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For the moment, think about what you feel is the most important part of your eCommerce store. How do you spend your time on a regular basis, and what are the tools you implement to improve your sales throughout the week? Those are some tough questions, because there are so many essential areas to optimize on your site. 
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For the moment, think about what you feel is the most important part of your eCommerce store. How do you spend your time on a regular basis, and what are the tools you implement to improve your sales throughout the week? Those are some tough questions, because there are so many essential areas to optimize on your site. 

You might say that you work to improve the products you sell or the overall flow of your checkout process. Maybe you make it a little more secure for your customers to buy products or you complete testing to figure out where your customers are clicking when they search for products on your site. Of course the journey to find the best eCommerce platform can be quite tedious, but we’ve covered some WordPress eCommerce plugins to help you with this too.

The truth is, all of this is rather important, and it’s categorized as conversion optimization, or improving the chances that people who come to your website actually convert into paying customers.

There’s lots to think about in terms of conversion optimization, but the key is making your customers feel comfortable and happy, while speeding them through the purchase process in an efficient manner.

You might even figure out how to get them to come back with rewards and discounts in the future. Let’s take a look at some of the best conversion optimization tools for eCommerce WordPress sites to increase your sales and make your customers happy.

What Are the Most Popular Conversion Optimization Tools for eCommerce WordPress sites?

When you use a WordPress site it’s best to stick with eCommerce plugins so you don’t have to mess with any coding or hire someone else to modify huge portions of your website. The platform is already setup for you, and there are plenty of tools to help you optimize conversions.

I feel there are a handful of categories that you need to focus on for conversion optimization:

  • User tendency testing
  • Customer support and feedback
  • Product credibility
  • Customer retention
  • SEO and security 

User Tendency Testing

This is all about A/B split testing, where you use a few tools to see how your customers move around and react to certain pages and components on your site. It’s the most important part of eCommerce conversion optimization, and many folks seem to forget about it.


This is one of the best options when you plan on seeing where your customers go on your website. It works with a plugin, but I would recommend going straight through the company site to get all the main features.

You can get started for free or contact the company if you plan on using it for a larger business.


It’s rather simple to implement on your website, and the system works to create two options that people can land on when they go to one of your pages. Optimizely then gives you detailed results on which page worked best and how.


You can quickly identify a goal for your company and see results for conversion rates and how the live traffic is responding to your changes.

Google Content Experiments

This is another split testing tool offered through Google.


The cool thing about Google Content Experiments is that it works right out of the box with few instructions. Get a few pages up your site to text against each other and get to work. I would highly recommend this option for people worried about the technical nature of most split testing tools.

Customer Support and Feedback

Formula Live Chat


Formula Live Chat is a solid tool for chatting with customers on your site. Sure, email and phone calls work fine, but people are shifting to live chat because it’s easier. You can bet that someone is more likely to convert into a paying customer when they know an actual person is giving them help.

It simply installs into your site and pops up in the lower right hand corner of your site when someone visits. 

Awesome Surveys

Why not figure out why people are or are not buying on your site? Give them a survey with a tool like Awesome Surveys.


You can send these out in emails or post them on your site for rapid feedback on the purchase process.

Product Credibility

WP Customer Reviews


There’s a much better chance of someone buying a product from you when they see real reviews on the product page.

Give your customers this chance with the WP Customer Reviews plugin, offering fields for personal information, a rating and a full text review.

Customer Retention

WooCommerce Loyalty and Rewards Program


WooCommerce offers an interesting take on the standard rewards system to convince people to come back to your store.

You get to choose different rewards and display them on your site. So, you might give out “beans” (the rewards credits) when someone enrolls in your email program or when they buy a certain amount of product.

SEO and Security

I paired these two together because it involves trust from both search engines and your users. When you sell online your customers want to know that their information is secure. At the same time, search engines scan the internet to find the most trustworthy sources for certain products. 

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast is the crown jewel of SEO plugins, since it tells you what needs to be changed as you create a page or post on your eCommerce site. 

Why is SEO important for conversion optimization? Well, it helps you understand how both search engines and users want to view content. The plugin alerts you when the content isn’t natural, and it even helps bring in more leads through the search engines, which is the first step in converting.


All you have to do is type in a particular keyword you plan on targeting and Yoast shows you the areas that need work. Improve your SEO title, meta description, content and URL. 

McAfee Security

Although website security is essential for keeping your business and customers safe, it also ties into conversion optimization.

With all the personal information hacks we see today, people do not trust sites that aren’t completely secure.


A tool like McAfee keeps phishers and malware attacks at bay, and it shows your customers that they are secure while shopping, increasing their trust and making it easier for them to feel nice about buying from you.

That’s it for the best conversion optimization tools for eCommerce WordPress sites. Share your thoughts if you have used these tools, and how they work for you.

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  1. Nice collection of resources. Just wanted to add Crazy Egg. It works with your testing platforms to show you how people behave on your site: where they click and how far they scroll.

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