WordPress Grid Plugins To Display Your Posts and Pages in a Grid Layout

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One essential tool in a web designer's bag of tricks is a grid builder. Grid builders provide an overall framework within which your content can be placed. They provide a skeleton of invisible lines for arranging content in a neat and organized fashion. Building a grid should be an easy process that doesn't take up too much of your time. And if you're using WordPress, there are a number of quality plugins that let you get to work right away. Using lightweight and clean WordPress grid plugins, you can plan and execute a grid system on any page, right down to the last detail.
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One essential tool in a web designer’s bag of tricks is a grid builder. Grid builders provide an overall framework within which your content can be placed. They provide a skeleton of invisible lines for arranging content in a neat and organized fashion.

Building a grid should be an easy process that doesn’t take up too much of your time. And if you’re using WordPress, there are a number of quality plugins that let you get to work right away. Using lightweight and clean WordPress grid plugins, you can plan and execute a grid system on any page, right down to the last detail.

If you’re interested in knowing the resources we’ve used in building this website, you can look it up in this list of resources.

Where Can You Use Grids?

You can use grids to display any content in various pre-defined layouts. Grids are a great way to display portfolios, images, testimonials, team members, blog posts, or any other collection in a concise way. WordPress grid plugins are easy to set up and once the initial settings are configured, you can start inserting content into the grids.

While many themes do include grid-based layouts, you can also use a plugin for the same function. This post is a list of plugins that can help to create grid layouts on pages to display posts or any other content from your website. For instance, creating a grid to display blog posts on a page which readers can click on to Read More.

Here’s our list of favorite plugins for building grids in pages to display different types of content. All these plugins are responsive, so you can be certain they display well across all devices.


Toolset is an extremely versatile set of plugins that helps you to display any content in a grid in minutes.

Toolset's Module Manager

You can use Toolset’s Module Manager to display testimonials, portfolios, members, and other types of content almost immediately using their custom-built designs.

Not only that but Toolset also allows you to design your own custom grids for anything whether it’s blog posts, images, search results, related content, or anything else. These grids can contain images, text, videos, maps, and other types of media. Use Toolset’s filters to display only specific items in your grids.

These grids can then be displayed on any part of your website.


Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

The top-selling Grid plugin on CodeCanyon, Essential Grid gives you loads of options to employ different kinds of design elements and come up with a neat arrangement to display your content. Any kind of content that you can imagine – blogs, posts, videos, images, client, products, pricing tables – can all be placed in the grid.

Essential Grid Plugin

A number of examples, skins, and Visual Skin Builder are included. And this gives scope for a great deal of customization of the grid. You can use one of the included examples as a start point, or start from scratch and build a grid using the Skin Builder. Not only that, but you can also add animations to any element.

After creating the grid, you can add it to any area on your site using a simple shortcode. Helpful tutorials are included to help beginners get started. Exploring the examples also gives a beginner an idea of the possibilities with this plugin. And if you like what you’ve designed, you can export the grid and all the metadata to a theme or to another WordPress install.

Get Essential Grid


uSquare makes it possible for developers to take the website to a whole new level using elegant layouts. You can add any number of squares to the grid and pick the items that go into them.

Moreover, you can set it to pull content from existing posts or posts from a particular category, and also edit the details of each item. It helps to display content in a post-thumbnail style. You can use it for displaying a lot more than posts – team members, services, products, designs, offers, and more.

Building highly customized grids is possible with uSquare. The order of the items can be changed simply by drag and drop. Not only that, but you can also choose what happens when a user clicks on an item in the grid – lead them to another page, or open a lightbox to view an image or present information in an overlay over the grid.

The built-in options for using Google fonts, custom colors, sizes, backgrounds, and social icons are great aids for building a grid of a size and style that suits your website and images.

Get uSquare


UberGrid will help you bring your WordPress site to life with nice-looking layouts of square items. Possible applications include presenting your portfolio, team, products, photos, blog posts. One of the best features of this plugin is its flexibility. Also, almost every feature of the plugin can be customized.

