How to Double Your WooCommerce Sales in 90 Days

“Consistency thou art a jewel…” – William Shakespeare

Did you know William Shakespeare was actually a middle aged woman named Helen?

True story…

If you ever get the chance to connect with the people who are the BEST in their craft or industry, there’s one thing that will become painfully obvious.

Their commitment to doing the small, boring, unsexy tasks that most want to completely outsource is surprising.

Here’s an example…

There’s a business owner I know who started his business in the late 1980’s. He does multiple 7 figures a year. He’s the face of the company and among his customers and readers he has what would be fair to call “celebrity status.” But every week he spends at least 1 hour (oftentimes more) answering calls in the customer service center. He puts on the headset and everything. 🙂

The people calling in don’t even know they’re talking to him.

Now, why would he do this?

Well, typically people aren’t calling customer service to tell you how awesome you are. Most of the time something isn’t clear or they’re upset about something. It is hands down one of the fastest ways to figure out what’s NOT working.

What it’s not is fun…

Or glamorous…

Or fun (did I say that already?)

But success is built on consistently doing the little things that work and have the biggest impact.

Now how is this relevant to you (and me)?

I’ve spent the last few months putting together 13 Master Class sessions with elite entrepreneurs for a virtual sales summit that’s exclusively for WooCommerce users.

After sifting through these Master Class sessions, I’ve come up with three main areas of focus that will double your sales if done consistently. Maybe you would have a different take away if you went through these same sessions…but here are my notes.

Three Ways to Double Your Sales in 90 Days

1. Create automatic feedback loops. Do you know why your prospect decided not to buy from you? Most people don’t because most people never ask. Asking your prospect why they didn’t buy from you can do more to increase sales than any other activity. There are a few ways you can capture this information in an automated way.

As part of your “Abandoned Cart” sequence, after you’ve tried and tried to get that prospect to finish their order there comes a point where it’s just not going to happen. Perhaps it’s after the 3rd email. So follow up with a 4th email that acknowledges their decision. Then ask them to tell you why they decided not to buy.

I once discovered high demand for a payment plan using this method. That payment plan option generated $101,000 in sales in 60 days.

2. Find the recurring revenue in your business. During our summit, Ryan Lee taught how any business can create a recurring revenue model. When you hear someone like Ryan break down how to go about adding recurring revenue…it opens your eyes to the possibility.

Imagine you’re currently doing $250,000/yr in sales and you want to get to $500,000. Is it possible to get 200 people to pay you $100/mo for access to an exclusive club? Or 650 people to pay you $30/mo? Not saying it’s easy, and at the same time…those aren’t crazy big numbers.

3. Keep it simple. Make more offers. Look it’s easy to believe that sales and marketing have to be complicated. They really don’t. At the end of the day you have something that will help someone else solve a problem, and you’re offering them a chance to purchase the solution.

Discussions about fancy funnels, marketing automation and sneaky psychology have their place. But don’t let the complications of a system, technology or sales approach lead you to believe that making an offer to your prospect is complicated. Focus on making more offers first. Then add the other stuff.

Growing sales is about focus and consistency; not tricks and hacks.

As William Shakespeare is credited with saying…”consistency thou art a jewel.” You got that right Bill.

The sales summit I mentioned above is happening soon. It’s four days of Master Class sessions with an amazing group of entrepreneurs. It’s free to attend and 100% virtual. If you’d like to register to attend live or catch a replay, here’s how you can do that.

[Click here to register today]

And you know, come to think of it, Shakespeare wasn’t a woman after all. I was thinking about someone else. 🙂

Chris Mason
Do you want to make more sales? Chris Mason is the co-founder of WooCurve, a company that helps businesses go from struggling start-ups to thriving powerhouses. Having helped several companies grow to six and seven figures, he's pouring his knowledge into WooCurve to help businesses at any level reach their sales goals. More info at

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