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WP Video Robot: Add Videos To Your Site, Automatically

Of late, videos have grown in popularity, and more and more websites are now offering video content to their users. You can credit it to the fact that we all have better internet speeds nowadays, or that videos in general are much easier to understand as compared to text content, but the fact remains the same: be it social media or publishing websites, videos have become a popular factor everywhere.

Say Goodbye to Spam-Bots with Goodbye Captcha

One of the latest and most successful plugins to provide anti-spam protection without the need of captcha was dubbed by the folks at WPShout as “the Akismet of online forms”, and it’s been fittingly named Goodbye Captcha.

Revamp Your WordPress Site with 20 New Options

Hello, WordPress fans out there! We have a real treat for you today, a compilation with some of the best plugins and themes we could find, hand-picked by our team of experts. They’ve all been released recently, so you can be sure you’re getting updated, quality content. Go ahead and give your website a new look or functionality, entirely for free!

A Collection of Resources for Your WordPress Blog

Hello guys! Here we go again with yet another collection, bringing you the best of the best in WordPress themes and plugins. It’s all fresh out of the oven and ready to give your website a striking new look or functionality. Take a look and, above all, enjoy!

7 WordPress Plugins to Beef Up Site Security

Few problems hold the collective imaginations of WordPress bloggers in the fearful grips of panic more than site security. We work hard on our content, and safeguarding it is vital to both fiscal and emotional well-being. The sad truth about the state of human affairs is the same as it’s been for the entirety of our existence: some of us a jerks. If a few have the power, knowledge, and wherewithal to dominate, destroy, or even slightly irritate others for no other reason than personal enjoyment, more than just a few will act on it.

New Themes for Your WordPress Site (Plus some fresh plugins)

Here we go with a new collection of fresh, new and useful WordPress themes, all of them are free and ready to use, additionally we have curated some nice WordPress plugins you can easily integrate with your current WP environment.

One-Stop Shop for All WordPress Needs – WPEka Club

Hummingbird Web Solutions has been developing WordPress plugins and themes for a while now and has sold them under various brand names. Recently though, they decided to consolidate all their offerings under one umbrella –WPEka Club. This is fast-emerging as a one-stop shop for all WordPress needs and is continually adding new plugins and themes to its repository every month.

19 Plugins to Optimize WordPress

WordPress is the blog platform of choice for neophyte and advanced bloggers alike. Powering over 70 million blogs, this avant-garde Web technology allows anyone with a passion for self-expression to publish their thoughts, even if these folks think that CSS, PHP and Ruby on Rails are public transit networks.

Best WordPress Plugins for Restricting Content Access

Restricting content access to certain parts of your website is one of the most popular ways of monetizing your content, so here are a number of plugins to help you out in creating a private section on your blog or WordPress website.

Best Free and Premium Calendar Plugins for WordPress

There are many calendar plugins out there, each serving different needs, from the basic calendar we all know, to a calendar specifically for Facebook events. Here we take a look through the best free and premium calendar plugins on offer.

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