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Exploring the World of WordPress Plugins: The “WordPress Plugins” tag offers a deep dive into the vast landscape of plugins available for enhancing WordPress sites. From essential utilities to niche tools, discover plugins that cater to every need — be it SEO, security, eCommerce, or custom functionality. Learn about the latest plugins, read reviews, and get insights on choosing, using, and optimizing the right plugins to elevate your WordPress experience.

WPGetAPI Review

WPGetAPI Review: Connect WordPress to APIs

WPGetAPI offers a code-free way to connect your WordPress site to unlimited external REST API’s. You can fetch data and display it on your site or pass data from your site to the API. Learn more in our full WPGetAPI review.

WordPress 2FA Authentication: The Lowdown on This Essential Site Security Element

The battle for your online personal information is between you on the one side and bad actors on the other. While you can’t control what security provisions other sites have, you do get to control your own site security. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is one way to protect yourself from breaches, and WordPress 2FA authentication can help you implement it.

Mastering Your Content Strategy with a PublishPress Editorial Calendar

Mastering your content strategy with a WordPress editorial calendar is crucial for any serious content creator or marketer looking to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. This guide will introduce PublishPress as one of the most popular content calendar plugins. Additionally, it will explain how to customize it for your website’s needs.

Best WordPress Multilingual Plugins

WordPress has become one of the most popular open source Content Management Systems, and now powers and supports more than 60,000,000 blogs and sites from all over the world.

Since WordPress is so widely used all over the world, there is an inherent need for site contents to be displayed in different languages. Now with eCommerce sites also being constructed with WordPress, it is quite important to make one single site with multiple language compatibility. This can make the sites usable for people speaking different languages. Multilingual plugins from WordPress are developed for this very purpose.

ClickWhale Review: Masterful Link Management Made Easy!

ClickWhale is a WordPress plugin offering link management, shortening, and analytics. Create and customize link pages, manage SEO settings, and embed tracking codes without modifying your site’s code. All on your own domain.

Multilingual Website

How to Create a Multilingual Website with Divi and WPML

In this post, we’re going to show you exactly how you can create your own multilingual site using the popular WPML plugin. While we focus on Divi for this tutorial, you could easily adapt this method to other themes.

Ultimate Design Control Using Kadence Blocks 3.0

What if you could have more control over your site design using the native WordPress editor? In this article, I’ll show how you can design great-looking content using Kadence Blocks.

WPML Review: WordPress Multilingual Plugin

As the usage of WordPress continues to grow exponentially on a global level, so does the need for proper multilingual capabilities on WordPress websites. Luckily, WordPress can be a joy to use when creating multilingual content, chiefly due to the presence of a fantastic plugin, aptly named WPML (WordPress Multilingual).

Quickly Build a Multilingual WooCommerce Store with WPML

Quickly Build a Multilingual WooCommerce Store with WPML

A global audience is vital for your online store’s success. With WooCommerce Multilingual and WPML, you can easily cater to customers worldwide, regardless of language. These innovative tools empower you to seamlessly connect with a global customer base, ensuring that your online store can effectively serve and satisfy customers across different linguistic backgrounds.

WP Full Picture Review: WordPress Cookie Compliance + Analytics

WP Full Picture helps you install any tracking tool on your site, manage the ones you are using and get all of them to comply with privacy laws. You can add and enhance tracking scripts to collect data while also displaying a smart cookie consent notice that automatically integrates those scripts.

Learn more in our full hands-on WP Full Picture review.