SellKit Review: Optimize Your WooCommerce Checkout

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The out-of-the-box WooCommerce checkout can be dull and somewhat confusing. A checkout builder plugin is your ticket to a vastly improved checkout experience. In our Sellkit review, we show you how to combine WooCommerce and the SellKit plugin to create an engaging checkout experience that will increase your conversions.
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Have you ever considered upgrading your WooCommerce checkout process?

WooCommerce is arguably the best eCommerce solution for WordPress. But let’s admit it, the out-of-the-box checkout can be dull, drawn-out, and somewhat confusing. A checkout builder plugin is your ticket to a vastly improved checkout experience.

There’s so much you can do for your customers during checkout that will make it more fun, offer more options and consequently boost your sales. You can also decrease your abandoned carts by streamlining the process.

In this article, I’ll show you how to combine WooCommerce and the SellKit plugin to create an engaging checkout experience that will increase your conversions.

SellKit Review: Optimizing WooCommerce Checkouts

You can do a lot with WooCommerce to make a more enticing store, such as amp up the UI and even offer customer support.

One thing you can do that will likely have the biggest impact is to simplify your checkout page. That may sound like a small thing, but how your customers interact with your store during checkout can directly affect sales — for better or worse.

Thankfully, you don’t have to fumble around trying to DIY the experience. There’s a plugin to help you do it without touching a lick of code. It’s called SellKit.

Reviewing the Sellkit plugin.

SellKit is a feature-rich WordPress plugin that will guide you in optimizing your WooCommerce checkout by helping you:

  • Build sales funnels
  • Streamline the checkout process
  • Boost sales by offering order bumps
  • Offer customized discounts, coupons, and notices

How to Use SellKit to Increase Engagement and Sales

While it would be nice if you could just install SellKit and let it do magic, there are things you’ll need to contribute to the process. I’ll walk you through the steps to get started.

Step 1: Install the Plugin

Start by downloading the SellKit plugin directly from its page.

After you’ve downloaded the plugin zip file, navigate to the Admin Dashboard of your WordPress site. Select Plugins>Add New. Click Upload Plugin and browse for the .zip file you saved. Click Install Now, then activate it.

Now, in your dashboard left-side menu, you’ll see a new item called SellKit. Click it, and you’ll be in the main menu for the plugin settings. The first section you’ll see is the dashboard. This screen will show you the stats for Funnel Builders, Smart Coupons, Dynamic Discounts, and Smart Notices. However, the stats will be empty since you haven’t created any yet.

Let’s remedy that by creating a sales funnel.

Step 2: Create a Sales Funnel

In the SellKit menu, click on Funnels. This will take you to a screen where you can choose from several premade templates or “Funnel Recipes.” You can select templates for Ebook, Inline Checkout, Product, Coffee, Marketing Course, and more. You can also start from scratch.

SellKit menu

For our example, let’s select the Product recipe. On the next screen, you can see options for the Sales, Checkout, and Thank you pages. Click the Preview button at the top to see how it will all work.

SellKit menu

The templates are beautifully designed and professional-looking right out of the box. You can customize them to your liking or fit your site’s branding better. Click on the blue Get Funnel button at the top right, which will take you to the editing screen.

SellKit menu

On the left, you’ll see the different sections available for editing. In our example, they are:

  • Product-Landing
  • Product-Checkout
    • A Digital Product Order Bump
  • Product-Thank You

Clicking on one of these sections changes the editing options on the right. If you use a page builder such as Elementor or Beaver Builder, you’ll have the choice to edit pages that way, or you can use the WordPress Block Editor.

Let’s step through the sections and take a closer look at the editing options you have.


Your landing page may be the most critical part of the conversion process. After all, if they don’t get past your landing page, it won’t matter how great your Checkout and Thank You pages look.

Thankfully, the existing product landing page template looks really good, so you can very likely get away with changing the colors, logo, and specific product information. Again, it makes sense to spend a little extra time here to make sure your visitors have no doubt about why they should buy your particular product.

The Next Step Button link is what’s represented by the Call to Action buttons on the landing page. You could link to a separate product checkout page or the purchase buttons on the same page.