Using existing posts like WooCommerce products or any custom type post, you can build a grid automatically. It supports various media types such as images, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, and text support. There’s also support for on-hover descriptions with animation options.

Get UberGrid

The Grid

The Grid is an advanced, versatile, grid building plugin for WordPress. You’ll surely be able to find the appearance you want for your grid from among the 30 pre-defined skins. Just in case you do not find one you like, the advanced skin builder will help you build one. You have control over every detail from an easy-to-use interface.

The Grid

You can source items for your grid from any post, page, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and RSS feed. If you’re running an online store, you’ll find the support for WooCommerce particularly attractive.

This plugin has some unique features – it supports masonry, grid, and justified layouts. All the layouts you create can be laid out in a vertical manner or can be put on a horizontal touch slider or carousel.

Get The Grid


Instagram is fast becoming one of the most important platforms for branding and social engagement. Including your Instagram feed in a grid on your website can help you both curate content faster, and grow your audience.


Spotlight is a great tool for just about any WordPress user. The intuitive and easy-to-use interface provides you with a live interactive preview to help you design your feed without any coding required. Sign up multiple accounts and create unlimited feeds anywhere on your site.

With this plugin, you are given full control over the look of your feed. You can select the number of posts to show, adjust sizing, and order your photos by date, popularity, or at random.

Spotlight - Design Your FeedSpotlight - Design Your Feed

The free version of this plugin allows you to display your Instagram like and comment counts as you hover over each post, giving you bonus social proof! Users can additionally view your posts in a pop-up or lightbox directly within your website, ensuring that they do not leave your site. The plugin is fully responsive, and also lets you design your feed according to each specific device, making your grid layouts look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

The PRO version gives you even more great options! With this upgrade, you will be able to display your Instagram stories to connect with your audience.

Filter and moderate your feed to display only those posts you want your visitors to see. Then, link Instagram posts to specific blog posts, pages, products, and any custom URL. The PRO version comes with additional layouts such as Masonry, Carousel, Highlight, and Slider.

Get Spotlight

Content Views

Content Views is a WordPress Grid Plugin that’s available in both the free and premium versions. The free plugin is popular, with over 50000 active installs. This plugin allows you to create a grid of your posts and display it anywhere on your site – any post, page, or widget – using a shortcode that’s generated by the plugin. You can display the posts in a grid format or as a scrollable/collapsible list.

Content Views

Moreover, you can choose which items will appear in the grid, preview the changes, and select what fields will be visible to visitors (descriptions, titles, thumbnails). It allows a great deal of flexibility in what is displayed by manually making a list of posts or by using filters like author, category, or latest posts.

With the premium version comes additional layouts, support for premium plugins like Paid Memberships Pro and Easy Digital Downloads, hover animation effects, and more.

Get Content Views Pro

Post Grid

With over 10000 active installs, Post Grid is another WordPress grid plugin that helps to create grids easily  and display your posts aesthetically. Choose to add as many or as few items to your grid and create a limitless combination of lattices for use on your site.

Post Grid

The grid squares are added using shortcodes and you can modify them using the shortcode generator. You can also choose the metadata that you want to display or hide – post title, description, author, date. It supports pagination and includes social share buttons.

Get Post Grid

Cube Portfolio

Cube Portfolio is a good choice of plugin for both beginners and developers. You can build a grid using one of the 8 starter templates and customize every detail using the Live Template Builder. It’s compatible with Visual Composer and comes with a built-in lightbox.

You can use any content item within the grids, and the plugin supports images, YouTube, and Vimeo. There are 22 different animations for the gird items and 14 animation types for the captions. Moreover, it’s optimized for performance with lazy loading, load more, and built-in Ajax support.

Get Cube Portfolio

To Conclude

Grids are a great aid help when it comes to designing a website. They help to align your presentation and be consistent throughout the page or site. You can choose to keep the grids layouts simple and balanced or opt for variations or highlights. The plugins in this list can help you get a neat grid layout up on your site.

Have you used any WordPress grid plugin? Let us know about your experience with them in the comments below.

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