Tips to Follow for Increasing Traffic to Your WordPress Blog or Site

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Today, many businesses are adopting an advanced way of promoting and marketing their businesses. In the era of Internet technology, most of the people are creating a fully-functional websites on the WordPress to boost the reputation of their business across the nation.
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Today, many businesses are adopting an advanced way of promoting and marketing their businesses. In the era of Internet technology, most of the people are creating a fully-functional websites on the WordPress to boost the reputation of their business across the nation.

WordPress is the most impressive Content Management System that allows even an average business owner to create and maintain a professional looking website with ease. It offers thousands of useful themes, plugins and extensions. With the help of the website, you can engage more and more visitors to your business. A well-designed website quickly and efficiently increases your productivity and also generates leads. Thus, it is important for you to drive more visitors to your website if you want to generate more profits and build strong reputation on the web market.

A blog is one of the powerful tools that can help you engage more traffic to any kind of a website, be it a business site, content-based site, directory or an online store. You can add fresh and high-quality content to your blog on the regular basis as it will provide useful information to the readers/visitors and also publish more pages for search engines to index.

By publishing high-quality articles you can produce more incoming links to your professional site and also boost your brand image. In fact, unique and super quality of articles drives more readers and potential customers. Well, there are many other ways that can help you drive traffic to your site.

In this blog post, we will share some of the handy tips that can help you increase traffic to your WordPress website.

Pick out a professional blog design

You can increase the volume of your traffic to your site by using the professional blog as it will enhance your professional image and also boost your brand, increase credibility and generate leads and sales.

However, many of the bloggers/WordPress owners place many advertisements and unnecessary images on their blog designs. And most of the visitors find it irritating and they immediately click on the back button without even reading your blog or an article. Thus, it will be better to use a beautiful, decent and professional blog design if you want to target your blog to increase traffic to your site.

Plus, the design of your blog should be responsive and adaptable so that it will work smoothly on different devices, including, desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Always use readable and accessible fonts into your blog.

In order to stimulate visitors to stay on your site for a longer time, you can show the most recent blogs, featured articles and most popular articles. So, drive visitors to your site by using a professional and alluring blog design.

Select your topics deliberately

The topics that you include in your blogs should influence the targeted readers and visitors for whom you publish. For instance, if you publish a blog post on basic tutorials, you will get a lot more newbie WordPress users or beginners. Similarly, if you publish advanced tutorials, then you will get experienced visitors.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to research what topics you need to cover on your blog and come up with long term content marketing strategy. It will help you increase targeted traffic from the visitors who wants to subscribe to your blog and buy your goods and services. Well, you can also cover the topics to your blog that are currently gaining popularity. You can use the Google Trends services to follow trending topic with ease.

Make sure to check out what keywords and key phrases are suitable for your business/website. You can do this by analyzing the traffic to your website and looking at what type of keywords are driving visitors.

However, you can also use the keyword research tools. Like WordTracker, Keyword Tool and the most popular Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Another way of doing keyword research is by analyzing how your close competitors are influencing traffic.

Your website should be SEO friendly

Seo Friendly

While creating a website for your online business make sure it will be easily interpreted by popular search engines, like Google so that they can crawl and index your website’s content quickly. There are numerous benefits of creating a SEO-friendly website as it will help you generate traffic, increases popularity and boost the productivity of the business. Luckily, the WordPress is a SEO- ready platform that comes with SEO-friendly custom page slugs.

If you really want to rank high in the search engine results, then you have to structure your website properly. Your theme should utilize header tags properly, validate with no HTML or CSS bugs, and reap the benefit of additional navigation features, like breadcrumb navigation links.

You can also use search engine plugins like All in One SEO Pack and Infinite SEO with an objective to optimize your website page by modifying page titles and meta descriptions. In fact, most of the SEO plugins can be utilized to create a sitemap for your website. You can also install the free WordPress plugin Google XML Sitemaps that give you complete control over what search engines should add and the frequency in which web pages are crawled.

Publish high quality articles

By publishing high quality articles, you can encourage more visitors; influence them to share your articles with others and more. It is because readers want to read informative articles that can help them to learn new things. By doing so, your website will generate incoming links and search engine traffic.

You can also add super-quality content on your website to target more visitors as it will help you generate leads quickly and easily. So, it is vital for you to focus on your content’s quality and forget about cheap traffic that merely affects traffic stats. While writing a high quality articles, follow these easy tips:

  • Use an inviting article title
  • Proper use of grammar
  • Add images in your articles
  • Share important news or facts
  • Publish authentic reviews, and
  • Help readers by writing tutorials

Connecting with your readers

With the help of blogs, you can get to know your readers in a better way and vice-versa. You can read your readers feedback in the comment area, or you can answer the questions in the same area. Here, you can establish a trustworthy relationship with your potential readers and visitors.

If you want to increase traffic, then actively respond to reader’s comments. However, if you don’t have enough time to respond to the comments, you can also disable the comments.

Well, you can also interact with web customers via social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google +. You can also take interviews of your readers as it will help you know what your visitors think about you and your site.

Amplify your online presence

If you want to grow your online presence all over the web world, then you need to encourage first-time visitors to subscribe your blog RSS feed and also follow you on popular social media platforms.

Targeted email marketing list is a powerful way of growing online presence. In fact, it is more effective than RSS or other social media services.

With the help of this, you can send messages directly to the visitor’s inbox. One can use this to promote their products and services and make subscribers of their most recent blog post.

By subscribing more readers to your blog, you can keep them returning to the blog on a frequent basis and this will help you increase traffic and also boosts your sales.

Promoting your website’s blog

There are different ways of promoting a website’s blog. If you have enough money, then you can develop your blog quickly by expanding your social media presence and by giving advertisements on other websites.

For those who don’t have a huge budget, there is a wide collection of promotional methods that will not cost you heavy. Guest blogging is one of the most popular and effective blog promotion methods. By writing blogs for high traffic and well-reputed sites, you can build a strong reputation. In fact, the incoming links that are presented in your author bio will also upsurge incoming links to your blog that successively increases your ranking in search engines.

One of the great ways to promote a blog is to allow others to do it for you. It can be done by publishing quality content and developing handy resources such as free online tools. In fact, the competitions are also an ideal way of allowing readers to promote your blog for you. Rafflecopter is a great competition services that let people enter a competition by sharing your blog on Facebook or Twitter.

Examine your traffic

Google Analytics is a great analytical solution that tells the WordPress owner about their blogs. They can display you what articles are getting the most views, what keywords are attracting visitors and how many visitors are coming to your blog every day. With the help of this information, you can more precisely target your customers and influence them to visit your site on a regular basis, which in turn increases traffic, as well as sales of your site.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this blog post as it includes the handy ways to increase traffic to your site and blog. 

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    Thanks for the interesting article! How about adding social sharing buttons to your WordPress blog? Adding social sharing buttons ensure that your content gets the exposure it deserves. By providing a single click share method, it drives huge social media referrals too. What do you think?
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  2. Just come across this article. Thanks for sharing. What about Backlinks and how significantly can it improve the ranking in search engines?

  3. Great article – would be interesting to hear whether others things RSS is genuinely a useful tool still these days? I see the value – I just don’t think anyone uses it much anymore?

    1. In my opinion RSS is definitely still a very useful tool, not only with RSS readers – just check out WP RSS Aggregator ) to see how powerful they can really be. There are some pretty great websites built around the use of RSS feeds.

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