, scroll depth, forms, and lots more.

I’ve enabled the premium settings so that you can see all the different options.

Advanced tracking options

WP Full Picture Pricing

WP Full Picture comes in both a free version at WordPress.org as well as a premium version that adds more features.

Even with the free version, you’re still getting access to the cookie notice (including geolocation support), as well as 16 ready-to-use integrations and the ability to add your own custom scripts.

Here are some of the main features that the premium version – WP Full Picture Pro – adds to your site:

  • Deep WooCommerce support for eCommerce stores, including tracking WooCommerce purchases, add to cart usage, wish lists, product views, and more.
  • More advanced tracking functionality such as tracking form submissions, file downloads, engagement time, and more.
  • Access to all of the ready-to-use integrations (the free version is limited to 14 core integrations).
  • Affiliate link tracking to track outbound affiliate link clicks.

Using the free version of the plugin, there’s an option to show all of the premium options in the interface, which can give you a good feel for what the premium version offers.

If you need those premium features, WP Full Picture Pro starts at $79 for use on a single site and ranges up to $499 for use on up to 100 sites.

you can contact the developer for a custom plan if more than 100 licenses are needed

WP FullPicture pricing

If you want to test out WP Full Picture Pro, the developer offers a 14-day free trial that gives you full access to the premium functionality – no credit card needed.

There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee on top of that, so you have plenty of options for testing the premium functionality at no risk to your wallet.

Note: WP Mayor has it on good resources that WP Full Picture will soon be offering a Lifetime Deal. This deal will only run for seven days. Hop on over to WP Full Picture and sign up to receive a notification when this deal goes live!

Final Thoughts on WP Full Picture

Overall, I found WP Full Picture to be a very polished plugin. The interface is well-designed and easy to use and all of the functionality is documented very well.

It also has a very comprehensive feature set, letting you replace a number of different plugins with one tool. Instead of using separate plugins for tracking scripts and cookie compliance, WP Full Picture puts everything under one roof and makes it work automatically.

Even without the cookie compliance angle, it still offers tons of advantages just for adding tracking scripts because of how it can help you make your data more accurate.

Beyond that, it has a very generous free feature list that goes far beyond most of the other free cookie compliance plugins out there, offering advanced features like geolocation and user-defined cookie preferences at no cost.

If you want to try it out, I think the free version alone should work for most sites.

If you want to test the premium version, you can also get a 14-day free trial of the Pro version, so there’s no risk in trying that, either.

You can get started by using the buttons below:

WP Full Picture Website

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