This is the page where customers will place their orders. Again, you can edit the design using your page builder or the block editor.

Under the Products tab, you can select which product(s) will be automatically included in the checkout for this funnel. You can add as many as you like and limit buyers to choose only one of the products listed. You can also force-sell all the products, which can be useful when offering a bundle of products for a special price.

In the Optimization tab section, you can choose to have any coupons automatically applied to the cart. This is a handy feature because it reduces the number of steps to adding a coupon, which can decrease your cart abandonment rate.

The Expire Checkout feature lets you choose a specific deadline date for when a customer needs to close the checkout. This is useful in situations where you have a limited-time offer.

Product-Thank You

The thank you page is where you give your customers their order confirmation. It’s also an excellent opportunity to let them connect with your shop further, such as by signing up for your newsletter or following your social media accounts.

Once you’ve made all your changes, select Save Changes at the top. You can always go back to your list of Funnels and edit them as needed.

That’s all there is to creating a funnel! Now let’s talk about a few extra things SellKit helps you do that can increase sales throughout the shopping experience.

Discounts, Coupons, and Notices

It’s one thing to offer random discounts or coupons on your site, but SellKit takes it a step further by helping you make those offers based on your customers’ behavior.

For example, you can create a Dynamic Discount only offered to visitors using a mobile device to browse your site. Or, you can trigger a discount offer based on when they signed up on your website. You can also repeat the same discount for the same customer every time they shop.

SellKit menu

Smart Coupons are another dynamic offering you can create for your visitors. Similar to Dynamic Discounts, you can set them for particular products and designate who is eligible based on things like past order billing city, cart items, day of the week, or even a UTM term.

Checkout Notices show personalized messages with tempting offers and effectively increase the chance of bigger orders during checkout. Ecommerce stores and booking websites effectively use checkout notices to trigger cognitive biases such as fear of missing out (FOMO), hyperbolic discount and loss aversion and increase customer’s engagement and order size.

You can use all of these simultaneously and in different combinations with various products and funnels you’ve created.

Optimizing the Checkout Experience

A stand-out feature of SellKit is that it helps you reduce the number of steps it takes to checkout, compared to the vanilla WooCommerce version. The faster a customer can checkout — with as few steps as possible — the more likely they are to complete their order.

The checkout form is totally customizable, with drag and drop functionality. You can also create an Express Checkout, a one-click checkout where your customer can skip entering billing and shipping details. Other checkout optimization features include:

  • Inline Form Validation
  • Auto-complete
  • Auto-population
  • Skip Cart
  • Pre-populate Form Data

There’s much more than we can cover here, but the value of all these features is immense.

SellKit’s Pricing

The SellKit plugin is free to install and use. However, the Pro and Agency plugin versions offer more features and support.

SellKit pricing

Pro at $199/year

The Pro version includes 1-on-1 support rather than the community support you get with the free version.

Pro also gives you unlimited sites, which is a great option for freelancers. The Premium Ready to Use Templates will help you get set up faster, especially if you need some design suggestions to get you going.

There are advanced analytics and customer segmentation tools in the Pro version. Some of the other features included in Pro are:

  • Premium checkout
  • Cart optimizations
  • Smart coupons
  • Dynamic discounts
  • Smart notices
  • Advanced product catalog filters
  • Product catalog swatches

Agency at $597 (lifetime)

The Agency version gives you everything included in Pro, plus:

  • Slack channels
  • Free onboarding by their team
  • Lifetime updates
  • Zoom support
  • 3-month Growmatik subscription

The Agency version is probably the best value for a digital agency with a medium to a large staff.

A New and Improved WooCommerce Checkout with SellKit

Out of the box, WooCommerce is a powerful way to build a robust eCommerce store in WordPress. It’s secure, reliable, and relatively easy to set up. The checkout process leaves much to be desired, and you could lose valuable conversions.

SellKit plugin turns your shop checkout experience from dull to dynamic. You’ll increase conversions and generate more sales than you may have thought possible.

While you could hunt around, test, and purchase various plugins to accomplish all of this, the SellKit plugin encompasses all the tools you need.

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